New Orleans, a bustling and complicated city.

"Just like I said, you hear me?" Claus squinted his eyes to enjoy the pleasure, but the curve of his lips didn't change at all, his clear and mysterious eyes peeped through the narrow windows under his bangs.

Deep and dark.

The distant harbor, through their line of sight, was a bustling and lively little town. The beautiful scenery of the sea and sky was once the city Claus and his family helped establish and manage three hundred years ago.

A city ruled by the first vampires.

His territory. Now, the Empire seemed to be sending out signals, whether intentionally or unintentionally, calling for its master to return.

Bai Lu heard the hoarse sigh of a man coming from the darkness. It was so clear and cold that it made her head swell and hurt so much.

"Dong Dong …"

"Dong Dong Dong …"

"Dong Dong Dong Dong …"

The sound of the church bells was more urgent than the first, and the incessant rumbling of strange noises echoed in her ears. In the chaos, all she could remember was that she had died long ago.

Can you hear the bell for the dead? The huge iron bell's sound was stronger than the one before as she scanned her surroundings with her blurry white eyes. She could not help but feel her heart tighten. The bell's sound seemed to have created a strange and strange new world.

A new, dark, blood-red and flourishing world that White Dew had never seen before.

The unfamiliar body was in unprecedented pain and suffering.

It was as if every bone had been cut open and then wantonly reassembled into a new skeleton. As she lifted her head, her long black hair turned into chestnut colored waves. This body was clearly more robust and ample than her original.

"..." Harmonious...

"Eh …" It looks like my Wolfwoman is awake? " Surprise flashed through Claus's eyes. Even though he didn't know why her originally weak and withered life form had started to let out sweet and hurried breaths, at a time like this, he didn't care at all.

Claus did not care about the life or death of a container.

Not bad taste. The warm blood carried the sweet fragrance of a woman. It was especially appetizing. Claus ruthlessly dipped his finger into her small and deep collarbone and tore a gaping hole the size of his mouth.

Why did he need to hold back? In his eyes, the White Dew was nothing more than an unknown prey.

The vampire was enjoying everything.

Bai Lu instinctively held her breath as her hurried, burning hot breathing was exhaled. She did her best to try and think clearly but she did not understand … Don't understand this damn thing.

As the gray pigeons flew past the windows, Bai Lu raised her head and tried her best to divert her attention. She could actually see every single feather moving in an arc. Her keen penetrating vision simply didn't seem like a human's eyes.

What was going on?

Her eyes flashed for a moment and then became clear. The white Lu stretched her muscles and quickly scanned her surroundings.

A messy little warehouse, a strange, robust, evil looking man with a blood-red mouth, and … A body that should not have belonged to her.

Amidst the mess, they seemed to have just enjoyed a soft feast.

But isn't she dead? In the moment that the assassination failed, she swallowed the poison.

Her eyes were wide, and her body was tingling and itchy.

Bai Lu's clear and hateful gaze pleased Claus, he liked the look in this Wolfwoman's eyes, there were very few people who dared to look straight into his eyes, the intense kiss became violent and tyrannical, causing Claus to sneer, and the wild beast like muscular body continued to cover over him.

Thin, tall, and strong.

He could clearly feel the blood draining from her body. Although it wasn't a familiar body, the white dew still shivered. If this continued, she would be sucked dry!

Trembling under her sweaty eyelashes, she did her best to find any clues.


That man called her that. Her name is Wolfwoman?

Bai Lu's hand instinctively grabbed towards her thigh amidst the chaotic ups and downs. There were no sharp daggers and hidden weapons that she was familiar with, only her tight, tangerine-colored muscles. Her body was shrouded by an unfamiliar man, and her flesh and blood were free for him to enjoy as he wished.

"..." What's the matter, are you afraid? " Claus's teeth grazed around the woman's neck. "Wolfwoman has become timid, don't you like me the most?" As if she could sense the woman's absent-mindedness and patience, in the next second, he fiercely cut her fangs in half.

Perhaps the blood flow was too fast, and the pain was gradually numbed. "I like it?" Bai Lu could only sense that her wound wasn't very big.

It was not big, but it was exceptionally deep. In an instant, he had thought of dozens of ways to kill a man, but his body refused to budge. Before the numbing, strange feeling came, his nerves felt a faint, itchy pleasure.

Enemy or friend?

Bai Lu's head hurt excessively and she slowly turned her head. The wariness and killing intent in her eyes disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Bai Lu's twenty-something years of life as an assassin told her that if any of the acts of resistance in her brain had come out, she would have been reduced to nothing.

Every single cell in her body was telling her that this man before her was terrifyingly powerful.

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