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A shout came from the classroom entrance, interrupting Liu Yingying's conversation.

Looking up, it was the fat middle-aged man, Director Wang, whom he had just taught a lesson a few days ago. He was also leading Ye Chen's form teacher, a tall and thin middle-aged man.

Usually, even though this Teacher Li didn't make things difficult for Ye Chen, he didn't give Ye Chen any face. After all, his family background and results were quite average.

"Ye Chen, I didn't expect you to be so bold as to dare to hit Director Wang. Why aren't you coming with me to the administration office for a review?"

Mr. Li squinted his eyes and scolded Ye Chen in a cold voice.

However, he turned around to face Director Wang, who had a higher authority than him, and had a fawning and hypocritical smile on his face.

After all, Director Wang's relationship in the school was not as simple as it seemed.

"Review? "Fine, I want to see how you guys will make me review this."

Ye Chen coldly snorted and lightly glanced at the two people. He didn't say anything unnecessary, got up and followed them.

In these ten years of Alien World, he, Ye Chen, had never experienced great storms or great storms, not to mention that such a small thing was naturally nothing to be afraid of.

However, if he did not solve this problem, he would have many flies by his ear in the future.

Following the two of them around, they soon arrived at the office area on the first floor of the administrative building. The first 101 was where the administrative office was located.

The furnishings inside were very simple. On both sides, there were filing cabinets and all kinds of information regarding the students. Right in front of them was a desk and a few simple furnishings.

When Ye Chen entered, a middle-aged man with black glasses slowly put down the documents in his hands and casually leaned on the office chair.

"Principal, he is Ye Chen, the one who beat someone up in public. He even violated the teacher's discipline, ignoring all discipline!"

"Just now, he taught Wang Gang and Cai Chengjian a lesson as soon as he got back to school …"

Director Wang opened his mouth to speak in anger. His words were practically spittle flying everywhere. He wished that he could recount Ye Chen's "crime" in one breath and treat him as an uncountable number of condemned people.

In the next moment, Wang Gang and Cai Chengjian, who had already teamed up, swaggered in at the right time.

At this moment, the two of them were no longer as fearful as they were before. Instead, they were incomparably arrogant.

When he looked at Ye Chen again, his eyes were filled with hatred, contempt, and pride.

"Principal, it's this Ye Chen. Today, we just asked him why he went missing a few days. After expressing the concern between our classmates, he attacked us!"

When Wang Gang turned around to look at the principal, his acting skills were first-class. He looked like a pitiful victim.

"This guy was planning to attack Han Cheng and the others a few days ago. Luckily, Director Wang went there in time …"

These people kept talking and having fun.

From time to time, Teacher Li would add insult to injury. From the looks of it, these people had no intention of letting Ye Chen go this time.

"Principal, this kind of person shouldn't stay in school! They should be directly expelled! "

Seeing that Ye Chen did not refute him, Director Wang could not help but become even more proud and arrogant.

It just so happened that he took advantage of this opportunity to add fuel to the fire and drive the kid out.

In this way, not only would he be able to relieve the hatred in his heart, he would also have an explanation for Young Master Han's side.

"Ye Chen, you beat up your classmates, disregarded teachers, violated discipline, and even went a few times in a row. Do you admit your wrongs? According to the rules of the school, you should be directly expelled and dealt with. "

The principal glanced at Ye Chen's file and casually threw it aside.

He lazily looked at Ye Chen, who was standing there calmly. He didn't even get up. His condescending words sounded even more official.

Hearing the principal say that he wanted to fire Ye Chen, the hearts of Director Wang, Wang Gang, and the others who were at the side immediately burst with joy.

This poor kid, who had once been incomparably arrogant in front of them without any background, finally had to pay the price of offending them. All he felt in his heart was a wave of relief.

"Humph!" This sort of person had long since been expelled from school. If I were you, not to mention dropping out of school, I wouldn't even have the face to continue staying in school. "

Wang Gang snorted on the side and mocked in a low voice.

However, his voice wasn't loud, it was just purposely said for Ye Chen to listen.

As long as he imagined the downfall of this fellow and how he would be taught a lesson, he would feel a wave of satisfaction in his heart, as if he had been hit by a million.

Ye Chen was still standing there indifferently. From the beginning to the end, he was not moved by these people. However, within his black eyes, there seemed to be a faint sharpness.

"What's the difference between this place and the Alien World in my dreams? It's also the law of the jungle, but the method is different. These people …"

Ye Chen thought to himself as his expression darkened.

The young man could naturally tell that the principal was too lazy to interfere because he had no background. And because of Director Wang's and Han Cheng's background, he chose to turn a blind eye to it.

These people are just saying that they will uphold justice for you. Actually, justice has always been their decision.

"Admit your wrongs?" I don't think I'm wrong! "

Ye Chen sneered, but his aura suddenly erupted. The sharpness and coldness in his eyes caused Wu Tie, who was beside him, to unconsciously take a few steps back. It was as if the entire room's temperature had instantly dropped by a few degrees.

"Those I beat up were all people I should beat up. I scolded people who were shameless. I taught these scum people a lesson, but I have never felt that there was anything wrong with it!" I'm too lazy to explain it to you guys, but, you guys don't have the qualifications to teach me, Ye Chen, a lesson! "

"If the principal decides to expel me based on this alone, I have to ask you. Who gave you the evidence and the courage to risk your life?"

The youth stood there coldly as he spat out each word with incomparable sharpness.

The sudden display of aura made Director Wang, who was continuously complaining, shut his mouth.

The Headmaster who was lying on his office chair felt his legs go soft, and he nearly rolled off the chair.

When he once again stood up and faced the boy, who remained as indifferent as before, his face was filled with unconcealable shock, and even his complexion had turned slightly green.

"This kid, no matter how I look at him, he doesn't look like a poor kid that isn't even in his twenties, right?"

The headmaster muttered to himself. The more he looked at the indifferent Ye Chen, the more nervous he got.

What Ye Chen said was true, it was even straight to the point.

However, things had already gotten to this point. If he did not expel Ye Chen, then his troubles would also be quite big. It would be even more unbearable for him to continue hesitating.

"You still dare to threaten the principal? Ye Chen, how dare you! From now on, you're fired!"

Director Wang, who was at the side, seemed to understand the principal's thoughts and seized the opportunity to criticize him harshly.

This time, his reasoning was perfect.

However, the harsh shout coming from the door of the administration area once again silenced the entire audience!

"Expel Ye Chen? I want to see who dares! "

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