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In one of the blocks to the west of Yanjing City, Ye Chen passed through a few alleys and arrived at this antique street.

Here, there were often some so-called martial artists who set up stalls to show off all kinds of coins, vases, weapons, accessories and other bizarre things.

If it was an ordinary person, perhaps it would be difficult to determine whether this was real or fake. However, to the current Ye Chen, it was a piece of cake.

After strolling around the roadside stalls, Ye Chen only managed to get one or two pieces of the Spiritual Energy's thin jade silk before he arrived at a small antique shop.

"Little friend, I wonder what you need. Take a look."

Just as he entered, the shop assistant's somewhat professional and polite words were transmitted over.

However, in the blink of an eye, Ye Chen was able to catch the look of disdain and disappointment in his eyes after seeing Ye Chen dressed like this. Naturally, there was no follow-up treatment.

Looking at the dazzling array of shelves filled with all kinds of treasures, he began to carefully inspect each item one by one.

"Tsk, have you come here to broaden your horizons? These things are not things that you can understand. "

The middle-aged shopkeeper at the front desk glanced at Ye Chen and muttered to himself. He was too lazy to care about Ye Chen anymore.

Just when Ye Chen was looking at the ancient coin on the counter, a commotion came from the entrance of the store.

"Oh, Elder Su, what brings you here today?" Quick, invite him in! "

"Little Li, hurry up and arrange something for Elder Su!"

Following the sound of hurried footsteps, a group of people respectfully led a child and an old man through the entrance of the store.

The old man had a head full of white hair and wore a gray tang suit. Along with his strong and aged temperament, he looked like a sage.

Beside him was a seemingly twelve or thirteen year old little girl. Her big, watery eyes blinked as she sized up her surroundings.

"Elder Su, it just so happens that the store shipped a batch of antiques from Jinling a few days ago. There are 5 or so rare items among them, I'll show them to you right now."

The shopkeeper jogged all the way to Elder Su and personally greeted him, indicating that the servants behind him should hand over an exquisite box.

"This is He Tian Yu from the Song Dynasty. He was warm, transparent, and full of spirituality. This jade can be worn on a person's body for a long period of time. It can improve their physique and protect them from harm."

"This is a device excavated from the ruins of a previous dynasty. This item is called the Golden-Striped Dragon Dagger. It is incomparably sharp, and can slice through metal like mud …"


The shopkeeper continued to introduce them, while Elder Su, who was beside him, kept looking at the various treasures that were displayed. From time to time, he would stretch out his hand to play around. It was obvious that he had quite a bit of interest in these antiques.

Ye Chen only casually glanced at it for a moment before he didn't bother looking at it anymore.

Although these items looked like precious treasures from the previous dynasty, they were in fact counterfeit items. Ye Chen could tell the difference between the Spiritual Energy on it and the material of the item at a glance.

"Elder Su, there's also an amazing treasure here. It's a treasure personally identified by the Wind Water Master Master Yu of Jiangnan!"

The shopkeeper's voice suddenly rose in pitch, attracting the attention of the surrounding people.

The rest of the customers in the shop and the people who were sizing up the treasures on the shelves also shifted their gazes over. Even the servants in the shop curiously looked over.

The Wind Master of the Jiangnan generation, Master Yu, was an existence with a bit of a reputation. To be able to be worthy of the word 'master', his abilities were naturally recognized by some people.

Rumor has it that Master Yu was an expert in feng shui metaphysics and was proficient in strange techniques. He had quite a bit of attainments in treasure-hunting and could even modify spirit artifacts.

"What is it? Take it out for me to take a look?"

The little girl at the side seemed especially excited as she called out to the shopkeeper.

Under the shopkeeper's instructions, a simple and unadorned wooden box with engravings on the surface was placed on the table behind him. The box was opened with great care.

Lying inside was a strange looking disk.

This plate was neither round nor square. It had a jet-black luster to it, giving it a metallic luster. The edges of the walls were intertwined with each other in a circle. At the center of the object, faint golden lines gathered together. It was actually an Eight Trigram Formation Diagram.

