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Suddenly, a sharp shout sounded out, interrupting the battle between Ye Chen and Han Cheng.

Following the sound of hurried footsteps, a middle-aged man with a belly full of oil walked into the classroom. Behind him were two security guards. From the looks of it, they had also come upon hearing the wind.

It was this person who berated Ye Chen. Although this fatty was not some teacher at Yanjing High School and was a staff member like the logistics security, he was in charge of the student's discipline and the school's security. He had a lot of authority.

He was usually aloof and superior, with a pair of condescending eyes. Naturally, he looked coldly at Ye Chen, who had no background or support from the Humble Class.

"Ye Chen, this is a classroom, not a place for you to behave atrociously!"

Wang Yun shouted, full of threat and reprimand.

"Director Wang, today, it was Han Cheng who made the first move, you …"

"Shut up!" What I saw was Ye Chen hitting someone! Don't I have eyes? "

The fatty was immediately stunned by this so-called Director Wang the moment he opened his mouth.

Looking at the fat Director Wang smiling obsequiously at Han Cheng, Ye Chen knew that he couldn't argue about what had happened today.

The collusion between these two had never given him any chance from the start.

"Ye Chen, it seems that you are not the only one who is shameless. Your dog friends are as shameless as you are! People like you shouldn't stay here. "

Han Cheng had changed from being afraid to being arrogant.

With his authority in the class, along with a burst of agreement from the group of followers, he seemed to have become the victim on his side all of a sudden.

"Ye Chen, get out."

"He should have been expelled. This is a classroom, not a dojo."

"Hehe, you actually dare to oppose our Young Master Han. You overestimate yourself."

One after another, discussions blotted out the sky as they rushed over. All kinds of sighs and taunts were unreservedly sent over.

"You people!"

The fatty roared angrily, but his roar was quickly drowned out.

This so-called Director Wang was originally on the same team as Han Cheng. Perhaps he had already colluded with them, so how could he come here today to uphold justice.

Justice was only something they could decide.

"Ying Ying, should we help him?"

Beside the pretty girl from before, her best friend was looking worriedly at Ye Chen's side.

Liu Yingying held her snow-white chin in her hand, blinking her watery eyes.

She had been paying attention to Ye Chen from the very beginning. The girl was somewhat enchanted by the calm and reserved unique temperament that was emitted from the other party.

"You see, does he look like he needs our help?"

Ye Chen was currently looking coldly at Director Wang, who was discussing something with Han Cheng. He signaled Little Fatso beside him not to speak as he slowly walked towards the classroom door.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing!?" "Stop right there!"

Director Wang was furious. He did not plan on letting Ye Chen go that easily. What's more, if he didn't show Ye Chen some respect, Director Wang would have underestimated Young Master Han.

But why would Ye Chen care?

He did not stop his footsteps towards the entrance of the classroom because of his scolding. He remained unhurried and calm.

"Stop him. Regarding your matters, we need to discuss them with the administration department before deciding on a punishment!"


Director Wang took a step forward and blocked in front of Ye Chen. However, Ye Chen's expression did not change, and he directly crashed into Ye Chen.

Wang Yun's face was cloudy and fierce. He didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to deal with this eighteen or nineteen year old student. Ye Chen, who was standing in front of him, wasn't even half his weight.

Using an egg to hit a rock was undoubtedly seeking death!

"Hua Hua!"

Along with the sound of tables and chairs sliding and the crisp sound of wood breaking, everyone came back to their senses and found that Director Wang, who had a big belly, had been casually knocked back a few meters by Ye Chen!

The tables and chairs behind him had also been knocked over.

At this moment, Director Wang no longer had the domineering aura from before. He sat on the broken wooden board and his face turned green. The fat on his face trembled in anger as he endured the pain and howled in a low voice.

Ye Chen walked out of the classroom without even looking back.

This time, even the two security guards who had arrived at the same time were stunned on the spot. They did not dare to stop this seemingly ordinary youngster.

The cold words that he said made Director Wang swallow his anger back down!

"Director Wang, let me tell you, this is not a place for you to behave atrociously! "If you want to teach me, Ye Chen, a lesson, you do not have the qualifications!"

After exiting the classroom, he left the school. Ye Chen didn't have any plans to return for the time being.

