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After settling Director Wang's side of the school, Ye Chen could no longer be bothered with these people.

After politely rejecting Dean Qin's gracious invitation, he was used to his freedom and didn't want to be restricted in any way. As for Mayor Liu's matter, he agreed.

Ye Chen naturally did not expect that with Mayor Liu's support, the principal and Director Wang would go and find trouble with Han Cheng. However, at least his ears would be a bit quieter these days.

"I will visit Mayor Liu's house on another day. In the next two days, I should find a quiet place to quickly refine this Baleful Yin Force."

Ye Chen looked at the black dot in his palm and muttered to himself.

His current realm had already stabilized at the early stage of Qi Cultivating Stage. If he was lucky and was able to gather more Baleful Yin Force, breaking through to the middle stage would likely only be a matter of half a month.

The school originally provided dorms for Ye Chen, but in that kind of place, it was definitely not suitable for Ye Chen to train.

Thinking back to the purple-gold card that Master Elder Su gave him and the Imperial Origin Pavilion in his mouth, this gave him an excellent place to go.

"I don't know where to find baleful qi or elixirs …"

Ye Chen was still lost in his thoughts as he was training. Suddenly, he felt a fragrant wind blowing towards him when he turned at an intersection.

Immediately after, he felt a gentle touch before him and a delicate figure leaped into his embrace.

"Stop!" "Miss Chu, you won't be able to run away!"

Ye Chen couldn't help but frown at the vicious shouts that followed from behind.

He raised his eyes and looked at the ferocious bodyguards in black that were coming over. Needless to say more, Ye Chen could already guess what was going on.

"No …" "Sorry, I bumped into you …"

Before Ye Chen could say anything, the figure in his embrace slowly retreated.

The girl had a delicate face with a tender baby face. She was wearing a short, cool, light blue skirt. Because of her previous run, she had been in a state of disarray, revealing a large portion of her slender, jade-like legs.

At this moment, the undulations in front of him and the fluttering hair in front of his forehead appeared to be extremely alluring. It seemed to possess the delicate and pure temperament of a girl next door.

However, when she saw the bodyguard dressed in black chasing after her, she knew that it was hopeless for her to escape. Anger and fear filled her exquisite little face.

"What exactly do you want? I'm not interested in your Lin Family's banquet, so don't bother me! "

Towards these people, she could be said to be extremely disgusted.

"Miss Chu, I advise you to be more tactful. Many people do not even have the chance to be invited by our young master. Aren't you happy that you have such special honor?"

The leading black clothed middle-aged man slowed down his steps with an arrogant and overweeningly arrogant look on his face.

His attitude was as if he was saying that even if I kill you, you should feel honored for it.

"That's right, Young Master Lin has been waiting for too long. If you still refuse to cooperate, then we will have to resort to some tricks!"

"We won't be able to explain ourselves if we harm you …"

The few men in black clothing surrounding him also threatened with evil smiles on their faces.

Their mission was to capture this girl. However, they completely ignored the passerby, Ye Chen.


The young girl clenched her fist tightly in anger. A faint sparkling light hung in the corners of her eyes. However, she was a weak girl. It was simply a fantasy to resist against these people in front of her.

However, just as she fell into despair, a cold shout broke everything.


Ye Chen's expression did not change, but there was a bit of anger in his heart.

He was filled with endless hostility towards these bullies. In the past, he had had enough of such oppression.

"Get lost? Hahaha, little brat, you haven't even f * cking grown any hair on your head yet, and you still dare to learn from someone else to save a beauty and ruin our good fortune, do you know what happens next? "

The middle-aged man in the lead had a face full of disdain as he wildly laughed.

He didn't believe that this student that looked to be no more than twenty would be able to cause such a ruckus.


Ye Chen sneered. He stomped his right foot on the ground. The gravel on the side of the road shot towards the people in front of him.

"Bang bang!"

Along with the sound of several deep collisions, the laughter from before turned into wails that were heard all over the place.

Although the rocks shot out from the ground did not hit the vital parts of the body, the pain was real.

"You …"

The girl, who was about to warn Ye Chen to be careful, was stunned. A trace of surprise flashed across her limpid eyes as she sized up the boy in front of her without blinking.

She had not expected that a youth she had coincidentally bumped into on the side of the road would possess such unexpected strength.

Especially when the young man's face, which was still as calm as ever, and his temperament that made others unable to see through him, appeared even more mysterious and enchanting.

"Let's go, these people probably have accomplices. I'll send you on your way."

Ye Chen didn't even bother to look at the black-clothed men behind him. In his eyes, these small fry were nothing more than ants.

"Brat, we are from the Lin Family! If you dare to offend us, there will be no good ending for you! If you still dare to bring her along and leave, our Lin Family, will definitely make you beg for death! "

Just as Ye Chen was about to leave with the girl beside him, the black clothed middle-aged man that led the group shouted.

Merely, at this moment, he no longer possessed the might and arrogance from before.

His entire body was covered in dust from the attack of the stone and he could barely stand up. However, his face was twisted due to the intense pain on his body. Even his speech was a little slurred.

"Oh? Lin Family, what is that thing? "

Ye Chen snorted. He turned around slowly and looked at the battered middle-aged man with a playful sneer.

"Our Lin Family is …"


A rock shot toward the man's right knee, followed by another wail.

"Lin Family? So what? If you don't want to die, then scram! "

Ye Chen's expression did not change as he glanced at the middle-aged man. However, his cold and emotionless words and a bit of chilliness made the middle-aged man's body shiver.

Without even needing Ye Chen to attack again, the group of men in black who were still wailing on the ground crawled and scrambled away.

"I really have to thank you this time, but their Lin Family …"

The young girl looked at the sorry figures leaving, and for a moment, the expression on her pretty face was extremely complicated.

This was originally a problem for himself. With her pure and kind personality, she didn't want to involve the youth in front of her.

"It's just a piece of scum. It's nothing."

Ye Chen did not think so. Ten years of Alien World, and who knows what kind of great powers he had offended. How could he, a mere Lin Family, compare to them?

Along the way, after personally bidding farewell to the young girl, Ye Chen rushed towards the Imperial Origin Pavilion area of the eastern city of Yanjing. After all, increasing his strength was the most urgent matter at hand …

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