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C5 I Met My Fiancée

When she saw the man's expression loosen up, she continued, "You should know about the Yun family, right? Yun Zehao is my man. He listens to me the most. Soon, I will marry him too. If you are willing to let me go this time, you can come and find me when you have a partnership with the Yun family in the future. Consider it as me owing you a favor."

The smile on the man's face gradually deepened. "Are you sure?"

Xin Shiyue seemed to nod her head firmly, but she was very nervous in her heart. On the surface, she did not show it on her face. "I am sure."

She frowned to hide her panic.

Perhaps her words were useful, the man quickly let go of her hand. "I look forward to our next meeting."

After the man said that, his smile became more and more flamboyant. He turned around and left.

At that moment, the man's smile was very bright. Xin Shiyue was stunned.

This man's smile was really pretty.

His smile was different from Tang Mingyu's gentle and sunny smile, but it really moved her heart.

Unknowingly, her heartbeat also gradually increased.

After the man left, he returned to the private room of the bar.

Bai Zian, who had been waiting for him to come back, immediately stepped forward. His flamboyant bangs revealed his unruliness.

"Zehao, why did you take so long to go to the toilet? Could it be that you went to pick up girls?"

As he spoke, Bai Zian raised his eyebrows. His face was filled with the smell of gossip.

When he heard this, Yun Zehao's thin lips curled up. He seemed to be in a very good mood. "I met my fiancée."

Bai Zian noticed the smile on Yun Zehao's face. He immediately jumped up. "You met your fiancée? The young lady of Xin family?"

Maybe he was too hasty. He coughed violently. He could not help but ask, "Then does she know that you are her future husband?"

He thought for a while and then answered, "She probably doesn't know. People outside think that the young master of Yun family is ugly and has a bad temper."

He reached out and touched Yun Zehao's face. "Why do you want to make your reputation so bad? You are obviously very beautiful, but you want to pretend to be ugly. "

"I thought that a man's appearance was not important. I hope my wife doesn't mind my appearance."

Yun Zehao seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes gradually dimmed.

"What about the fiancée you just met?" Bai Zian deliberately changed the topic.

"She's quite interesting." Yun Zehao smiled, but his smile quickly disappeared. "But I care more about her personality. If she cares about my appearance, I will break off the engagement with her."

Yun Zehao took out the human skin mask he carried with him and tightly wrapped it around his face.

The mask was made of a special material. Once the mask was worn on his face, it stuck closely to the flesh on his face.

With this mask on his handsome face, his original appearance became ugly and hideous.

Not a single piece of flesh on his face seemed to be good. He only slightly revealed two eyes. He was more like a terrifying humanoid beast.

Even Bai Zian, who had been good friends with him for many years, revealed an expression of disgust when he saw his face. "Don't talk about women. Even I dislike you. Are you sure you want to wear this mask all the time? This is quite scary."

" I will have the moment when I take off this mask " Yun Zehao said slowly.

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