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C6 Roll over Act Out!

Lou Zhiwei continued to swing on the swing, disagreeing with his question.

"Then what should my reaction be?"

"I just... "It's not worth it for you." Zhuo Tianqi raised her eyes to look at her, and a trace of a heart palpitating tenderness suddenly appeared on her face.

Lou Zhiwei's heart skipped a beat.

His older brother had brought a green hat on Princess Hua-Yang before she had even gotten married. He probably hated these two to his very bones, so how could he spare the time to feel sorry for her? What a joke!

The fifth prince was either a fool or an unfathomable man. No matter what, he had to be on guard.

After thinking about it, she calmly stroked her hair and softly said, "What's not worth it? I've thought it through in the past two days. To love someone is to hope for his happiness. "Since they love each other, of course I wish them well.

As a rookie who had a lot of integrity and morals, she could spout nonsense. She didn't even need to draft it out; her acting skills were on par with the Oscars.

Three seconds of tears. He could be called a role model in the industry!

Looking at the tears at the corner of her eyes, he finally understood that her sweet smile just now was all an act. The current her was the real her.

They were wronged, sad, and riddled with wounds.

The so-called domineering and arrogant attitude was just a disguise. In the end, she was just a woman that needed someone's care.

Unconsciously, he reached out his hand towards her.

Seeing him reaching out his hand slowly, Lou Zhiwei's heart was filled with countless mud horses.

What was going on? Was the method she used to open the Fifth Prince wrong?

Weren't men and women not supposed to be intimate with each other in ancient times? What are you trying to do, brother?!

"That... "Your Highness?" She stiffened her neck and backed away, finally stopping someone's pig hand from moving forward.

Zhuo Tianqi retreated as if she had just awoken from a dream. She turned her head in embarrassment and asked after a long time, "Do those injuries still hurt?"

"Thank you for your concern, Prince. It's much better now."

A trace of injury flashed across Zhuo Tianqi's eyes when she heard this distant address.

Lou Zhiwei was very curious. This expression was too obvious, as if it was meant for her to see.

Was he up to something else or was she too preoccupied?

Or could it be that the original owner had accumulated a pile of rotten peach blossoms without her knowing, to the point where she couldn't take it anymore?

An awkward atmosphere spread between the two of them. One of them was deeply in love while the other was extremely embarrassed.

At this moment, a voice drifted over.

"Eldest Miss, it's time for you to take your medicine." The white streak appeared out of nowhere and successfully broke the strange atmosphere between the two.

Upon seeing this, Lou Zhiwei nearly threw herself on her and kissed her.

Her arrival was too timely, it was really her intimate little cotton-padded jacket!

"You came at the right time. Hurry up and show the Fifth Prince some tea."

"Yes." Bai Hong bowed as if he had just seen Zhuo Tianqi.

"Forget it." "If you're still sick, then don't stay out in the wind. Go back and rest." Zhuo Tianqi waved her hand and took a step back.

Upon hearing that the ancestor was about to leave, Lou Zhiwei was extremely excited, but her voice was still weak. "We send the Fifth Prince off."

She was just about to get up when Zhuo Tianqi reached out her hand again as if she was afraid that she would fall down.

Bai Hong quickly stepped forward and successfully cut off his beard, "Be careful, Young Miss."

Zhuo Tianqi caught the empty space and awkwardly retracted her hand. She gave her a final look before turning around and leaving.

"Take care, Your Highness."

When that figure finally disappeared behind the arch, Lou Zhiwei let out a long sigh of relief.

He had finally left.

"Eldest Miss, when did you get so good with the Fifth Prince?" Bai Hong looked at her strangely.

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