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In front of the Changle Palace.

"Gift!" Send the newcomer to her bridal room! "


A clear and delicate shout stopped everyone's movements, and even Zhuo Jinshu, who was wearing a happy attire, suddenly shook.

Even if it was only one word, he could guess who it was.

He raised his head to look at the palace gate in the distance. A bright red figure was running frantically towards him from the palace gate.

Lou Zhiwei's hair fell to the side, and her exquisite wedding dress was covered in filth. No matter how she looked at it, it was incompatible with the solemn and joyous atmosphere of the Eternal Music Palace.

If it weren't for the bright color of her wedding dress and the luxurious silk, she would have been in a miserable state.

As she ran, she cried towards the high platform, "Don't do it! You are not allowed to enter the bridal room! "

As the fiery red figure slowly approached, the officials finally saw the person's face. When they saw who it was, they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

The entire viewing gallery instantly erupted into a huge uproar, as if a pot had exploded.

"Heavens, isn't that Miss Lou?"

"Then who is the person the Crown Prince is leading now?"

"This is simply the weirdest and most absurd marriage in the history of the West Blue Nation!"

The man's jade-like face was also covered in a layer of ice. He suddenly turned around and tore off the bridal handkerchief of the person beside him.

The red kerchief slid down, revealing a beautiful face with skin as white as snow.

His frail body crashed into his chest, causing him to be stunned on the spot.

Was it her?

The civil and military officials were so shocked that their jaws dropped.

"Eastern River Country's Princess Yun Li?"

The man looked at the 'bride' in his arms in shock.

"Why … why is it you?"

Yun Li lifted her face. There were still a few tears that had not dried hanging from the corner of her eyes. She closed her eyes, and they once again rustled down.

She said in a trembling voice, "Your Highness, I …" "I don't know what happened either …"

The man felt as if his heart had been viciously tugged at.

She was so delicate, so painfully beautiful, so weak, it was as if she were breathing with all her might.

Lou Zhiwei's mind was filled with thoughts of her beloved husband. Hatred had knocked out her mind as she shouted, "Slut, don't touch my Brother Jin Shu!"

She lifted up her wedding dress and rushed up the long white jade. With a "pa" sound, she left a bright red five-finger mark on Yun Li's face.

"I... "I …"

Yun Li was stunned for a moment before reacting. Just as she opened her mouth, her tears were like beads with a broken string, falling down one after another.

Zhuo Jinshu looked at the beauty in his arms. The red five-fingered mark on his snow-white face felt as painful as hitting his heart.

Annoyed, he pushed Lou Zhiwei aside and said angrily, "You're making a ruckus!"

Lou Zhiwei only felt a powerful force penetrating her chest. Her entire body was thrown high into the air and then smashed heavily onto the ground.


But the pain in her internal organs was far less than the pain in her heart.

The person she deeply loved was currently protecting another woman without any hesitation.

Lou Zhiwei slowly closed her eyes, a trace of life slowly flowing out of her despair.

At this moment, she suddenly trembled.

The darkness suddenly became clear. Lou Zhiwei opened her eyes and saw a man who looked like a celestial being.

His eyebrows were like swords and his eyes were like stars. His nose was as if there was a phoenix hanging in the sky. He wore a high jade crown and was wearing a bright red wedding suit. His handsome appearance would cause anyone's heart to tremble.

What a rare beauty.

She must have been out of the window for too long, otherwise why would she dream of being a beauty? This was not good, not good.

Before he could even react, there was the sound of something tearing through the air. A sword was thrusting over, the edge of the blade giving off an unfriendly glow.

"What the hell is going on!"

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