According to his previous character, he had already made his move. With his current strength, it would be easy for him to take care of small fry like Han Cheng and Director Wang.

However, this only brought about retaliation from the Han family and the school. Even the people close to him would be implicated because of this.

Currently, there was no power behind him that could contend against him.

"Looks like I have to hurry up and think of a way to raise my strength. Otherwise, I'll be bullied by this group of people!"

Ye Chen muttered in his heart.

When he thought of Chen Han, the assassination group, his enemies and the Alien World, the youth's fists unconsciously tightened.

No matter when, an individual's strength would always be the key to reversing all of this.

"My current realm is only the late stage of the first stage of Qi Cultivating Stage. If I want to reach the Qi Cultivating Stage during normal cultivation, I'll need at least a few months …"

Ye Chen couldn't help but frown as he felt the thin Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy around him.

His cultivation realm was divided into several great realms, and under each great realm, there was one, two, three layers, each layer being divided into the later stages of the junior high school.

And every step of the way, was extremely difficult. Of course, the further one went, the greater the gap in strength between the two neighboring realms would become.

If he wanted to raise his realm, aside from needing time and abundant Spiritual Energy, he also needed to rely on his own innate perception and luck.

And for Ye Chen, who had already reached the pinnacle of Alien World, these bottlenecks in cultivation naturally did not exist.

"Wait until I have Second Level, then I should be able to start cultivating the《 Taiyi Chaos Spell》. At that time, my strength will also receive a new leap in cultivation."

Ye Chen looked at the bruises on his arm and sighed.

After all, he was only at the initial stage of his cultivation. Moreover, he didn't have the assistance of cultivation techniques. It could only be said that his strength was limited to beating these hooligans. His body's self-recovery ability also had a certain limit.

However, with his previous accumulation of knowledge, as long as he stepped onto the path of Immortal cultivation, he would be able to gain divine assistance.

The Taiyi Chaos Spell was an ancient technique obtained from Ye Chen's Alien World. It could be said to have an excellent compatibility with his pure Yang body.

This sort of art seemed to be tailored for one's own body. There were a total of eighteen levels, and when one reached perfection, they would split their soul, comprehend life and death, and use the reincarnation of the palm to create the primal chaos. With that kind of strength, moving mountains and filling the seas was already a piece of cake.

However, the difficulty to cultivate and the requirements to break through were both difficult to compare with normal cultivation techniques. More importantly, the Spiritual Energy and various heavenly and earthly treasures that were required to level up were even more enormous.

Even at the peak of his Alien World, he had only cultivated to the eleventh move.

"Since you want to go all out, this time around, you must not act rashly and anxiously."

Since he had already made up his mind, Ye Chen naturally wouldn't hesitate anymore.

"Right, that jade pendant!"

Ye Chen suddenly sensed something and stopped his footsteps.

He took out the jade pendant that Fang Zi Ning had given him previously. To be exact, it should have been the jade pendant that Fang Zi Ning had been carrying around with her ever since she was young.

"This is?" Spiritual Energy? "

Ye Chen's eyes suddenly lit up when he looked at the emerald green jade carefully once again.

With his current level and strength as a cultivator, it was already extremely easy for him to differentiate between Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Beings.

And this jade marrow that faintly emitted a green glow contained an incomparably warm Spiritual Energy's fluctuation.

Obviously, not only did this jade pendant have some history, it had been passed down for a very long time. This jade was definitely not something ordinary.

Ye Chen slowly closed his eyes, and his state of mind gradually sank. Within the jade, traces of pure Spiritual Energy flowed like water into the body of the teenager.

Compared to natural cultivation, this rate of absorption and the purity of the Spiritual Energy were over a hundred times faster.

"Oh, it seems that heaven never bars one's way!"

When he opened his eyes again, the glow from the familiar jade seemed to have dimmed a little.

And inside Ye Chen's body, his cultivation, which was originally at the late stage of the first stage of the Qi Cultivating Stage, had also improved by a bit.

Since then, it was a step closer to the time he needed to cultivate the Taiyi Chaos Spell after breaking through.

"Since that's the case, I can go over there and take a look. Perhaps I can try my luck …"

Ye Chen said as he thought about it. Then, he walked towards the district of Yanjing City …

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