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"Mayor Liu …"

In the next second, he even swallowed the words that he was prepared to inquire about, because at this moment, not only was Liu Qingshan's face rosy and full of vitality, he even directly lifted the blanket on the bed and stood up normally!

In the history of the disease, without treatment for half a month, not to mention standing up, even a few words would have been a miracle!

"Dean Qin, I didn't expect that your medical skills would become so good. This time, I have to thank you for saving my life. It's much better than before!"

"I, Liu Qingshan, will definitely repay this great kindness."

A smile appeared on Liu Qingshan's face. When he felt this energetic and refreshed state, he couldn't help but praise the Headmaster in front of him.

However, when they heard this, not only Qin Yusheng, but the other doctors all had strange and awkward expressions on their faces.

The credit for this wasn't them.

And where did this master come from? To think that he was able to cure Mayor Liu's illness with such an amazing ability to revive spring!

"Mayor Liu, I'm really sorry. Your illness was not treated by me …"

"Mayor, your illness was cured by a teenager we met by the roadside!"

The secret technique was timidly interrupted. However, this time around, his words were like a clap of thunder that caused everyone's expression to change! This was especially true for Dean Qin and the other doctors. They were shocked beyond belief and ashamed beyond belief!

Since when did a mere youngster possess such ability, and who was he?

"What!?" Young man! Who is he? "


At this moment, Ye Chen naturally did not know what had happened at the hospital. Having settled the matter that he met halfway, Ye Chen did not stay for long.

"If this wave of Baleful Yin Force is completely dissolved, it should be able to allow my realm to once again rise …"

Ye Chen could not help but smile as he felt the energy within the black dot throbbing faintly on his palm.

Just now when he was conducting the treatment, he had condensed the baleful qi from the middle-aged man and placed it within his own body. However, the amount of time it took her to absorb the energy in her body was a bit beyond her expectations.

But this was just right, with his own Nine Sun Holy Body, as long as he could suppress the Baleful Yin Force, it would be an excellent tonic.

Once again returning to Yanjing High School, the moment Ye Chen stepped into the classroom, he undoubtedly became the focus of everyone's attention once again.

Last time, when he went head to head with Young Master Han, the people who even ignored Director Wang of the disciplinary committee had already spread through half the school in the few days he was gone.

Because of this, Ye Chen's ordinary background and the matter of him breaking up with his girlfriend, Fang Zi Ning, naturally became the focus of attention.

As for Fang Zi Ning, who was originally the female lead of the story, she went to the Mi Kingdom to study together with Chen Han.

All of a sudden, Ye Chen, who was originally ordinary and low-key with a class flower in his arms, became the target of everyone's ridicule.

"Yo, Ye Chen, you still have the face to come back?"

Just as Ye Chen sat down, an unpleasant voice floated over.

This time, the one who spoke wasn't Han Cheng, who had previously caused trouble, but Wang Gang, who was usually with him.

This guy is big and well-built, like a fat guy. He's also an overlord in school, and he has a follower named Cai Chengjian behind him.

Because his father was Director Wang, who had been taught a lesson by Ye Chen, and because his family had some background, no one dared to provoke him.

"It's none of your business whether Brother Ye comes back or not!"

The fat guy walked over to Ye Chen and scolded Wang Gang and the others coldly.

As Ye Chen's brother, he had suffered a lot from these guys these days and was already full of anger.

"Brat, why are you so arrogant!"

Wang Gang's face was filled with anger.

However, when he took a step forward and glanced at Ye Chen, whose face was still as dark as water, he couldn't help but feel a chill run down his spine.

Recalling the fate of Han Cheng and Director Wang, he had to give up on the idea of teaching them a lesson on the spot.

After all, it was hard to say who would be the one to teach them a lesson if he rushed forward.

"Humph!" You're just someone who's going to be expelled, so I'll let you stay here for a while! After all, this place can accommodate people like you. "

Wang Gang's face was full of mockery and disdain.

If they wanted to deal with someone like Ye Chen, there was no need for them to do it themselves.

"That's right, a trash with a green hat on his head …"

"A toad like you still wants to eat swan meat, that's simply wishful thinking!"

Cai Chengjian, who was behind Wang Gang, mocked him.

Hearing his words, the other people in the classroom burst into laughter.

Ye Chen's expression turned cold bit by bit.

He couldn't be bothered with these trivial characters, but these people were so stupid as to seek death!

As the True Qi in his body circulated, he casually picked up the textbooks on the table and fanned towards Wang Gang and Cai Chengjian without any warning.

"Pah!" "Pah!"

Two resounding slaps sounded out in succession, interrupting everyone's laughter.

He saw two clear red marks on Wang Gang's and Cai Chengjian's faces!

This incomparably shocking scene instantly caused the ridicule on the faces of some people to freeze.

Who would have thought that this seemingly ordinary youth would have such a ruthless method!

"Scram!" "If not, next time, I promise that I will hit you until you can no longer open your stinky mouth!"

A cold shout followed. The classroom was filled with an inviolable majesty and domineering aura, causing Wang Gang and Liu Yi, who originally wanted to resist, to feel a chill down their spines.

When they once again looked into the youth's deep and cold eyes, they felt as if they were staring at death.

"Leaves..." Ye Chen, let's go... "Let's wait and see!"

Wang Gang and that lackey stammered before turning around and running away.

"Ying Ying, what are you looking at? Why, have I become infatuated with such a person? "How rare!"

In one corner of the classroom, Liu Yingying used her small white hands to support her head as she watched Ye Chen in fascination.

This person who offended Director Wang and Young Master Han a few days ago and beat up Director Wang's son when he came back today was becoming more and more mysterious.

The calmness and profoundness of the youth caused some of the onlookers to be captivated and curious.

"What nonsense are you talking about? I'm just here to take a look."

After a while, Liu Yingying recovered from her shock and pinched the flesh on Zhao Mengsi's waist.

The frolicking between the two great beauties and the way they were staring at the young man was naturally noticed by others.

When some of the people in the class looked at Ye Chen again, their eyes were filled with hostility.

However, all of this didn't matter to Ye Chen anymore.

"Brother Ye, since you beat them up like that, you must have gone to sue them. I already said that I would fire you before, but now I have even more reason to do so."

The fat guy looked worried.

During the absence of Ye Chen these days, he naturally heard about how Han Cheng planned to take revenge on him step by step.

"It's fine. These people want to oppose me. Even if I don't teach them a lesson, they will not let me go."

Ye Chen waved his hand but didn't mind.

Right now, his top priority was to raise his cultivation level. As for other matters, he could think about them later.

The reason he came to school was to get even with these people.

"Although it's good to see you give those guys a lesson to vent your anger, are you really not worried?"

Just as Ye Chen was chatting with the fatty, a fragrance unique to girls came from behind him.

It was unknown when Liu Yingying walked to the seat behind the two of them and sat down. She supported her head with her right arm as she stared at Ye Chen with great interest.

Today, Liu Yingying was wearing a light green dress with a white ribbon tied tightly around her waist. It accentuated her impressive figure and an exquisite oval face. She was worthy of the title, one of the three school beauties.

It had to be said that the young girl's watery eyes were extremely enchanting as they blinked.

However, when she took the initiative to look for Ye Chen, who was completely poor in everyone's eyes, countless gazes of jealousy and hatred shot viciously at Ye Chen.

"Worried? Why do I feel like the ones who should be worried are them? "

Ye Chen smiled indifferently. However, his calm words carried a sense of confidence and indifference that came from the bottom of his heart.

"That Ye Chen!" Come out! "Come with me to the administration office!"

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