Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C5 Face Smacking Does Not Cause Pain in the Hands
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C5 Face Smacking Does Not Cause Pain in the Hands
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C5 Face Smacking Does Not Cause Pain in the Hands

"Lou Zhiwei!" "You, get up!" Lou Ruolan was so angry that her mouth crooked. She didn't care about her image anymore and pushed Lou Zigui down with all her might. The hatred in her eyes could practically split her into several hundred pieces.

"Sister is a very wise person, she actually used her own body as a cushion for me. This kind of kindness is clear to the world. As expected of my good sister!" Lou Zhiwei held her face in an exaggerated manner.

"You … "You did it on purpose!"

"Aiya, my sister is a well-educated girl, why should I, a vulgar person who doesn't know the rules fuss over nothing. Why don't we wipe out our grudges with a smile and let His Highness the Pear King bear witness? "

Facing this accusation, Lou Zhiwei returned to the rattan swing at a leisurely pace. It was as if nothing had happened just now.

Lou Ruolan was beyond angry. She glanced at Zhuo Tianqi and said in a tender voice, "My lord, you must speak up for Ruo Lan."

She looked at Zhuo Tianqi with a seductive look in her eyes.

However, he did not expect Zhuo Tianqi to actually nod with a smile and say, "Second Miss Lou is very righteous. It is truly rare for you to sacrifice yourself to save your sister."

Lou Ruolan almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

On the other hand, the person on the swing was amused. This person's ability to tell lies when opening his eyes wasn't good at it.

"In the end, you're still the prince." Lou Zhiwei giggled. It looked like she had gotten lucky and was still pretending to be a good girl.

The two of them sang the same tune, causing Lou Ruo Lan's face to turn pale. Her slender fingers moved between the two of them.

"You … "You guys …" She was the one who had always been infuriated by Lou Zhiwei, but now that she had reversed the situation, she almost choked on her anger.

Lou Zhiwei covered her mouth and laughed lightly. "We know your sincerity. Hurry and get up. Be careful of the cold weather."

Heh, angry? Hate?

She wanted to tell these people that this was just the beginning.

What she had taken from her before, she would take back tenfold or a hundredfold! She would not show any mercy!

"You … "Remember this!" Lou Ruolan got up awkwardly and left angrily.

Zhuo Tianqi looked at his back and shook her head. "She must have gone to complain."

"So what?" Face-smacking didn't affect the pain in her hands. She hit him one by one, and when it came to a pair, she would hit a pair!

As the saying goes, if you don't beat them up three days ago and tear them apart, if you don't teach them a lesson now, they will think that you can really ascend to the heavens!

Seeing that she didn't seem to care, Zhuo Tianqi chuckled and said, "Heh, Miss Lou is indeed different from an ordinary girl from a famous sect."

"Same here. "I also didn't expect that the Fifth Prince would actually participate in the small fight at the back of the house. It's really an eye-opener."

She swung the swing over and over again, her tone as light as if she were saying that this year's flowers were blooming well.

Zhuo Tianqi's eyes narrowed slightly.

He had always heard that Lou Zhiwei was useless, but this person in front of him was full of evil tricks. This was completely different from the rumors. Was there a mistake in the rumors?

After a while, he withdrew his thoughts and revealed his purpose for coming today, "Do you know that royal brother is about to officially marry Princess Yun Li?"

Then he waited for her reaction.

Anger, fury, hysteria … All of these unexpected expressions did not appear.

After a moment of confusion, Lou Zhiwei quickly recovered from the painless state she was in before.

It was as if what he had just said was just a gust of wind blowing in from her left ear and then running out from her right ear.

Zhuo Tianqi was a little surprised. "You have nothing else to say?"

"Ah?" Oh, bless them then. " The white lotus with the scum men, I wish them eternal life.


Hearing these two words, Zhuo Tianqi looked at her with a strange expression, as if she was looking at some rare species. "This doesn't seem like your temper."

His voice was meek, but it seemed to contain some emotion.

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