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"Oh, right. There are still some people who haven't finished settling their accounts."

While Ye Chen was slowly walking away under the shocked gazes of the crowd, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at a certain spot on the stage.

But this time, even though the words were so plain and without any ripples, it was as if thousands of ice needles were stabbing at people's hearts.

The arrogant aura and amazing strength displayed by the young man just now made it so that no one dared to underestimate him.

"Leaves..." "Ye Chen, you have won. I, Zhao Jingwei, admit my defeat!"

On the field, Zhao Jingwei's gloomy face looked as if he had cut a piece of meat. Even his facial expression became hideous.

He squeezed out the last bit of strength in his body with great difficulty, spitting out these words word by word.

"Admit defeat? Who told you to be so arrogant before, you deserve it! "

As Ye Chen's brother, Fatty mercilessly mocked the arrogant guy in the audience stands at this moment.

Previously, when they made a bet in the classroom, this Zhao Jingwei didn't take him seriously at all.


Following the sound of a low and deep collision, the sports department's, basketball department's leader, and the almighty Young Master Zhao Family all went limp as they knelt towards the nameless youth in front of them, who was of a lower status than them!

"I was wrong. I'll give you the money after I bet, right …"

Zhao Jingwei spat out these words while gritting his teeth.

At this moment, his face, which was alternating between green and white, was burning in pain. He did not dare to raise his head again.

To him, this was undoubtedly worse than being slapped a few times in public!

"Scram, control your own mouth in the future!"

But before he finished speaking, Ye Chen had already led the fat guy behind him out of the gym. He didn't even turn around to look at Zhao Jingwei, who was kneeling towards them.

That final sentence, "roll away", was as if he was teaching a lesson to his own servants.

The audience was already stunned by the series of dramatic changes. They stood dumbly on the spot, their faces filled with excitement.

For a time, when he once again looked at that extremely ordinary looking skinny back, he felt an uncontrollable fear that arose involuntarily from the bottom of his heart.

The Ye Chen now was no longer that unknown, extremely ordinary Ye Chen!

After ending the trouble here, Ye Chen didn't want to stay in the gym any longer.

Together with Fatty, they returned to the classroom to rest while simultaneously packing up.

Today was supposed to be Ye Chen's graduation party. But for the current teenagers, they no longer had much interest in these things.

"I heard that during tonight's graduation party, Goddess Xiao Yu will perform on stage. This is a rare opportunity!"

In the classroom, Ye Chen was bored out of his mind as he casually flipped through some books on modern medicine borrowed from the library, updating his knowledge bank. On the other hand, Fatty had no intention of staying idle.

This person who had been single for nearly twenty years could not suppress his desire for beautiful women.

"Goddess Xiao Yu? "Who is she?"

Ye Chen casually asked in disagreement.

All this while, he had not put these gossip and things to heart.

"It's Chu Yuling, the daughter of Chu Family, one of the school beauties they speak of. I heard that she's beautiful, and also just returned from studying abroad a few days ago. What, do you want to see her?"

Just as the fatty was about to continue spitting out explanations, a slightly sour and delicate voice was interrupted.

Unknowingly, Liu Yingying and Zhao Mengsi had sat down on a seat not far away from Ye Chen. Their watery eyes blinked. From the looks of it, they had been staring at them for quite some time.

"We also have two extra VIP tickets. Hey, Liu Yingying, I'm sorry to give them to you. I'll send you guys back, no need to thank me."

Zhao Mengsi casually said. He helplessly glanced at Liu Yingying, who didn't dare to give him a ticket. From the bashful look on her face, it seemed that she had really changed her taste.

Seeing this scene, the remaining people in the class stared with their eyes wide open.

This graduation party not only had a few important figures in the school participating, but the school had also invited a popular little piece of fresh meat to sing on stage. This had long since made its popularity difficult to come by.

However, these two beauties actually sent tickets to Ye Chen on their own accord. It didn't make any sense at all.

"Alright then, let's go take a look."

Ye Chen helplessly looked at the fatty beside him who was drooling over the tickets. Then, he looked at Liu Yingying and the girl beside him who were staring at him with unknown thoughts.

As night fell, Yanjing High's graduation party was held as scheduled.

However, the liveliness and liveliness had exceeded Ye Chen's imagination.

In the school's auditorium, which could hold over a thousand people, there was a bustling crowd.

If it wasn't because of the VIP tickets that Liu Yingying sent over, Ye Chen and Fatty wouldn't be sitting in the first row closest to the center of the stage.

Liu Yingying and Zhao Mengsi, the two great beauties, also sat beside Ye Chen as if it was a matter of course.

This caused numerous gazes of envy and jealousy in the backstage to focus on this extremely unfamiliar ordinary teenager. If looks could kill, then even if Ye Chen had a hundred lives, it would not be enough.

"Humph!" This guy had always relied on women in the past, and it was the same for now! And you even shamelessly ran to the VIP seats! "

Wang Ziyi, who had been coldly staring at them from a short distance away, muttered in a low voice.

Beside her, Zhao Jingwei, Han Cheng, Wang Gang and some of the other rich kids were also staring at Ye Chen with a sullen expression.

Even if the youth showed amazing strength in the gymnasium, no matter how strong Ye Chen was, he was just a poor kid without any background. He would still be looked down by people of high class society like them.

"With his dog like appearance, it's no wonder that he was ditched. I won't let him off if he dares to lay a hand on Liu Yingying."

A man's voice, equally mean, hummed softly.

Zheng Yu's face was full of pride, cursing Ye Chen in his heart.

As the young master of Zheng Family, he was a second-rate family in the Yanjing City, and could be considered the perfect match for Liu Yingying.

He even started to see Liu Yingying as his girlfriend.

And this Ye Chen, what the heck is he?

"This young master has only applied for a few days' leave and this brat has already turned the sky upside down. I have to properly deal with him!"

"That's right, Brother Zheng. Don't let this kid go!"

Wang Gang, who was on the side, also started to chime in.

He still remembered the slap imprint on his face from when he lost his face at the office and was taught a lesson by Director Wang when he got back.

"Don't worry, I, Zheng Yu's woman is not that easy to take away!"

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