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C18 The First Time.

The next day.

When Xin Shiyue woke up, there was no one by her side anymore.

When she finished tidying up and came out of the washroom, she ran into Yun Zehao who ran back in the morning.

"You ran away in the morning?" Xin Shiyue asked. She seemed to be surprised that he would run away in the morning.

Yun Zehao's indifferent gaze swept across her body and he nodded slightly.

Xin Shiyue was wearing a red dress today. Her long curly hair was casually scattered behind her back. Apart from being charming, she was also a little playful.

Apart from that, the exquisite makeup on her face made her entire person light up.

It had to be said that if she walked out like this, she would definitely be able to charm a large group of men.

However, this was not the scene Yun Zehao wanted to see.

"Go and change your clothes."

"What?" Xin Shiyue looked at him blankly. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

She rolled her eyes and seemed to have just understood what he meant. She frowned slightly, but there was no emotion in his eyes.

"Why? I took a long time to tidy up my clothes and makeup. What right do you have to make me change? I won't change."

Xin Shiyue was dissatisfied with Yun Zehao's reaction. She bluntly asked and rejected him.

In the past, Tang Mingyu liked to control her the most. And she was also foolish enough to listen to that man's words.

So, in her second life, she hated people pointing fingers at her matters the most.

If it was the previous Xin Shiyue, she would definitely not wear such a gorgeous color because Tang Mingyu did not like it.

But now.

The most important thing was that she was happy.

"There's no reason. I told you to change, so you had to change"

Yun Zehao coldly left his words and took his clothes to the washroom, leaving Xin Shiyue to be angry at his back.


Xin Shiyue made a dissatisfied sound. She could only clench her teeth and go back to the closet.

She lived in his house, so she could only lower her head. She had no choice.

When Yun Zehao quickly came out of the bathroom, Xin Shiyue was no longer in the bedroom.

When he thought of the dissatisfied look on her face just now, a trace of interest flashed across his eyes. He was even more curious about her. He didn't know what kind of surprises she would give him in the future.

Xin Shiyue did not know what he was thinking outside. She looked at the clothes in the closet gloomily.

She looked at the mirror and circled around. She was extremely satisfied.

This dress was so beautiful and domineering. Furthermore, she had no idea why Yun Zehao was dissatisfied with this dress. How could she change it?

The knocking on the door interrupted Xin Shiyue's train of thought.

"Come in."

Yun Zehao's tall figure appeared in the closet. They looked at each other.

Xin Shiyue's anger made her not afraid when facing Yun Zehao. She was only worried that he would come to cause trouble again.

"What do you want?" She asked coldly, her eyes moving away from him.

Seeing that she hadn't changed, Yun Zehao's tone clearly sank. "Why are you changing so slowly?"

"It was you who forced me to change my clothes."

Although Xin Shiyue's voice was calm, Yun Zehao could still hear her emotions.

He keenly felt her resentment. He didn't say anything else. His eyes swept around the empty closet, then he turned around and left.

This was the first time Yun Zehao had waited for a woman to tidy her clothes.

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