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"All of you, shut up! Do you really think that Master Ye only has strength? If you two had a single bit of power from him, your Su Family would definitely be the strongest today! "

"On this piece of paper, are the two high-grade cultivation methods and martial skills that he left for us at Su Family! With these two things, not to mention a purple-gold card, even if there were ten of them, it would still be worth it! "

Elder Su's shout was filled with vigor and was able to intimidate the audience. However, it was filled with regret and disappointment.

The next moment, there was dead silence! Su Zhi Yuan and the other two, who were still berating Ye Chen earlier, and the group of higher ups of the Su Family all fell into a state of silence.

This was because everyone knew that the two items the youth left behind could be considered priceless treasures!

Cultivation techniques and martial arts were divided into upper, middle, and lower grades. Each grade was divided into lower, middle, and upper grades.

Moreover, their Su Family had been passed down for a hundred years, and their top Su Family cultivation techniques were only of low quality, not even reaching the middle rank. As for the Ling Shadow Steps, it was the only one that had reached the middle tier or lower tier.

Even still, if such a technique were auctioned off, the price would be close to a hundred million copies, which would be priceless in the city.

However, that seemingly ordinary youth had casually taken out that legendary high rank cultivation technique and martial skill!

At this very moment, on Ye Chen's side, he naturally did not know about the sensation caused by him within the Su Family.

After recuperating within the Su Family for a few days, the realm had reached the early stage of Qi Cultivating Stage.

The next thing he needed was to find a Spirit Treasure or Spirit Medicines to assist him. Of course, if there were a few special Spiritual Energy s, they could be converted and absorbed using their own Nine Sun Holy Body.

"Let's go back to the school and check on the situation. I wonder how Fatty is doing …"

Ye Chen made up his mind and rushed towards Yanjing High School.

The current him, naturally, did not care much about reading books. However, Han Cheng's grudge would not be let go so easily.

People came and went through the streets, bustling with activity.

Ye Chen couldn't help but frown at the clamor and noise that came from the front.

There, the crowd was so dense that it seemed as if they were watching a show.

"Eh? "This aura is …"

Just as Ye Chen was about to walk around, a hint of surprise flashed through the youth's dark eyes. He turned around and walked into the crowd.

"Make way, make way, don't block our way. You won't be able to take responsibility for delaying our rescue!"

A bald man in his thirties rushed over from an ambulance at the side. It was just that his arrogant and sloppy appearance made him seem a little annoying.

If it weren't for the white coat and the job tag hanging on his body, he wouldn't have recognized that this was a doctor.

In the center of the crowd, there was a middle-aged man with a square face and black glasses lying unconscious on the ground. Beside him was a secretary like woman dressed in a black business suit protecting him.

"Doctor, come take a look. What's the matter?"

The beautiful secretary appeared somewhat anxious, and her face turned red because of her nervousness.

The bald man's eyes swept over his secretary, seemingly filled with a sense of nostalgia and confusion.

In the blink of an eye, he looked at the middle-aged man lying on the ground and ordered the nurses behind him impatiently.

"Hurry up and carry him up. This patient is suffering from acute illness and needs immediate surgery to save him!"

As I said that, I didn't forget to show a relieved expression to the secretary beside me. However, my eyes unconsciously shifted to another direction.

It was obvious that he was pleased with himself and fawning on the other party.

"In that case, thank you …"

"What are you thanking me for, it's just a quack doctor!" If you touch him, you will lose your life! "

Before the beautiful secretary could finish her words, she was interrupted by a sudden shout.

As for the bald man, who had been incomparably smug, the smile on his face instantly froze.

Especially when he saw that the person who had just walked over slowly was only a young man who was not even twenty years old, the fury in his heart surged out like a volcanic eruption.

"Kid? What do you know? Do you know who I am? Who do you think you are? "

After being interrupted like this by Ye Chen, how could he not have face?

