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Everyone was looking forward to the graduation party. After listening to the Leader's usual opening speech and inscriptions, it finally began.

The singing and dancing programs continued to perform on stage one after another. The lighting, the music, and the applause were even more mixed. It was extremely lively, and the crowd's climax was one after another.

However, the crowd still looked forward to it from the bottom of their hearts. They were looking forward to the finale of this time's gala. There were even quite a few people who had already started to shout out the names of those two.

"Next, let's welcome Chu Yuling and Duanmu Lei onto the stage and offer them to everyone …"

Before the host even finished his sentence, the cheers from below had already overshadowed the introduction.

As the lights in the auditorium gradually turned from dim to soft, the scene under the lights gradually became clearer. The background curtain on the stage also changed.

A delicate figure had already stood quietly in the middle of the stage. She wore a light colored short skirt and a white silk ribbon tied around her waist, revealing her proud and mature figure without a doubt.

When paired with her delicate, porcelain doll like face and the hair on her forehead, she seemed somewhat pure and cute. She had a different temperament compared to Liu Yingying, who had a lady's temper and rejected people from a thousand miles away.

"Brother Ye, look, Goddess Xiao Yu is here!"

Fatty, who was sitting next to Ye Chen, shouted excitedly. The commotion in the audience became even more intense.

"So it's her."

Ye Chen only took a glance before shifting his gaze away. Only he himself could understand the slight curve of his mouth.

The last time he met them, he just couldn't bear to see those scum who relied on others to bully others. He didn't expect that they would be so lustful.

"Wah!" That's male god Duanmu, he's so handsome! "

Before the cheers had even ended, another figure appeared at the place where the light fell.

Duanmu Lei, who had just been taught a lesson in the gym this morning, had already changed into a casual black tuxedo. The straight and straight clothes made him look more like a male god.

The lovestruck cries from below the stage finally began to gradually ring out and stop at the background music on the stage.

Duanmu Lei's finger danced on the classical black piano. The gentle and gentle music was accompanied by the young girl's light and graceful dance.

Every jump and dance, the swaying of the body, like the willows by the stream, flexible and natural, graceful.

At this moment, everyone below the stage seemed to have become immersed in the fantasy world formed by music and dancing. As they stared at the stage, no one dared to even miss a single second.

"Goddess Xiao Yu is really worthy of her goal. She stood out during the preliminary auditions and was even highly regarded by those senior coaches. She even won a bunch of super girls' awards …"

"That's right. The Goddess has outstanding talent. This time, she was able to study abroad at Hayden University in the Mi Nation. This might be the last time we see her in our lives."

"If only I could talk to the goddess, I would be willing to use five years of my life in exchange!"

Following the stop of the dance, some of the people below the stage stared with their eyes wide open, wishing they could see through the thin muslin dress.

Discussions broke out unceasingly. Some people were already having all sorts of delusions and joking.

Of course, with most people's status and talents, no matter what, it was impossible for them to be worthy of this kind of proud daughter of heaven who was outstanding in every aspect.

When the performance was about to end, Duanmu Lei was holding a bunch of bright red roses as he walked step by step towards Chu Yuling, who was still quietly standing in the middle of the stage.


Seeing this scene, the crowd below the stage seemed to understand what was going to happen in a single glance. They also guessed what was going to happen next.

"A male god Duanmu is matched with a goddess Xiao Yu. A perfect match for a perfect pair. This is simply a match made in heaven!"

"Together!" Together! "

In an instant, Duanmu Lei's lackeys, who were already on standby, started to cheer with all their might. The tempo in the field also instantly changed to the cries of two people together.

"Yuling, I came back this time for you. Can you be my girlfriend?"

Duanmu Lei held the flowers and looked at the girl in front of him lovingly.

Deep inside his heart, however, his heart was blooming with happiness. For this party and this confession, being able to sleep with an unparalleled beauty like Chu Yuling, it could be said that he had plotted and plotted for a long time.

"You …"

Chu Yuling was at a loss at first, but then a trace of shame, anger, and helplessness instantly emerged on her delicate and petite face.

The young girl didn't have the slightest good impression of Duanmu Lei, not to mention, the rumors about this young master from a wealthy family had made a pure and cute girl like her feel slightly disgusted with him.

"Let's go, there's nothing to see here."

Below the stage, Ye Chen disdainfully glanced at Duanmu Lei and shook his head helplessly.

With the youth's experience, it wouldn't be difficult for him to see through this rich young master's romantic personality. He was too lazy to even glance at this scum.

"Go?" "What? Ye Chen, isn't this party not over yet? Do you really want to leave?"

Just as Ye Chen stood up, an ear-piercing taunting voice came over in time.

The one who spoke was Class Rep Wang Ziyi, who was together with Zhao Jingwei.

At this moment, she had her hands on her hips and a very proud expression on her face.

"Aren't you jealous to see us, male god Duanmu, being together with your goddess? For people like you who were born into destitute families, don't even dream about eating swan meat like toads. There are some people that you don't even deserve to know! "

Wang Ziyi was impeccable, as if the male god Duanmu Lei on the stage was her own.

Her voice was not loud, and it quickly attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

When he saw this nameless youngster sitting in the VIP seats with his underlings and the two school beauties beside him, his expression immediately turned strange.

"Tsk tsk tsk, this kid really knows how to rely on women. If they're not the same kind of people, then don't push yourself!"

"I didn't expect Ye Chen to be so shameless …"

"Could it be that he wants to compete with Duanmu male god here and snatch Goddess Xiao Yu away? Haha, this is simply too funny …"

With the help of Wang Gang and Zheng Yu, Ye Chen soon became the target of public criticism.

Contemptible and hostile gazes were accompanied by various ridicule and crazily assaulting over. Not to mention Ye Chen, even Fatty and Liu Yingying could not stand it any longer …

"Ye Chen, this is not a place for you to sit. Stay away from them. There are some people that you'd better not covet, otherwise …"

When Zheng Yu saw this opportunity, he mocked Ye Chen ferociously. His arrogant and proud look made it seem as if he was the ruler of the world.

However, before he could finish his words, he abruptly stopped. This was because he was unable to continue on with the second half!

"Ye Chen!"

Following a gentle call, a green figure pounced over to the audience seats.

Ye Chen, who originally stood up, only felt a fragrant wind blowing in front of him. Immediately after, a gentle and small person hugged him. That wonderful feeling made the youth feel absent-minded for a moment …

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