Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C10 Questioning the Following Offenses by Yunge
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C10 Questioning the Following Offenses by Yunge
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C10 Questioning the Following Offenses by Yunge

Before the red silk of the Longsong Palace could be removed, it had been added to the festive lanterns.

This must have been prepared for Zhuo Jinshu and Yun Li.

Lou Zhiwei slowly walked on the white jade brick road in front of the palace with her head held high.

She specially chose a snow-white palace dress. In the red and white of her eyes, it was like a lonely and chilly snowflake.

The entire way from the palace gate, there was no command medallion, no decree, but no one dared to stop her. The moment he saw Lou Zhiwei, he immediately rushed to report to her.

By the time she reached the main hall, it was already filled with people.

"How lively." Lou Zhiwei mumbled to herself in a low voice.

The two sides of the main hall were decorated with paintings, while the jade pillars stood majestically on both sides. The one sitting on the dragon throne was Emperor Zhuo Wentian, while the one on her left was the scum she had been looking for today, Zhuo Jinshu.

Next was the crown prince's fifth son, Liu Changqing, who was also the Minister of Rites.

To the right of the VIP seats were the envoys from the East Stream Country. The most eye-catching among them was the beautiful one, the one who was out of this world, the one who was feeling pity for me, Yun Li, and the hot-tempered Yun Ge.

"Eldest Miss …" the white streak behind her.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

What should have come had come, and what shouldn't have come had almost come.

Lou Zhiwei laughed coldly in her heart. It seemed like both sides were negotiating a deal, but in reality, they were both here to 'intimidate' her.

Lun and Liu Changqing.

What virtue or ability did she have to be the incompetent idiot to be able to alarm the number one mouth and the number one brain in the entire Xizang Dynasty?

"This subject's daughter, Lou Zhiwei, greets the emperor." Walking into the great hall, she knelt down in front of him.

The moment she finished her salutation, the sound of someone banging the table suddenly rang in her ears.

Yun Ge stood up and angrily pointed at her, "Insolent Lou Zhi Wei, by the Demon Emperor, you actually dare to not bow down! Are you trying to rebel?! "

Yun Ge's accusation reached everyone's ears, and even the white rainbow that was kneeling was covered in cold sweat.

Normally, the Great General was too indulgent towards the Eldest Miss. He had never learned all of the etiquette, but now that he was in the main hall, why had he forgotten to curry favour with her?

Bai Hong was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, but this was the Eternal Music Palace, how could she dare act rashly?

Just when everyone was sweating cold sweat for Lou Zhiwei, she slowly opened her mouth and spoke. She looked at Zhuo Wentian and spoke with an irresistible dignity.

"Within the Eternal Music Palace, our Emperor has yet to speak. How can we allow the royal family of another country to clamor here?!" "Pardon your ignorance, Prince Yunge, is this saying that you consider yourself above our emperor?"

As he finished his sentence, he heard a cold snort coming from the right and the faces of all the ministers and envoys of the East Stream City turned dark.

Yun Ge, who originally wanted to give her a show of strength, had his face turned ugly after being rebelled against by the general.

Zhuo Jinshu was also shocked in his heart.

If it was before, she would have started arguing with Yun Ge without a care.

Causing a ruckus in the Longsong Palace was tantamount to offending the emperor's might. The crime of being rude was small, and the crime of having a family of nine on your side was grave.

When that time came, Yun Li would appear to pacify them. One would be arrogant and the other would be gentle and well-mannered. Even if Lou Zhiwei disagreed, she would still not be able to sit in the position of Crown Prince's consort.

However, Zhuo Jinshu was very surprised today. Why did she have such a calm and unhurried reaction? That kind of cold and dignified appearance was not an expression she should have at all.

"Master Shang Shu."

While everyone was still in shock, Lou Zhiwei spoke again.

Her voice traveled through the crowd and carried the stunned Liu Changqing in front of everyone.

"Ah, ah? "Yes!"

"May I ask what is the punishment for looking down on my West Blue royal family?"

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