Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C19 The Book of Magnificence Is Unreachable
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C19 The Book of Magnificence Is Unreachable
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C19 The Book of Magnificence Is Unreachable

"Do you know the price of breaking the engagement with the royal family!?" Zhuo Jinshu collected his emotions and asked sternly.

"You are mistaken, I am not reneging on the marriage, I am Hugh! Zhuo Jinshu, I will divorce you! " Lou Zhiwei raised her head. Her voice sounded extremely determined.


Zhuo Jinshu was about to say something when he saw Lou Zhiwei slowly turn around. Her eyes were red and filled with tears.

He was stunned.

The aggressive and aggressive voice that was aggressive a second ago sounded slightly hoarse and helpless at this moment.

Lou Zhiwei looked at him, her red lips parted as she replied, "The Mountain Alliance may be here, but it's too difficult to support them."

To Zhuo Jinshu, who was originally on the verge of hysteria, these few words were like a loud shout.

She choked with sobs once again, but she stubbornly kept that weakness in her throat and tried her best to put on a domineering and arrogant appearance.

That stubborn and forceful look deeply stung him.

He had always seen her being rude, and as time went on, he had forgotten that she was a woman.

They were all thinking of how to block the mouth of the crowd, how to give Dong Xi an explanation, and how to preserve Yun Li's reputation. Who would have thought that she, Lou Zhiwei, would also be the victim of this?

"When he was married, he was even more ashamed, and now he has begun to understand that it was difficult for him to hold on. You and I are fated to be together, but I cannot do anything else. At the very least, I can help you achieve your goal. "

These words were like a sharp blade, piercing Zhuo Jinshu's heart and making him unable to say another word.

Lou Zhiwei laughed miserably, causing the originally tense atmosphere to be replaced with a mournful one.

Only now did the crowd realize that her constant pressure was due to her unwillingness and grievance. He was like a child that had received unfair treatment, desperately trying to vent the anger in his heart.

She hadn't wanted to destroy anything at all, but had made up her mind from the very beginning to help them.

Thus, only when the marriage contract was torn apart could he be so decisive. In the end, however, it was because he was reluctant to part with it, that he had so sorrowfully shed tears.

She was still the same Lou Zhiwei. However, her previous domineering and arrogant attitude had now turned into one that dared to love, dare to hate, and have no regrets.

The guards wordlessly put down their swords.

At this point, if they were asked to point their sabers at this woman, they really wouldn't be able to do so.

Such perseverance, such deep love, such determination and sacrifice, in today's world, there were only a few people who could do it.

But now that she had done it, everyone couldn't help but be moved by her actions.

Zhuo Jinshu felt as if his heart had been wrung, and the pain made it hard to breathe. Even his temple was slightly aching.

Lou Zhiwei stubbornly raised her head, as if she didn't want others to see the tears flowing down her face. The crowd could only hear the sounds of her heavy breathing.

She was really in pain now.

In the first half, her tears were probably squeezed out from her thighs, but in the second half, she held back her laughter.

If this continued, she would definitely be the first person in the entire history of the Western Blue Region to be choked to death by laughter!

Seeing Zhuo Jinshu wanting to say something, yet hesitating and wanting to die from the pain, she wanted to laugh out loud at the sky.

I'll let you have your way, I'll let you have your feet on two boats! I'll grant you that wish now. Go live with your little white flower, and watch her cry and make a fuss over nothing in the future.

She couldn't hold it in any longer, and her body couldn't help but tremble slightly.

Upon seeing this, Bai Hong hugged her painfully, "Young miss, wuwu …" Don't be like this, you still have the White Rainbow.

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