Reborn Husky/C1 He Became a Dog?
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Reborn Husky/C1 He Became a Dog?
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C1 He Became a Dog?

"Senior, I like you."

The pure and charming junior sister stood in front of Ye Suqi, like a two Yuan girl walking out from a comics book. Her long black hair was straight with Qi Liuhai, and she wore the uniform of a woman from a Japanese cartoon.

She blinked her watery eyes as she looked at Ye Suqi, her face blushing as she looked at the ground in the distance, and said bashfully.

Really? Really?

Ye Suqi's eyes widened. The junior in front of him could definitely get 8 points, full points. He had been single for so many years, yet he had never had a girl's favor towards him. This pure and beautiful junior sister had always been hidden in his heart ever since he had met her at the school party.

Today, he would actually receive her confession?

Was he dreaming?

Ye Suqi looked at her junior sister with a dreamy face. She took a small step forward and approached him, slowly leaning against his chest.

The delicate fragrance of a girl's hair lingered around his breath, and Ye Suqi couldn't help but take a deep breath.

How fragrant … This was the taste of a girl …

"Senior …" The junior sister raised her head. Her large watery eyes were moist as her long eyelashes fell, creating a shadow. Her moist and tender lips slightly pouted, as if Ye Suqi could smell the fragrance of strawberries.

So the girl's mouth was strawberry, he thought.

Seeing that her eyes were already closed, how could Ye Suqi who had watched the idol show not know what it meant? He immediately hugged her and prepared to kiss her.

He could finally get rid of his first kiss!

Oh, a girl's waist is so thin and soft.

Ye Suqi lowered his head and kissed the budding lips — —

He suddenly stomped on the air and his body was suspended in midair, almost falling to the ground.

"..." F * ck.

Ye Suqi's Little Chun Dream shattered.

He was indeed dreaming!

As expected, no beautiful and pure junior sister liked him.

Ye Suqi moved to the middle of the bed. Why does this bed feel a little strange today?

He smelled the strawberry scent of his dream, mixed with many other odors he didn't recognize.


The moment he opened his eyes, the pale face with long hair coiled around it frightened him into crying out in surprise!


Ye Suqi immediately stood up from the bed. Why was there one more person on his bed?



What was wrong?

Ye Suqi tried to call out again:





"Handsome, shh —" muttered the man with the long hair, reaching out a hand to touch the bed.

Ye Suqi's ears twitched. This girl's voice was quite pleasing to the ear, carrying a laziness that had yet to wake up.

The hand touched Ye Suqi's waist, and reached out to pull him into his embrace. The girl randomly rubbed his head, then his breathing became steady and regular once again.


The dumbstruck Ye Suqi was stunned there, this girl, actually, directly took him over, so powerful?

No, that's not right!

He looked down at his hands on his waist, then down at his waist, then back at his hands.

In the end, Ye Suqi let out a long cry filled with despair:

"Awoo —!"

This must be a dream!

"Handsome …" I have an audition in the morning and I want to get some sleep … " The lazy, hoarse voice sounded again, imploring.

Ye Suqi shut his mouth, at the moment, his anger was already useless, he had better understand his own situation, maybe he would realise that this was also a dream.

From his observation just now, he seemed to have become a kind of fluffy animal.

Furthermore, it was an animal that only knew how to let out a "wuu". According to what he knew … This is what wolves say, and besides...

Ye Suqi refused to think about it, but how could ordinary people raise wolves? So he must be?


"..." This was even more hopeless than knowing that he had become an animal.

Ye Suqi deeply remembered the mysterious Husky.

There were countless stories about them on the internet, and they were all really stupid stories.

Therefore, everyone affectionately called the Siberian Husky, Sled Dog, the puppy.


Ye Suqi fell to the ground in despair, looking at his little claws with grief in his eyes.

Hm …?

His body moved, uncontrollably wagging his tail. This softness behind him was …


A cordial slap pushed it away and the girl behind him muttered, "Don't …"

Although he had only felt it carefully for an instant, Ye Suqi had still understood that the thing he was leaning on just now was a girl's cute chest …

It was the first time he was so close to a girl.

It seemed that when he thought about the stories of those vulgar men on the internet, he suddenly felt that there was a benefit to being a dog …

He didn't know what she looked like, but it was obscured by her long hair. He hoped she was a beauty, hehe …

Ah pei pei, what are you thinking.

Even so, Ye Suqi still lewdly leaned on the girl's side and took a whiff of her body's fragrance.

He had to admit that the dog's nose was spiritual. Not only could he smell the shower gel, he could smell the laundry, and he could also smell an unknown scent, as well as the smell of potato chips.

"Goo ~ ~ ~"

When he smelled Ye Suqi's stomach like this, he suddenly opened his oily green eyes and looked in a certain direction.

On the bedside table, there were still leftover TV-potato chips. He didn't expect this girl to like eating puffed food. He thought that girls were afraid of being fat and would refuse to eat these kinds of junk food.

But now, let him take care of it!

After all, he was a girl's dog now, so thinking about it was a little strange.

Ye Suqi shook his head and climbed onto the bed with his short legs.

Why was he so short? Could it be that he was still a young cub?

In that split-second, a very important thought appeared in his mind, he immediately lowered his head and twisted his body to look, but luckily this body's flexibility was high, allowing Ye Suqi to see the most important part.

Fortunately, it was a male dog.

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