Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C11 She Slapped Yun Li in the Face
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C11 She Slapped Yun Li in the Face
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C11 She Slapped Yun Li in the Face

This question made Liu Changqing extremely depressed.

The emperor clearly wanted him to come and take a walk. He said he didn't need to say anything, so why was it different from what he said before?

Wasn't the one sitting next to him the number one person in the entire world? Why did he have to ask him?

Besides, this was a matter of the crown prince's family, so why did they use him as a shield? "In a situation like this, when he's on two boats, it's a purely personal matter, so he can't get involved.

"Uh, this … "I am from the Ministry of Rites. As for this matter, Miss Lou might as well ask the President of the Ministry of Justice." After a moment of hesitation, Liu Changqing finally thought of a good answer: he didn't need to offend Eaststream Kingdom, nor did he need to offend that domineering bastard.

"The lord is right, then we can only send someone to invite the great one." Lou Zhiwei nodded with a smile.

"Lou Zhiwei, stop messing around!" Zhuo Jinshu could not bear it any longer and shouted sternly.

Liu Changqing had already set a stage for the two of them, but she actually wanted to ask someone for help. She really did not have any intentions of giving in. This woman did not know how to repent!

The expression on his face was very eye-catching to Lou Zhiwei.

This was the man that the original owner still loved from the moment he died. Not only did he not defend her, he even reprimanded her every single time. His entire heart was filled with love for that white lotus called Yun Li.

A man like this was simply unworthy of being a man!

"I'm messing around? Your Highness, I am protecting the might of our Emperor with all my might. Even if Princess Yun Li is to become the princess consort, she cannot ignore the might of my West Blue Nation. " Lou Zhiwei put on a heartbroken expression. She was deeply saddened by his action of turning his elbow outwards.

As expected, upon hearing her words, Zhuo Wentian's face immediately darkened.

Seeing this, Lou Zhiwei hurriedly continued to strike the iron while it was still hot, "The crown prince has been keeping watch over Princess Yun Li for the past few days, don't tell me he has forgotten about her as well?"

Zhuo Jinshu's face changed, "You! It's simply full of nonsense! "

"All right, all of you shut up."

The moment Zhuo Jinshu opened his mouth, his words were cut off by Zhuo Wentian's angry shout. Just one sentence was enough to show the might of a dragon.

He took a deep breath and said after slowing down, "Zhiwei, I know that you are feeling wronged. "However, the brocade book has already gone through the great ceremony with Yun Li. They are already husband and wife due to their emotions and reason. You have to understand the general situation."

The meaning of his words was that the position of Crown Princess was destined to belong to Yun Li. No matter how he struggled, it would be useless.

If he was smart, he would obediently not cause any trouble. If he were to cause trouble, he would definitely be suppressed.

When such shameless words came out of the mouth of the ruler of a country, Lou Zhiwei had expressed his admiration for his shamelessness. At the same time, he had also despised the system of a slaving dynasty in his heart.

"Your Majesty's words are true, this subject will remember them."

"So you agree?" Zhuo Wentian's tone was filled with shock, as if he had not expected Lou Zhiwei to be so easy to talk to.

Lou Zhiwei silently rolled her eyes.

So what if she disagrees? At the very least, her slender arm couldn't even wrench her leg. As the daughter of an official, how could she possibly have a temper comparable to the ruler of a country? She wasn't a brainless person! What's more, she wanted the marriage to be annulled.

At this moment, Yun Li, who had been silent all this time, suddenly stood up. She was delicate and weak as she walked in front of Lou Zhiwei in three steps.

Her slender fingers gently supported her arm as she said in a soft voice, "It's better for little sister to understand the general situation. Quickly get up and carefully cool the floor."

Lou Zhiwei steadied her body and remained motionless. "Without the emperor's permission, this subject doesn't dare to get up."

The emperor hadn't even spoken, so how could she, a mere princess, have the right to speak?

Lou Zhiwei had unknowingly slapped Yun Li in the face.

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