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C17 Surrender No Gate!

"Your Highness is wrong. The sword was Prince Yunge's sword, and the wound was caused by her own charge. I originally didn't have the intention to hurt others.

"Simply forcing logic! If you didn't snatch Yun Ge's sword away, how could she be injured? " Zhuo Jinshu was enraged.

"Then, do you think that I should just stand there and wait for death?"

Not snatching Yun Ge's sword? He could really say such shameless words! At that time, her life was on the line. If she didn't act to protect herself, could she have been waiting for someone to poke her in the right place?

She raised her head and swept her gaze across everyone present. She was dressed in a white robe, and her golden palace was as cold as snow. It was just like her voice right now. Her voice was melodious, but it was tough and unbreakable.

His gaze swept across every guard who held a saber, like a sharp blade in the middle of a snowy night.

"Even if I am unable to say who I am today, do you think that you have already decided to imprison me here?"

Hearing that, Yun Ge once again slammed the table and stood up, "How dare you! You actually dare to question the emperor? You are looking down on the emperor! "

Unexpectedly, Lou Zhiwei showed no fear. Instead, he put his index finger to his lips and chuckled.

The bell-like laughter lingered in the solemn hall, lively and lively, just like an ignorant girl.

But her words sent chills down his spine.

"Hush, Prince, be quiet." Someone with a noble background like you, who knows your place, will definitely know that the 'clamor in the great hall' is just contempt for imperial might, right? "

"You …" Yun Ge wanted to retort, but he realized that he couldn't say a single word.

"In the West, we need to kill if we are to look down on the emperor's might. "If I have broken the law, I will take the blame, but if you have broken the law …" Since the prince has violated the law and committed the crime together with the commoners, the Emperor is a wise man, so there will definitely be no difference in treatment. " Lou Zhiwei blinked.

The meaning in her words was that if Zhuo Wentian were to scold her, then Yun Ge would also have a hard time. Even if she were to die, she would definitely drag him down with her.

The expressions of the East Stream envoys turned solemn.

What a sharp tongued little girl!

They had thought that she was just a trash with a chest full of ink. They hadn't thought that not only was she not stupid, she was also terrifyingly shrewd.

Her words were cautious and cautious, not giving in at all. What was even more shocking was that she wasn't afraid of death!

If this continued, they would not get any advantage at all.

He had really kicked a metal board today! Who said that Miss Lou was ignorant?

It was at this moment that Yun Li suddenly spoke up in a sympathetic manner, "Everyone, stop earning money. I was reckless at that time and do not blame Miss Lou."

After which, he wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes, feeling extremely wronged.

After Lou Zhiwei's earlier speech, the guards had already slowly put down the sabers in their hands. However, they were awakened from their trance by Yun Li's sobs and hurriedly picked up their sabers.

Lou Zhiwei looked at the white knives coldly and once again sighed at Yun Li's standards.

Eaststream's envoys also showed up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

"Your Majesty, our Emperor wished to be on good terms with Western Blue, and that's why he endured the pain of having the Grand Princess marry into this world."

"That's right. I don't want anyone to see me marrying someone else. But since I've already done that, shouldn't I first come up with an effective method?"

"Princess Yun Li is the direct descendant of our Imperial Family, a proud daughter of heaven. How can she be wronged like this in his country!"

"Indeed, I hope that Your Majesty can handle this matter well."

Everyone started talking among themselves, and the originally quiet hall instantly burst into an uproar.

Lou Zhiwei gave a faint smile.

She knew from the start that these envoys weren't just here to be a mascot.

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