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C16 Crisis

Good, good, good. Then you will live well with this Green Tea Princess.

Lou Zhiwei laughed in her heart as she reached for her wide sleeves.

Just as she was about to do this, Zhuo Jinshu's expression suddenly changed, "What are you trying to do?"

Zhuo Wentian also thought that she was going to bring out some kind of weapon, so he smacked the dragon throne and roared: "Impudent!"

With these words, over a hundred silver-armored guards rushed in.

The sounds of blades being drawn could be heard, and before long, over a hundred knives were pointed at her.

"Be careful, Eldest Miss!" Bai Hong used his fastest speed to rush over and protect her from behind.

"Your Majesty, what does that mean?" Lou Zhiwei looked at the man on the dragon throne with a faint smile.

She wasn't stupid. With so many guards, they couldn't all have just happened to pass by and then unintentionally barged in, right? All of this had clearly been prepared in advance.

Looks like they have really invested a lot in order to marry Yun Li!

Good, very good! If she allowed them to do as they wished today, she would write her name upside down!

"You have done as you pleased and continued to teach us, and now you are causing a ruckus in the Longsong Palace. royal father was magnanimous, originally, he was not willing to argue with you, but you kept on offending him, what crime should you have?! " Zhuo Jinshu roared.

With these words, those guards with the sharp knives seemed to charge forward.

The white streak hurriedly stood in front of her. Its small body looked weak, but its back was ramrod straight, like a towering mountain.

Lou Zhiwei felt warmth in her heart.

What she had yearned for, treasured, desperately pursued, now wanted to put her to death.

What she hated, despised, and disdained right now, she did not hesitate to defend against the threat of a sharp blade.

Once, she was ignorant and foolish. In the future, she would definitely live up to this sense of loyalty.

She patted Baihong's shoulder, signaling her not to be nervous.

"'Causing a huge ruckus in the Longsong Palace and offending the Emperor's Might' is a huge crime, I dare not falsely claim it. May I ask Your Highness, what have I done since I entered the palace to commit this crime? "

As the sound of his voice faded, Zhuo Jinshu was left speechless.

This was just a prepared explanation, but he didn't expect her to be so calm and collected today. When facing Dongxi and defending the rights of the King of the West, without the hysteria he expected, how could he offend the might of the Emperor?

Zhuo Jinshu's eyes turned cold as he continued, "Don't tell me that you have less of a dirty track record?"

"We're talking about our engagement today, why is it that it suddenly has to do with the bad deeds of the past?" Besides, His Highness naturally knows what I have been like in the past. Since you know that you're willing to exchange marriage letters with me, this means that you have no objection to what I have done previously. Now, you suddenly want to go through all these dirty old debts, do you want to say that you've lived in a dream before, and only today will you finally understand it all? "

Lou Zhiwei stood in the middle of the great hall like an unsheathed treasured sword. Although the edge of the sword had yet to be revealed, it still possessed a biting cold aura.

Zhuo Jinshu was furious, but he could not think of a rebuttal. He gradually began to panic.

"This is utter nonsense! That day when you stabbed Li'er, you allowed her to lie on the sickbed for so long, yet now you still do not know your wrongs! "

"Your Highness, don't say anymore. It's all Li'er's fault." Yun Li reached out her hand to cover the bandages on her neck. Her expression looked even more haggard.

Seeing the two of them singing the same tune, Lou Zhiwei was overjoyed.

He had not had the time to settle the debt that he got from the little white flower; now, he actually mentioned it himself. Then she didn't mind fulfilling their desire to plead for a beating!

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