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At the eastern lakeside of Yanjing City, there was a villa community that was built around the lake.

The community was surrounded by a lake, surrounded by clouds and mist.

Although it wasn't as towering as a typical skyscraper, from afar, it looked like it was connected to a mountain. From afar, it looked like a giant dragon, domineering and majestic, with a domineering aura that could swallow the heavens and look down upon the heavens.

It was also because of this that they had the title of Yanjing and top villas in Yanjing City.

In a quiet room in the villa, a young man was sitting cross-legged with his upper body bare.

Following the circulation of the Taiyi Chaos Spell in his body, the black ball of light floating in front of the youth was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye.

On Ye Chen's skin, there were faint traces of golden light that flickered. His entire body seemed to be bathed in a sea of gold.

If there were some cultivators with sharp eyesight here, they would definitely be able to see that each time the golden light circulated, the youth's true energy and the strength of his body would increase.

Although it was not fast, it was like the gurgling of water. It was continuous and did not stop.

And this, was the wonder of the Taiyi Chaos Spell combined with the young man's Nine Sun Holy Body.


Ye Chen slowly opened his eyes and let out a breath of foul air. Feeling the Qi in his body that was a bit stronger than yesterday, he could not help but feel happy.

If he only relied on a normal cultivation method, with Earth's thin spiritual energy, it would be hard for him to break through the Qi Cultivating Stage and reach the Essence Building Stage even after ten or even dozens of years.

But, heaven never bars one's way.

"Luckily I have the help of the Nine Sun Holy Body and the Taiyi Chaos Spell, but I still have to start looking for spiritual herbs or other spiritual energy sources. If I can refine pill, then it would be of great help to my cultivation."

Ye Chen secretly made a decision in his heart, then took care of it and left the Imperial Origin Pavilion.

He didn't start searching for these things immediately, and there was no need for him to do it himself.

After all, a person's information network was too limited. As long as he notified the Su Family and Elder Su, it would be able to save him a lot of trouble.

He arrived at the school as usual, but when he returned to the classroom, he saw a large group of people rushing out excitedly. They were like a magnificent army of thousands or horses marching across the grass as they rushed down the stairs. The entire school building was shaking at this moment.

Especially the high-pitched shrieks and cheers of the young girls, it made Ye Chen, who didn't like the noise, frown.

"What happened today?"

Ye Chen asked as he looked at the fat guy who was fiddling with his pen in his seat.

"Brother Ye, the young master from Duanmu Family has returned from studying abroad to attend the graduation party before this time's college entrance examination. With his reputation as the school grass and his background as a rich and powerful family, there are naturally so many people who would go crazy for him. "

The fatty said in a slightly sour tone. From his tone, it seemed that he was somewhat envious.

"Graduation party? "So fast?"

Ye Chen's face slightly sunk. He couldn't help but sigh. Now that he thought about it, three years in high school had passed in a flash. However, the girl who had accompanied him all the way had become the greatest pain and shame.

"Hey, you two, come over here and help with the moving. What are you doing over there?"

Suddenly, a charming shout came from the door, interrupting Ye Chen's train of thoughts.

The one who spoke was the class monitor of Ye Chen's class, Wang Ziyi.

Although she was a girl, everyone had seen her act so domineeringly before. He had some family background and power, especially towards people like himself and Fatty. He was even less polite.

"Moving? "Why don't you go find someone else?"

Naturally, he did not have any good impression of this person.

"Hehe, others, don't you see that you two fellows are the only two idle fellows in this classroom? "Don't delay the welcome party for Young Master Duanmu. Otherwise, you won't be able to afford it!"

The young girl's face was filled with arrogance and contempt. Her exquisite makeup and clothing could not conceal her viciousness at this moment.

"And Ye Chen over there, isn't he very good at fighting a few days ago?" This isn't good. I'll let you stretch your limbs and move your things.

Wang Ziyi looked at Ye Chen, who was sitting in the seat. She seemed to have thought of something, so she added in a mocking tone.

Although Ye Chen's performance in the classroom back then did indeed have a bit of power and prestige, it did not change the fact that he had no status and was despised by others.

Furthermore, in their eyes, Ye Chen was not the only one that could be beaten up by the school.

"Ziyi, have you called anyone? The table over there is heavy and dirty, so we still need to find a few people. "

Another voice came from the door, but when the man saw the indifferent Ye Chen and Fatty, his face turned ugly. He even wanted to vent his anger on them.

"What are you two doing? You're unwilling to move anything, do you have any sense of responsibility as a class? And you, Ye Chen, weren't you very active a few days ago? Why are you so afraid of moving all your things? "

Zhao Jingwei reprimanded coldly. His tone was extremely hard to hear, it did not seem like he was asking for someone else's help.

He was the class's sports commissioner and the head of the school's sports department and basketball department.

He was tall and strong, with a height of nearly 1.8 meters. It was as if he was inferior to everyone else.

Ye Chen didn't reply, but his face darkened as he coldly looked at the two.

This kind of superior attitude, coupled with the way he casually used his contempt, truly made the youth unhappy.

"What are you two shouting about? Why are you not calling those people who went out just now to watch the show, and instead looking for the two of us?"

Fatty was also getting angry. It was obvious that these two fellows were here to cause trouble.

It wasn't hard to understand when they thought back to how the two of them used to hang out with Han Cheng.

"The reason I called you two is because I think highly of you two. Otherwise, how could you two be worthy of receiving the man god Duanmu?"

Wang Ziyi continued to speak coldly, but the disdain and contempt in her eyes were even more intense.


The fatty was about to retort, but he was stopped by a hand that suddenly stretched out in front of him.

Wu Tie's face was as calm as water. He coldly glanced at the complacent Wang Ziyi and Zhao Jingwei, then turned his head away. He didn't even bother to look at them directly.

"Go back and tell your family's male god Duanmu. Sorry, we don't need it!"

Ye Chen said in an indifferent tone, but it was also full of ridicule and ridicule.

He would not be polite to these people.

"Also, if you want to find trouble, just say it. Otherwise, scram!"

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