Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C2 You Have to Hit People in the Face
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C2 You Have to Hit People in the Face
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C2 You Have to Hit People in the Face

Lou Zhiwei hurriedly moved to the side to avoid the attack. The sword passed through her wedding dress and stabbed the white jade steps behind her.

Only then did she clearly see the clothes she was wearing, a wedding dress, and a fiery crimson robe!

Just when she was shocked by the scene in front of her, the angry shout exploded in her ears.

"How dare you hit my royal sister! "Damn it!"

The accused blinked.


Raising his head, he saw that the person who had arrived was a youth dressed in extravagant orange clothes. He had handsome features and did not wear a jade crown. However, he had a somewhat unrestrained and carefree expression on his face.

Emma, are all the handsome men here mass-produced?

He looked at the murderous man in front of him with suspicion, and then looked at the blood on his hands. Suddenly, he realized a fact …

She seemed to have … Transmigration?

But God did not give her enough time to laugh at this explosive fact.

The man stabbed again, saying, "You only know how to bully the weak!"


This time around, Lou Zhiwei could no longer remain calm. This brother of his, just who was bullying the weak? It's a very shameful thing for you to do this, okay!

She didn't know what had happened, but that didn't mean she was going to sit back and wait for death.

He turned his face to the side to avoid the ice-cold blade. No matter how slow he patted, it would leave a bloody wound on his face.

"A shrew? "Then I'll show you today what a true shrew is." With that, he suddenly stretched out his hand to hit the man's arm.

Yun Ge felt his arm go numb. The next moment, two "pa pa pa" sounds rang out and two slaps appeared on his handsome face.

In the blink of an eye, the sword was already at his neck.

"You, how dare you, I am the Emperor of the East Stream Royal Family!"

Faced with his clamor, Lou Zhiwei smiled and said, "I always say that dogs don't bite when they bark, and I don't bully the ancients when they are sincere."

She did not try to hide her contempt and was even more angry. However, the sword in Yun Ge's neck forced him to not dare to move recklessly.

Just as the two of them were deadlocked in a stalemate, a cry of alarm suddenly sounded in the hall.

Then, the red figure escaped from Zhuo Jinshu's embrace and rushed over.

"My royal brother was just in a rush and didn't want to anger Miss Lou. Please calm your anger, Miss Lou, and let my brother go!"

Yun Li wiped away her tears as she ran towards them, stumbling as if she was about to fall when the wind blew.

Lou Zhiwei was dumbfounded.

Where was he going to sing this?

It was only when Yun Li's neck collided with the edge of the sword that she understood that the heavens had brought her here full of evil intentions.

F * ck, he couldn't defend against the sudden rush of white lotuses either!

By the time she realized it, it was too late.

Blood-red beads appeared from Yun Li's neck, causing her skin to turn even paler.


Zhuo Jinshu only felt a sharp pain in his heart. Without waiting for courtesy, he flew to Yun Li's side and pulled her into his embrace.

"So painful …" "I'm in so much pain …" Blood was oozing out of the corner of Yun Li's mouth as she looked at him in pain.

Every drop of blood was like a drop on Zhuo Jinshu's chest.

His eyes were bloodshot, and a gale of wind began to blow from his hand. Without the slightest hesitation, he swept over like Lou Zhiwei.

"Lou Zhiwei, you wicked woman!"

This time, he used 100% of his strength without holding back.


Lou Zhiwei felt as if she was thrown into the air before she fell heavily to the ground again. All her bones felt as if they had been broken.

This body of hers was already extremely weak. In such a short period of time, she had to endure two palm strikes in succession. Even though she had gone through thousands of rounds of training, she could no longer withstand them.

Before she finally lost consciousness, she used the last of her strength to raise a finger towards the sky.

"Cough …" Thief … God, we... "It's not over!"

After he finished speaking, both his eyes turned black as he fainted.

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