Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C8 What Is Your Purpose
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Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C8 What Is Your Purpose
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C8 What Is Your Purpose

Yun Zehao was kissed by her. It was as if the temperature around him had risen because of this action. Even the driver, who was driving, was shocked when he saw this through the rearview mirror of the car.

He did not expect Young Madame to be so powerful. She actually directly kissed the young master.

Furthermore, Young Madame did not have the slightest expression of disgust on her face.

This was Xin Shiyue's precious first kiss. Furthermore, she had never taken the initiative like now. She closed her eyes and used all her tenderness to deepen this kiss.

However, she was hugged by Yun Zehao instead.

The unique taste of a woman made Yun Zehao somewhat unable to suppress it. Her kiss was tender and sweet, as alluring as candy.

He had never thought that a woman would take the initiative to give him a kiss, but this feeling was surprisingly good. Gradually, he closed his eyes and indulged in this kiss.

After the kiss, both of their auras became chaotic.

Because of the short period of suffocation just now, Xin Shiyue's face turned red.

She used her hand to wipe the red corners of her mouth and said with her head lowered, "Now you believe what I said, right? I really want to be your wife."

Yun Zehao slightly curled his lips. "I will continue to observe this matter." However, the smile on his face that he could not suppress had betrayed him.

The car drove smoothly on the highway, and the atmosphere in the car gradually became sweet.

The Mercedes-Benz stopped steadily at the old residence of Yun family.

Butler Liang had been waiting at the door for a long time. When he saw a woman beside Yun Zehao, he said, "Young Master, Young Madam."

Liang bowed respectfully. Although he had worked for Yun family for more than 30 years, he was not arrogant at all.

After he greeted them, he led them in.

There was an amiable middle-aged man sitting on the sofa. There were some stubble on his chin, and there were deep wrinkles at the end of his eyes.

Then, a noble woman with a lingering charm walked out from the inside. She lightly glanced at them and sat on the sofa beside the man.

Her expression was cold, and she wore the new model of the V's this year.

"Dad, Mom." Yun Zehao greeted her with a smile and introduced her, "This is Xin Shiyue from Xin family. I mentioned her before."

He turned his head and stared at Xin Shiyue. His eyes were calm and collected. "This is my parents."

Xin Shiyue nodded obediently, just like how she acted in front of her elders, "Uncle, Auntie, hello."

Old Mr Yun smiled and called the two of them to sit down. He looked amiable and even the wrinkles on his face looked very kind.

The dishes were served one by one on the floor. The atmosphere at the dining table became awkward. Mrs Yun, who had not spoken all this time, suddenly said coldly, "I heard from your father that you took the initiative to marry over?"

Xin Shiyue tried to see something from Mrs Yun's expression but she did not succeed. Mrs Yun seemed to have put on a mask from beginning to end, so she could not find any flaws in her.

After a while, she lowered her head and softly said, "It was I who took the initiative to request."

In her previous life, she was forced by her stepmother and father to marry him, so she had no choice but to go on a hunger strike to dispel their thoughts.

But in this life, she wanted to leave that suffocating home as soon as possible. Even after Tang Mingyu appeared, she had the idea of taking revenge.

So when her stepmother brought it up, she agreed very naturally.

Mrs Yun suddenly laughed and asked, "Why?"

Since she was clear about her son's situation, Xin Shiyue taking the initiative to say that she wanted to marry her son made her doubt it.

When Xin Shiyue raised her eyes, her expression became as obedient as before.

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