Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C15 Of Course It's Her That's Good
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C15 Of Course It's Her That's Good
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C15 Of Course It's Her That's Good

"Your Majesty, please calm your anger. Yun Ge has always been a mischievous person and did not mean to offend him. Please, Your Majesty, on account of his shallow knowledge, take it lightly." Yun Li kneeled down once again, her forehead touching the cold floor.

Her petite body appeared extremely humble.

Yun Ge saw that his royal sister had suffered so much for his sake that she had nowhere to vent her anger on. He could only blame it on Lou Zhiwei.

He swore that one day, he would make this humiliation return tenfold or even a hundredfold.

Lou Zhiwei did not care about being hated by others. She raised her head and continued, "Your Majesty is benevolent and magnanimous. Since Princess Yun Li has requested for Your Majesty's punishment with her precious body, I hope that Your Majesty can forgive me."

"Zhiwei is right. Everyone, get up."

Zhuo Wentian had not really wanted to give her a punishment, but now that Lou Zhiwei had given him a way out, he naturally went along with it.

Yet, with that one strike, he had blackened the faces of everyone in the entire Eastern River Kingdom.

It had only been fifteen minutes since Lou Zhiwei had entered the palace hall, but Zhuo Wentian's attitude had unwittingly leaned towards her.

If this continued, Yun Li would either become Zhuo Jinshu's concubine, or return to be her princess pear concubine.

Yun Li's forehead was pressed against the ground, and no one could see the expression on her face.

"Yun Li knows that she is incompetent and competent for the position of Crown Prince's consort, but she has no face to face with His Highness Duke Li. Today, she is willing to accept the name of a married woman and return to East Stream to accompany Green Lantern Buddha to pray for the blessings of both countries, day and night, not marrying for the rest of her life."

Zhuo Wentian frowned when he heard that, and said unhappily: "What are you saying! At the end of the day, you are also a victim. To think that you did not care about being so righteous, how could I still punish you? "

"Your Majesty is kind and virtuous, but Yun Li really does not want to see Miss Lou continue to suffer in such a state. I beg Your Majesty to grant her request." She sobbed weakly.

With a single sentence, he had charged Lou Zigui with causing trouble.

Sure enough, after Zhuo Wentian heard this, his face fell again, and he said: "Zhiwei, look at you. Originally, it was a good marriage, but it caused you to become like this. It's fine if you cause a ruckus during the day, but why are you not even aware of the situation?

Lou Zhiwei sneered. In her heart, thousands of mud horses charged towards Yun Li. "You're the one who's suffering, your entire family is suffering."

Since she wanted to marry Zhuo Jinshu, she might as well help them.

Green tea with dregs, wish them eternal life!

"Your Majesty, please calm your anger. This subject knows her mistake." Lou Zhiwei's heart was indifferent, but her face was full of emotion and guilt.

With that, everyone around took a deep breath. You know your wrongs? Lou Zhiwei, who had been dominating Mo Jing for 16 years, actually admitted his mistake?

Lou Zhiwei ignored the stupefied crowd and continued, "Your daughter came today for no other reason than to settle this matter."

"You … What do you want? " Zhuo Jinshu looked at her warily.

Although Lou Zhiwei looked down on Zhuo Jinshu, she had loved him to the bones before. In order to make the situation more believable, she pinched herself viciously and her eyes reddened in an instant.

Oscars, online in one second.

With tears in her eyes, she asked him, "I only ask you one question. Do you think she is better or me?"

Zhuo Jinshu frowned in displeasure and coldly said: "Can you stop messing around!"

"Your Highness, please answer my question."

Seeing that the two were about to face a stalemate, Yun Li pinched her soft voice and softly called out, "Big Brother Shu …"

Zhuo Jinshu looked at the weak Liu Fufeng's Yun Li and steeled his heart. He said to Lou Zhiwei, "Of course she's good!"

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