Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C9 Never Get Back to Normal
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Rebirth: Vicious Abandoned Princess/C9 Never Get Back to Normal
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C9 Never Get Back to Normal

It was the closing time of the morning market in Mojing and the streets were bustling with activity.

Lou Zhiwei lifted the curtain and looked around. She was filled with curiosity about this strange country.

"Why are you so happy?" Why is this girl even more excited than she is?

"Of course I'm happy! The young miss has finally given up on that crooked tree. It's so satisfying and joyful!"

Lou Zhiwei laughed at her open mouth.

At the very least, Zhuo Jinshu was the crown prince of the current dynasty. He was a dragon amongst men and was extraordinarily handsome. Amongst all the pretty boys that Mo Jing's famous girl wanted to marry the most, he was definitely one of the top three. However, this little girl didn't like him at all. It was truly strange.

Could it be that there was some sort of trick to this?

"You don't like him?"

"Hmph, what's so good about him? Not only is he too much of a mother, he was even a soft persimmon when he was young. Every time he was bullied, the eldest miss would always fight for him." "Now that you have repaid my kindness with your hatred, you are truly shameless!"

"Is there anyone else who dares to bully the crown prince?"

[Oh my god. The three views of this world are too weird. Isn't the Crown Prince one who is stronger than tens of thousands of people?]

Bai Hong said disdainfully, "He wasn't the crown prince when he was young. You forget? When he was thirteen, he was played around by the Seventh Prince and was trapped in the royal hunting grounds. In the end, it was you who found him without rest. "

Was there such a thing? A look of disbelief appeared on Lou Zhiwei's face.

"Anything else?" "Tell me about it."

"Yeah, there are a lot of them. Another time, when you happened to have an ink-jade hairpin and the second young miss saw it, she insisted on having it, so the crown prince gave it to her. You made a ruckus and pushed the second young miss down the pavilion, and in your anger, the crown prince punished you to copy the 'Woman's Law' a thousand times over. "

F * ck! This Zhuo Jinshu was too trashy. What right did he have to give her things to someone else? That damned scumbag, he must be tortured to death!

Hearing the 'past', Lou Zhiwei's face turned even uglier.

She knew two things from this. Firstly, the original owner was really a brainless idiot. Secondly, Zhuo Jinshu was truly the best of the worst.

The most lamentable thing about being able to recognize a person was that they were blind. It seemed that the original owner was already blind to the extreme.

At that moment, Lou Zhiwei only had one thought in mind, [I have to torture this scum man to death, and the whole world is covered in blue skies!]

You want to marry Yun Li, right? Okay, she will definitely let them have an unforgettable wedding!

"Eldest Miss, was I too conceited just now?" Seeing that her expression wasn't right, Bai Hong carefully looked at her.

Lou Zhiwei shifted to a more comfortable position on the soft couch in the carriage and slowly said, "You did very well."

"What?" Bai Hong raised her head and dug her ears. She … She didn't hear wrongly did she? Did Eldest Young Miss praise her?

"I think it's because you hit your head on the day of the wedding and can't remember some things clearly, so you have to tell me more about those 'interesting things' from now on." Lou Zhiwei laughed heartily.

Without the original owner's memories, she could only pretend to have lost her memories. It was a good opportunity to settle the old scores between her and Zhuo Jinshu. When the time came, the old debts would be settled together!

"Don't remember?" Including about the crown prince? " The white streak of light was terrified.

"Yes." Lou Zhiwei disapproved.

Suddenly, a white streak of light cried out in alarm as it pounced towards her. Lou Zhiwei's breath caught in her throat. She heard the voice whimper, "Although this is disrespectful, I still have to say it. Your kowtow this time was really too great!"


"I hope you can stay like this forever. It's best if you never get back to normal."

Lou Zhiwei facepalmed. "You're really the original owner's good maid. I thank you on behalf of the original owner."

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