Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C8 He Is Not Worthy of the Eldest Miss
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C8 He Is Not Worthy of the Eldest Miss
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C8 He Is Not Worthy of the Eldest Miss

"The general will be back soon. If you really have any grievances, it won't be too late to talk about it when the general returns." Qi Miao looked anxious.

If this mistress were to enter the palace, she would be able to commit a crime that would affect the entire Nine Tribes within minutes. At that time, the entire Dingyuan Estate would be in trouble.

"That's right. Let's ignore those people. They can only be complacent for now. When the great general comes back, we'll definitely show them who's boss!" When it came to the topic of Lou Zhenguan, Bai Hong's face was filled with reverence, and his intelligent eyes had a layer of bright color.

In Lou Zhiwei's eyes, he was more curious about this father that he had never seen before. Could this be considered a massacre by both the young and the old?

"The general will not make you suffer a little. You just have to wait obediently at home." Seeing that she was silent, Qi Miao continued to persuade her.

"Why wait for someone else to vent my anger?" Their coaxing tone rendered Lou Zhiwei speechless.

He disliked her, treated her like a straw bag, saw her like a child, and treated her like she was a child.

Origin Master, ah, Origin Master, how strange was your life before you!

"Eldest Miss, the General is not a stranger. He dotes on you the most, he will definitely not let you suffer any grievances. "

"Painful me?" Lou Zhiwei didn't believe a word of it.

Since his daughter had married, his father would rather stay at the border to play with mud than come back. Was this pain?

Qi Miao didn't understand the meaning behind her words and continued to persuade her tirelessly. "The general will surely take care of this matter well. You just have to be at ease and wait to marry the Crown Prince."

This sentence could be said to have touched Lou Zhiwei's heart. What she couldn't stand to hear the most was Zhuo Jinshu's name.

She couldn't remember anything else, but she would definitely get her palm back!

"Who said I'm going to marry him? Am I going to let them bully me if my father doesn't come back? "Remember, the only person who can give you dignity in this world is yourself."

Not only was she not going to marry him, she was going to let everyone in the world know that she, Lou Zhiwei, didn't want this man.

A biting cold aura swept over the other two, and there was even a majesty in his tone that could not be refused.

When it came to critical issues, she would never give in.

Bai Hong gaped at Lou Zhiwei.

Is … Is this still the young miss?

After a long while, her eyes filled with tears. She said with a trembling voice, "Eldest Miss, you finally thought it through. Didn't you hang yourself from that tilted tree?"

"Impudent! That's His Highness the Crown Prince!" Qi Miao frowned and shouted.

"What crown prince? He's just a crooked tree. He's not worthy of the young miss."

"Hey!" "You little girl …"

"No worries." Baihong, follow me into the palace. " Lou Zhiwei smiled. This girl's personality was truly adorable. She really liked her.

"Yes sir!" Bai Hong stood up straight with an excited expression.

Qi Miao was still hesitating. He looked at Lou Zhiwei hesitantly, as if trying to persuade her otherwise. However, she raised her hand to stop him.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

She didn't want to argue with this stubborn old housekeeper. After all, there was going to be a fierce battle waiting for her soon.

With that, he turned and left.

The white streak remembered the words that Qi Miao had said to Zhuo Jinshu, and also bumped into him while passing by.

Seeing this, Lou Zhiwei whispered a mischievous remark in a low voice. He didn't criticize her too harshly.

Just because Qi Miao said 'Zhuo Jinshu is good', this little girl helped her vent her anger. She was really cute and straightforward, and it really suited her taste.

"Hey!" "I …" His old housekeeper had been teased by a silly little girl like this, and he was so angry that his beard was crooked.

But what could he do? He did say something wrong just now. Thus, the anger in his heart turned into two words: I'll endure!

No one noticed that at this moment, on the distant treetop, a black shadow flashed by. His movements were too fast, it was simply impossible to detect.

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