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"One does not understand the Chinese martial arts, and the other belittles the Chinese martial arts. What genius, what mediocre talent!"

Ye Chen was too lazy to pay attention to the gossip of those people. His domineering voice instantly covered a lot of sighs and taunts.

What the young man said not only slapped Duanmu Lei's face hard, it also caused Xue Daisha to be speechless.

"Then do you know Chinese martial arts? How laughable. You dare to insult Young Master Duanmu? How shameless!"

Wang Ziyi, who was holding Duanmu Lei's arm with an extremely ugly expression, spoke harshly at this moment.

She, who had always disliked Ye Chen, was already filled with anger. To dare to humiliate him at a time like this, it was no different than igniting a barrel of gunpowder.

"Face? That was won through your own strength, and a scum like you, who is so overbearing, is not worthy to have it! "


Wang Ziyi's face flushed at Ye Chen's words. She was at a loss of what to say.

Ye Chen's sudden burst of coldness also made everyone in the audience not dare to say anything more.

For some unknown reason, the power displayed by this young man at this moment had already caused some people's hearts to waver. Some people even believed that this nameless young man who had suddenly appeared had the ability to fight against Xue Daisha who had Japan.

"Yingying, this Ye Chen …" "How come it doesn't look like the Ye Chen I used to know …"

In a seat at the side of the stadium, Zhao Mengsi pulled at the corner of Liu Yingying's clothes with a slightly lost expression as he muttered to himself.

"It's more than 'don't look like', this is practically a completely different person …"

The girl held her delicate chin in one hand, but her limpid eyes were fixed on the youth's figure, unwilling to move away from him even for a moment.

"You have the qualifications to be my opponent."

Xue Daisha's black eyes looked Ye Chen up and down, feeling the imposing aura from him.

Although Ye Chen did not take action, not even taking half a step towards her, but even standing still gave the girl a sense of danger.

"Really?" But you don't have the qualifications to be my opponent! "

Ye Chen let out a cold snort. The zhenqi in his body started to circulate, and the aura around him started to change once again.

This time, Xue Daisha was no longer as courteous as she was before. She was truly a little angry now.

With her strength, not to mention this small high school in China, even if it was the Sword God Club of Japan, she would still be an outstanding existence among her peers.

When had he ever been looked down upon like this?

Xue Daisha held her sword with both hands and faced the sky. Her eyes were slightly closed. At this moment, his entire demeanor had undergone a fundamental change. He had become as indifferent as iron and as ice-cold as snow.

That sword intent, which carried a murderous intent, instantly enveloped his entire body.

"I never thought that she would have actually cultivated it to this extent. This is the way of the sword in Japan. Once you enter, Ling Ran's power will skyrocket! "

In the arena, a teacher who had studied at the Japan had finally gained some insight at the last moment and was able to recognize the origins of this path.

The power of this sword strike was definitely not something that an ordinary peer could withstand.

However, his words caused Duanmu Lei, who had barely managed to stabilize himself, to have a face that was difficult to see, that was on the verge of bleeding.

Because from the start, Xue Daisha had never considered him as a real opponent!

Facing this nameless kid whom he despised, he had used his trump card!

"Humph!" I want to see what kind of tricks you have up your sleeve, Ye Chen! "

Duanmu Lei cursed angrily, and his angry and embarrassed face started to look a little sinister.

Xue Daisha finally made her move under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

With both hands holding the sword, the sword's aura shot out like a rainbow, piercing through the sky and piercing towards Ye Chen's throat!

This sword seemed to be without any fancy tricks or variables. However, this sword move caused some of the instructors who knew a bit about martial arts to be stunned!

This was definitely a peak-level sword attack. At the very least, it was definitely not an existence that they were confident they could block!

On the other hand, the youngster was standing there without moving or dodging, just quietly standing there.

In everyone's eyes, his actions were courting death!

"Bang!" "Crack crack!"

As the sword struck down, the violent sword force froze in midair and instantly vanished into thin air.

The youth lifted his right hand, and his two fingers lightly clasped together. The wooden sword that had chopped out was caught between his fingers, unable to move!


Ye Chen's expression turned cold. He moved his finger slightly and a powerful wave of zhenqi flowed down his finger. The wooden sword was instantly shattered and scattered all over the ground!

"This... Impossible! "You!"

Xue Daisha stood rooted to the spot, her face pale. Even her arms, which were holding onto the wooden sword, began to tremble.

This sword strike of hers was a peak-level technique that she had learnt over the past ten years under the command of the Japan Sword Master. With the addition of Sword Truth, although it was a wooden sword, it was better than an ordinary weapon! It was impossible for him to receive or even break it with two fingers!

Not only that, but the moment that wooden sword fell down, he felt a terrifying sword intent coming from that youth. Compared to that, he was like a firefly to the bright moon, an existence she couldn't even look up to!

"This... Is he still human!? "

This time, it was not only Xue Daisha who was stunned on the spot. The faces of the crowd that had mocked and ridiculed Ye Chen earlier, all changed to an extremely wonderful one.

From disdain, ridicule, to anticipation, in the end, all that was left was shock, and even some pride!

Some people had already begun rubbing their eyes, doubting the scene before their eyes.

After a moment of silence, what erupted out of the arena was a collective gasp and thunderous applause!

No matter what, that mysterious youth also spoke for the China.

Of course, the ones with the most unsightly expressions were still Zhao Jingwei, Wang Ziyi, and Duanmu Lei, who were still in the midst of watching a good show.

At that moment, the faces of the several people were burning with pain. One must know that the mockery and slander towards Ye Chen was something that they took the lead in. He was so arrogant just now.

This was especially true for Wang Ziyi. Her face turned ashen, and she was too embarrassed to raise her head. The aggressive aura from before had completely disappeared.

How could he still have the slightest bit of face now?

However, Ye Chen was too lazy to care about these small fry. Xue Daisha slowly walked towards the exit of the gymnasium without looking back. Her cold words made Xue Daisha's body shudder.

"Scram!" If you dare to slander the way of the China again next time, what I will break, will definitely not be only your sword! "

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