Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C20 What Was He Thinking?
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Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C20 What Was He Thinking?
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C20 What Was He Thinking?

Although Old Mr Yun's words were like polite words, it was a warmth and concern that she had not felt for a long time. Therefore, she had a better impression of Old Mr Yun.

After Old Mr Yun left, Xin Shiyue walked into the room.

Xin Shiyue looked at the empty living room and felt a little disappointed.

She did not know how long these days would last, and the Yun family was not as simple as she thought.

Xin Shiyue did not want to stay in such a depressing environment in the Yun family, so she went out.

She had lived a new life, so she had many things to do.

Those three years of memories were deeply imprinted in her mind. To her, it was a good thing and a bad thing.

At the very least, she could predict what would happen during those three years, and thus benefit from it.

Xin Shiyue did not know that her departure had been reported to Old Mr Yun and Mrs Yun by the servants. But even if she knew, she would not care about anything.

Through these two days of observation, she had also noticed the difference in the Yun family.

It was not only the attitude of the couple from the Yun's, but also their different attitudes towards Yun Zehao.

"What do you think Hao is thinking?"

Mrs Yun stood on the balcony of the room and watched the white car slowly drive out of the door. She suddenly spoke.

She seemed to be asking the person standing beside her, but also seemed to be talking to herself.

That person did not speak. She just stood there quietly.

After following Mrs Yun for so many years, this old maid had long gotten used to her current state. Especially after that incident, being a listener was more satisfying than talking.

Mrs Yun did not wait for an answer. She let out a long sigh and retracted her gaze from the courtyard. She turned around and returned to the room, "You can go out."

Xin Shiyue quickly arrived at the coffee shop. This was the place she and Lu Xiaoxiao had arranged to meet. She was already waiting for her at the usual spot.

Lu Xiaoxiao, who was stirring the coffee in boredom, saw her appear at the door and waved to her excitedly.

"Shiyue, I am here!"

Xin Shiyue saw the smile on her best friend's face. She was also infected by it. She gave her a big smile and quickly walked towards her.

"Be careful!"

Suddenly, a man and Xin Shiyue bumped into each other. Because of the impact, she fell back but she was quickly pulled back by him.

"Miss, are you alright?"

That man reached out his hand to Xin Shiyue, meaning that he wanted her to help his hand up.

His actions were very gentlemanly. His background must be extraordinary.

When he saw Xin Shiyue's face clearly, his eyes carried some amazement. Finally, he smiled at her in a friendly manner.

"I'm fine, but please be careful in the future."

Xin Shiyue avoided his outstretched hand and returned to their seats with Lu Xiaoxiao.

A flash of surprise flashed across the man's eyes. He could see that she did not want to be entangled and he did not insist.

He followed the original route and left the coffee shop. However, the moment he went out, he turned around and gave Xin Shiyue a deep look.

"Shiyue, are you really alright? If you feel any discomfort, just tell me. I will take you to the hospital for a check-up."

Xin Shiyue looked at Lu Xiaoxiao's eyes full of concern. She could not help but think of the last time they met in her previous life. She had been brainwashed by Tang Mingyu and could not listen to anyone.

Lu Xiaoxiao had reminded her more than once, but she did not listen to her every time.

In the end, she still blamed herself for what happened to her in the end!

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