"This is the Eight Trigrams Spirit Gathering Plate from Master Yu's men, it can change the flow of the world's spirit energy, gather the spirit energy in the surroundings, and if placed at home, it can help people feel spirited and healthy, and also have the effect of cleansing and refining the body, as well as prolonging one's life!"

The shopkeeper spoke with great excitement and spittle flying everywhere.

Everyone below the stage let out a wave of exclamations.

One had to know that in the eyes of ordinary people, a spirit disc with such an effect was equivalent to being called a divine tool.

If he could get it, it would be a blessing in disguise!

"I never thought that there would be such a strange item in this place. I've really broadened my horizons by coming here today!"

"That's right, the spirit discs that belong to Master Yu in Jiangnan are extremely rare!"

"Standing here, I feel like I've absorbed the Spiritual Energy from this Spirit Board …"

Some people's eyes were red as they sighed with envy, causing the manager to be even more proud of himself.

Especially when he saw Elder Su carefully study this Spirit Board, the shopkeeper's face fell into ecstasy. He spent a lot of money to buy it from a large-scale auction a few days ago for the sake of giving it to Elder Su.

"Elder Su, this is something that I personally auctioned. It is definitely Master Yu's real product. If you like it …"

The shopkeeper's words were full of flattery and flattery. Compared to his previous attitude towards Ye Chen, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.


Ye Chen glanced at it without interest, while secretly absorbing the ancient coins in his hands, he sighed.

Originally, Ye Chen was quite inconspicuous here. However, because everyone was gathered at the side of the spirit disc, this seemingly ordinary youth became special.

"My friend, what do you think? Don't tell me you understand this spirit artifact? "

Elder Su put down the spirit plate in his hand and looked towards Ye Chen.

Originally, he would not pay any attention to an ordinary youth, and even more so would not politely ask him about it.

However, he didn't know why, but as he sized up this young man, he had a feeling that he couldn't see through him. Faintly, he felt a kind of intimidating pressure that made Elder Su's expression slightly darken.

"Elder Su, look at him. He's just a student. He's just talking nonsense. How would he know anything about spirit weapons?" I just came to join in on the fun. "

The shopkeeper's face turned cold as he glared fiercely at Ye Chen. However, when he turned to look at Elder Su, he immediately returned to his previous respectful and courteous manner.

He didn't want to let a bunch of nonsense like this ruin his good fortune at this crucial moment.

Hearing this, Ye Chen still ignored him. Towards this snobbish shopkeeper, he did not have any good impression of him. Since the other party was hostile towards him, then don't blame him for being impolite.

Ye Zichen cupped his hands towards Elder Su and spoke calmly.

"Mr. Elder Su wants to hear the truth? After all, I am not like some people here who would blindly think of a spirit disc as a treasure. "

Ye Chen did not show any mercy. After he said those words, the atmosphere in the venue instantly became silent.

Following that, mocking and furious gazes were shot at the youth.

Speaking of prestige, in front of Jiangnan's Master Yu, even the mayor of Yanjing City had to be respectful. In terms of appraising treasures, his attainments were the benchmark for the industry. What was this unknown junior worth?

He's still talking nonsense here. He's simply not caring for his own life.

However, in the next moment, some people started to gloat.

Elder Su and the shopkeeper who were standing here today were not ordinary people. If they were to casually offend him, hehe, a good show was inevitable. It could only be said that the kid was out of luck.

"Elder Su, this …"

"Oh? "If you have something to say, just say it, little friend?"

Elder Su's expression slightly stiffened as he interrupted the shopkeeper's words. Today, he also wanted to see what kind of deity this youth who gave off a strange feeling was.

"The Eight Trigrams Spirit Gathering Plate is a wondrous treasure that gathers the world's spirit energy through formations and spirit inscriptions, according to the direction of the world's spirit artifacts. This kind of spirit disc is not only able to gather spirit energy, but if it is used properly, it will also have the miraculous effect of eliminating disease and nourishing the body … "

Ye Chen started to introduce him as if no one else was around. With his previous knowledge and achievements in spirit artifacts, solving the problem of a mere Spirit Gathering Board was simply a piece of cake.

However, his tone suddenly changed, and his tone turned incomparably fierce.

"But …" From my point of view, this so-called spiritual disc that is able to gather spiritual energy is just a piece of trash! "

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