Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C12 It Has Nothing to Do with You
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Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C12 It Has Nothing to Do with You
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C12 It Has Nothing to Do with You

Yun Zehao's office was on the top floor.

There was a huge floor-to-ceiling window in the office. The whole office was black and white, which suited his style.

"Why do you want to send me food?" After Tang Mingyu had his meal, he asked casually.

Xin Shiyue sat on the sofa in the office. She looked at the smile on Yun Zehao's face and was suddenly attracted by his smile.

It had to be said that although his face was scary, he looked like an elegant English gentleman when he ate.

And at this moment, he had a smile on his lips. Apart from the scary skin on his face, he also looked very elegant.

She only came back to her senses when she heard Yun Zehao's question. "Because you didn't go home last night, aunty asked me to bring you food."

As soon as her voice fell, she acutely felt that Yun Zehao was unhappy.

"Of course, I also want to come." Xin Shiyue rolled her eyes. "I also want to train my feelings with you."

Yun Zehao's expression eased a little. He walked with long legs and sat beside her. His voice was somewhat hoarse. "Then you have figured out how to foster feelings with me?"

Xin Shiyue nodded, but she unexpectedly looked into his deep eyes.

It had to be said that his eyes were indeed very familiar.

Their gazes were very heated, and the surroundings gradually became hot.

Xin Shiyue actually had a feeling that Yun Zehao was not that scary anymore.

She felt that his facial features were still quite pretty.

When Yun Zehao's somewhat cold lips touched her mouth, she did not even resist.

Yun Zehao's eyes carried a hint of a smile. He slowly deepened the kiss.

His kiss was gentle and overbearing, lingering and passionate.

The ear-piercing knocking on the door made Yun Zehao frown. He cast a sidelong glance at Xin Shiyue, whose face was flushed red, and said coldly to the door, "Come in."

After the secretary came in, he found that he had disturbed his boss. His expression was a little conflicted, and then he said, "The Deputy Director of Tang's is here."

Xin Shiyue's expression changed immediately, but she quickly returned to normal.

In the future, she had to do her best to be able to hear anything related to Tang Mingyu without any worries.

Even if she could not do that, at least she had to maintain a calm exterior.

Just as she tilted her head to look, she saw a figure squeezing in from behind the secretary.

Xin Shiyue retracted her gaze and moved her body to sit a little closer to Yun Zehao.

Yun Zehao looked at her suspiciously and then looked up to Tang Mingyu and asked, "Do you have something?"

His tone was so gloomy that it was scary. It was very different from the tone he used to speak to Xin Shiyue.

Tang Mingyu saw Xin Shiyue sitting side by side with Yun Zehao. Her face was flushed red. He could guess what had happened to these two people.

He instinctively smiled at Xin Shiyue. "Shiyue, why are you here?"

He had never been so gentle to Xin Shiyue before. She would definitely jump up and down in joy. Then, she could not care about the terrifying Young Master Yun in front of her.

In other aspects, he couldn't compare to Young Master Yun, but he could definitely attract women more than Young Master Yun.

Xin Shiyue's cold and emotionless voice broke his fantasy, "This has nothing to do with you."

Tang Mingyu widened his eyes in confusion. He had known her for so long, but he had never seen her like this.

"What's wrong with you?" Tang Mingyu asked, somewhat out of control.

Unless she was kidnapped, or if she wanted to steal the wealth of the Yun family's young master, she would never say something like that.

"Tang Mingyu, I have already told you that I am the fiancée of the Yun family."

Xin Shiyue's voice was cold. Her sudden change in attitude made both men look at her.

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