The surrounding onlookers also cast their gazes over. When they saw that the person who called out 'disgruntled' was only a young man with the appearance of a student, they could not help but sigh.

After all, no one would believe that a young man who had rushed out so casually would know more about medicine than a professional doctor in a hospital.

However, the bald man would not let this brat, who had ruined his image in front of everyone, off the record. Seeing that Ye Chen did not reply, his previous complacency and even arrogance disappeared once again.

"Brat, I am the Director He of Yanjing City's People's Hospital, an expert specially recruited overseas. I have been studying in the medical field for dozens of years, and my subordinates have diagnosed countless difficult illnesses, cured tens of thousands of patients, and even won numerous awards of various sizes at home and abroad …"

"With just you, boy, what right do you have to stand here and judge me?"

Chief He arrogantly held up the medical staff identification token in front of his chest. The words "Specialist" was exceptionally conspicuous.

If not for the dean's special instructions today, he would never have participated in the first aid work. He was already full of anger, and after Ye Chen made a fuss about it, he became even angrier.

"Hurry up and f * ck off! "Can you afford to delay treatment?"

Director He glared at Ye Chen and signaled the nurse to come forward to save him.

However, Ye Chen did not pay attention to this' Director He ', he took a big step forward, bent down, and placed his finger accurately on the throat of the middle-aged man who was lying on the ground. His other hand was placed on the chest of the middle-aged man.

Almost at the same moment when Ye Chen's finger landed, a mixed dark Yin energy was spat out from the middle-aged man's mouth.

Following that, the violent coughing sound made Supervisor He, who was about to reprimand him, swallow his words back down his throat.

Not only him, there were also the onlookers. They clearly remembered that the doctor had spoken just now and that the patient on the floor needed immediate surgery. But now, it was merely under the direction of the youth's finger …

"Specialist? So what? I still can't change the fact that you're a quack doctor! "

Ye Chen didn't turn around, he didn't even look at the Director He behind him.

However, these cold and merciless words were like a slap to the face of the director.

The questioning and disdainful gazes from all around made this Supervisor He's face change between green and white.

However, when he saw that the middle-aged man was already slowly opening his eyes, he was so shocked that he couldn't say a single word!

As for the beautiful secretary who was standing in a daze and the nurse who was about to lift the patient, she was completely dumbfounded!

After living for so many years, they had never seen or heard of anything that could save a person with just a few acupuncture points?

"Let him rest for a few minutes and he will regain his consciousness. As for how this quack doctor will solve the problem, you guys can do whatever you want."

"Oh, right. When he wakes up, remind him to invite a master to look at his home. This illness of his is a trap set up by someone!"

Before the crowd could react, Ye Chen had already walked away under the astonished and shocked gazes of the crowd …

In the high grade VIP ward of the Yanjing City People's Hospital, the middle-aged man from before laid down and rested on the sickbed. Only, his current complexion was completely different from before.

Beside him, Chief He was standing there with an apologetic smile on his face. The beautiful secret secretary was also standing beside the middle-aged man, but her attitude towards this Director He could be described as cold.

"Director He, how is Mayor Liu!?" "His illness is quite troublesome. You all must not …"

As the door of the ward was abruptly pushed open with a clang, a group of doctors wearing white gowns with identity tokens rushed in at the same time. All of them had solemn expressions on their faces as they waited for the opportunity.

And the middle-aged man in the lead was precisely the Principal of the Yanjing City People's Hospital, Qin Yusun!

At this moment, he was sweating profusely and breathing heavily.

When he received the mayor's notification that he was ill, he could be said to be scared out of his wits. He had taken over Mayor Liu's illness before, and it was extremely troublesome. When the disease occurred, it could even endanger his life. However, even if they exhausted the abilities of their Yanjing City's People's Hospital, they could only achieve a simple relief …

However, just as everyone tensed up, the sudden sound of coughing caused everyone to freeze on the spot as if they had seen a ghost!

"Cough cough, this is …"

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