Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C14 I Am a Wife and You Are a Concubine
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C14 I Am a Wife and You Are a Concubine
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C14 I Am a Wife and You Are a Concubine

"Forgotten? I'm afraid I'm not the one who has forgotten himself. Even though His Highness has an esteemed status, he cannot treat the hundreds of years of etiquette in the Western Sky as though it's nothing. "


"Enough, shut up!" The intolerable Zhuo Wentian angrily patted the armrest on the Dragon Throne, his sharp eyes staring at Lou Zhiwei as he asked, "Is this your request?"

A cold light flashed across his eyes.

Lou Zhiwei did not ignore the fleeting coldness. "Please calm your anger, Your Majesty." This subject is only a martial general's daughter, so she is naturally not as noble as the princess of East River City. Moreover, the marriage between East River and West Blue was originally a joyous matter, so this subject is willing to spare no effort in promoting this marriage. "

The crowd, who thought that she was going to cause a ruckus, was stunned.

Lou Zhiwei ignored everyone's shock and continued, "I have no objections if the crown prince wants to marry Princess Yun Li. It's a pity that my name is already on the Crown Princess's list. If I were to marry her again, I'm afraid that I would have to suffer for it. What do you think, Little Sister Yun Li? "

This "little sister" was equivalent to giving a resounding slap to the faces of everyone in the entire Eaststream Kingdom.

Just now, Yun Li had opened her mouth and called out to a little sister and a little sister. She was extremely happy. Now Lou Zhiwei had clearly told her, "I'm the legal wife. At most, you can be my concubine. I'll leave this' little sister 'to you."

Of course she didn't want to marry Zhuo Jinshu, that scum, but she also said that she wouldn't let anyone else take advantage of her.

Yun Ge slammed his hands on the table and roared, "How can the Grand Princess of the Dongxi Kingdom be inferior to the daughter of a general? Is this the West? Are you trying to provoke the might of the Dongxi Kingdom?"

"Yun Ge, don't cause trouble. I believe that His Majesty has his own judgment." Yun Li seemed to be comforting him, but in reality, she was hinting to Zhuo Wentian that he should clearly distinguish between what was important and what was not.

One sang the red face while the other sang the white face. Dongxi Country's wishful thinking was very loud.

"Sigh, the more insignificant a person is, the more they have to show off." Lou Zhiwei sighed with an exaggerated expression.

Although her voice was not loud, the Great Hall of Music was still deathly silent. This volume was enough for everyone to hear.

"What did you say?" Yun Ge was so angry that he nearly bit his teeth into pieces.

"You keep saying that we provoked the might of the Eaststream Kingdom. If the might of the Eaststream Kingdom is truly something no one dares to offend, then why do you keep saying it?"

"Lou, Zhi, Wei!" Do you know what you're saying? Is this a declaration of war on me, Dong Xi?! "

Declaration war?

She looked him up and down, then only gave him a supercilious look.

"Of course I know what I'm talking about, but I would like to ask Prince Yunge to clarify this clearly. Western Blue is an ally of Dongxi and not a subordinate state. Time and time again, they have used the East River to pressure our Emperor. Do they really think that I, Western Blue, am easy to bully!?"

Lou Zhiwei's expression suddenly turned cold. It was no longer the reckless and reckless Lou Zhiwei. His voice was loud and stern as he circled around her without end.

Lun Tai slightly raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashing with praise.

First, he let the enemy relax his guard, then he unceasingly lured the enemy in, and finally broke through.

Such shrewdness, such a sharp mouth, such a cunning Lou Zhiwei!

"You … "You're talking nonsense. I, I am …"

"Yun Ge, kneel down quickly!" Yun Ge still wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Yun Li's stern voice.

They had underestimated their opponent. The moment Lou Zhiwei's words came out, she knew that Yun Ge was no match for her.

This young miss Lou, who was known as the number one alimony, was far from as simple as the rumors made her out to be.

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