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"Mayor Liu, why did you come!"

The principal, who was sitting on the office chair, shuddered and immediately stood up straight. His previous arrogance and laziness had completely disappeared at this moment as he greeted the door respectfully.

"What? Why is Mayor Liu …"

Director Wang's expression became even more uncertain as he muttered to himself.

He knew Ye Chen's background, and had also seen this youth's information. He was from a rural family with no background at all, and logically speaking, it would be impossible for such a person to have anything to do with the mayor of Yanjing City.

But now …

"Mayor Liu, this way please. Please forgive us for not welcoming you."

Director Wang was such a shrewd person, since the matter had already come to this, he still had to pretend.

However, he and the principal respectfully greeted him without even looking at him. Instead, they quickly walked towards Ye Chen who was indifferently standing there.

"Master Ye, there is no need to thank me. If you need any help, feel free to tell me."

Liu Qingshan cupped his hands respectfully towards Ye Chen and said politely.

"What?" Master? Am I hearing things? "

At this moment, everyone present was stunned.

They really couldn't see what part of Ye Chen had that made him qualified to be called a master. And what qualifications did he have to make Mayor Liu, who was in a position of authority, be so respectful to him?!

"Mayor Liu, he is just an ordinary student of our Yanjing High School. Do you recognize wrongly …"


Just when Director Wang's face alternated between green and white, he tentatively asked Mayor Liu if he had made a mistake, the door of the office of the administration office was suddenly pushed open again.

"This is …" Dean Qin! "

Dean Qin of Yanjing City's First People's Hospital was also one of the high-ranking members of the provincial council.

Not only did he have extremely high attainments in medical skills, he was also a powerful existence. He also had quite a bit of power within the provincial government.

If they were to compare in power, even if it was Mayor Liu and Liu Qingshan, they would not lose out in the slightest to each other.

But before the principal and Director Wang could get up to greet them, the same situation as before happened again!

"Master Ye, I'm here to apologize to you. Director He has been suspended from his post. I hope you can forgive his offense. I got him to come over personally."

Dean Qin was extremely courteous. It was impossible to tell that he was speaking to a junior who was over thirty years younger than him.

"Leaves..." "Master Ye, I was rude before. The way I handled the illness was also wrong. I didn't mean to offend you …"

At the door to the administration area, the director, whose face was so ugly that it looked as if it was about to bleed, spat out these words word by word.

The him now was completely different from when he saw Ye Chen, who was showing off his strength and appearing so high and mighty.

"Master Ye, I don't know where my master is. The acupuncture point clearing technique is a form of acupuncture. I also know about Mayor Liu's situation. He used quite a few treatments and has been helpless, but I never expected you to solve it so easily."

"If it is possible, I hope you can come to our people's hospital for a job. Our department of traditional Chinese medicine lacks such talent!"

With these words from Dean Qin, he was basically a hundred percent sure of the young man's identity.

Director Wang and the others felt an explosive sound in their heads. They were completely dumbfounded on the spot. They felt that the world had started to become unreal.

Just now, he had arrogantly said he was going to criticize Ye Chen, but now, he didn't dare to have even the slightest bit of such an idea.

Who could have expected that behind Ye Chen, there was Mayor Liu and Principal Qin's respectful treatment!

As for Wang Gang and Cai Chengjian, who were proudly ridiculing Ye Chen just now, they were watching the show with their mouths wide open. Their expressions were frozen, and they no longer dared to look in the direction of the youth.

"Mayor Liu, Dean Qin, we can talk about the matter later. However, since the school is going to fire me, we should deal with it first."

Ye Chen smiled lightly and cupped his hands towards the two and replied politely.

However, the moment he said that, Director Wang and the principal's faces turned pale with fright.

From the beginning, they understood that the main fault for the fight with the teacher was not Ye Chen.

"Principal Zhang, can I trouble you to give us the evidence and reasons for why he was expelled? According to the information I've gathered, regardless of his background or his past, he has never been tainted in the slightest."

"Moreover, this kind of person who would risk offending the hospital director and delaying the rescue would have to act out in the name of justice. How could he possibly be the one you speak of that should be expelled?!" "If you can't take it out, then the city's disciplinary committee will patrol the city in a few days. It's time to investigate the school!"

Mayor Liu asked sternly, not giving these people any face at all.

In order to find Ye Chen, he had long since asked the Public Security Bureau to use the photos taken by the traffic cameras to investigate this mysterious young man from top to bottom.

He couldn't tell that Ye Chen was someone who refused to be taught and was a student whose nature was so vile that he needed to be expelled.

"This, this should be a misunderstanding, I …" We must thoroughly investigate the cause of this incident! "

How could the principal dare to show the slightest disobedience? With a pale complexion, he obediently complied.

However, when he looked at Director Wang, who stood there with an extremely ugly expression, he immediately turned serious.

"Director Wang, this matter was not properly handled, but it was because of your dereliction of duty. Go back and reflect on it. Otherwise, your chairman will give up his position!" Hurry up and apologize to Student Ye? "

Director Wang's face completely lost all color, and even his legs were trembling.

The current him had already cursed Ye Chen a million times in his heart, wanting to swallow this youth alive.

However, in such a situation, he could only act as a scapegoat.

"Right, right, no …"

"No need. In the future, just keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, the next loss will not just be face!"

Ye Chen spoke coldly, interrupting Director Wang's words that he struggled to spit out.

He casually waved his hand and didn't even bother to look at Director Wang's group.

However, that one sentence, which was so cold and profound, caused the hearts of these few people to turn cold …

For some reason, they had a premonition that if they were to disrespect and anger this young man again, it might really be a matter of losing face …

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