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Ye Chen's words were not only full of confidence, but also loud and clear.

The last word, 'trash', was like a thunderclap that exploded in the entire arena. This time, the whispers that had been made earlier had stopped.

Some of them even turned to look in their direction, waiting to watch a good show.

Even now, they still wouldn't believe that an ordinary youth that wasn't even 20 was able to surpass Jiang Nan and Master Yu in terms of Spirit Treasures.

"You! You brat, don't pretend that you don't know anything! This was written by Master Yu, I spent a million gold at the auction to obtain it! "

"With just you, boy, what do you know!"

This time, the shopkeeper was truly angry and felt ashamed. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have let this kid in.

Not only was it the shopkeeper, when he heard this incomparably decisive conclusion, even Elder Su, who was extremely calm, wavered a little.

As he stroked his drooping beard, traces of hesitation and hesitation appeared on his aged face.

"Could it be that I've really made a mistake this time?"

Elder Su sighed and slowly moved his gaze away from the young man.

"Men, take the ancient coins from his hands and chase him out!"

"Yes sir!"

When the shopkeeper saw this opportunity and gave the order, the shop assistants who had been waiting nearby immediately pounced on him with fiendish expressions.

Taking care of these thugs was one of their daily missions.

However, he had seen shameless people before, but he had never seen such a shameless person like Ye Chen. Furthermore, Ye Chen was so shameless that he did not care about his own life.

"Hehe, you want to chase me away?"

Ye Chen let out a cold snort. At this moment, the zhenqi in his body gushed out explosively.

He bent his right leg and took a step forward with his left foot. With a thought, his body flashed several steps to the side. Under the siege of seven or eight shop assistants, not only was he not thrown out in a sorry state, he appeared to be at ease and at ease.

But when Elder Su saw this, the gaze that he was about to retract immediately became shocked and dazed as he stared at the youth.

"This... "This footwork, this exhalation, this consciousness …"

Elder Su sighed and felt that the origin of this young man in front of him was getting more and more mysterious.

"Good boy, I don't believe that I can't deal with you!"

Seeing that, the shopkeeper picked up the teacup on the seat and directly smashed towards Ye Chen.

It was a teacup made of purple sand that was much bigger than a fist. It was hard and heavy, and it had the storekeeper's anger and anger. If it really hit the tea cup, then it would definitely bleed profusely.

Many people stared fixedly, not willing to miss out on such a good show.


Ye Chen's heart froze. As he gathered his true qi, his breath came out as if it was white.

The instant that the shopkeeper attacked, he was directly shaken by an invisible ripple!


The shopkeeper staggered a few steps back. He finally couldn't stand still and fell heavily on his butt. His eyes were full of fear. Even his legs were shaking, let alone continuing to attack.

Because at the moment he looked at the youth, he felt a chill coming from the bottom of his heart!

"This... Releasing his inner strength! It's actually someone at the Grandmaster level! "

At that moment, Elder Su's face was full of excitement. Who would have thought that they would run into such a well-hidden expert in such a small restaurant? More importantly, Ye Chen was not even 20 years old.

He had spent most of his life in the martial arts world, but he had barely managed to step half a foot into this realm.

But this youth …

"Since the shopkeeper doesn't believe me, I'll also show you the effects of your so-called Eight Trigrams Spirit Gathering Plate!"

Ye Chen did not care about the middle-aged shopkeeper who sat on the floor, nor did he care about the shop assistants who were so shocked by his actions that they did not dare to make a move, nor did he care about the stunned crowd. He took a big step forward and walked straight to the Eight Immortals Table.

"You're not allowed to rob grandpa's things!"

Su Xue’er's pretty face suddenly turned cold. She twisted her body and pounced towards Ye Chen.

A twelve to thirteen-year-old girl, she purely felt that Ye Chen was a bad guy that wanted to steal something from her grandfather.

"Xue'er, come back!"

Elder Su's expression changed drastically. When he recovered from the shock, it was already too late.

As cultivators, he could see the ingenuity and strength of Ye Chen's technique.

If the other party really did make a move, even if he personally made a move, he might not be able to gain anything from it, much less those young servants.

What's more, this granddaughter of his had only learned a bit of the basics?

Ye Chen picked up the Spirit Board with one hand and seized Su Xue’er with the other. Su Xue’er pounced on Ye Chen and threw her into his arms.

However, the fragrance and the warm feeling that accompanied it caused Ye Chen to be a little absent-minded.

Although Su Xue’er was only twelve or thirteen years old, she was quite well-developed. She had delicate features, a fair face, and a oval face. In the future, she would definitely be the main cause of disaster.

"Bad man, let go!"

After being hugged by Ye Chen, Su Xue’er's face immediately blushed. She turned around and kicked Ye Chen.

No matter what, she was Elder Su's granddaughter, how could she be an ordinary person?

Ye Chen moved and had already taken a few steps back. Naturally, he couldn't care less about such a simple girl.


The youth exclaimed in his heart. As he poured his true energy into the Spirit Board in a specific way, the dull golden lines on the Spirit Board suddenly lit up.

The Heaven and Earth Pagoda burst forth one after another. Within the four directions, a wave of incomparably pure Spiritual Energy gathered.

Within the hall, everyone felt a slight breeze blow by as an indescribable feeling surged up their hearts. Their minds were refreshed and their spirits were refreshed. It was as if they had entered a paradise on earth.

"This …"

At this moment, those who were originally prepared to watch a good show finally could not sit still.

Shouts of surprise sounded out one after another. There were even some who were looking at the youth as if they were looking at a monster.

How could he be an ordinary person with such strength and the ability to activate the Spirit Board with his bare hands?

Quite a number of people recalled Elder Su's exclamation just now. At this moment, his face looked even more wonderful.

When Elder Su saw this scene, his face was filled with shock. His palm that was stroking his beard was frozen in mid-air. He was even more amazed by this young man.

"This person..." "He actually knows how to use a spirit weapon? This …"

Being so young, not only did she have that kind of attainments in martial arts cultivation, she also had this kind of ability. One could imagine how her accomplishments in the future would be an existence that their Su Family could estimate.

"The Eight Trigrams Spirit Gathering Plate has long since been broken, and the spirit pattern on it is also a remnant." The Eight Trigrams Spirit Gathering Plate has long since been damaged, and the spirit pattern on it is also a remnant.

Ye Chen turned around and looked at the shopkeeper who was slowly getting up from the ground.

"Su …" "Elder Su, I don't know either, this …"

The shopkeeper's complexion had long ago become incomparably pale, and he began to tremble as he spoke. His previous arrogance was nowhere to be seen.

"Hurry up and apologize to this little friend. Next time, save some morals!"

Elder Su didn't even look at the shopkeeper. As for the trash that was casually thrown back onto the table by Ye Chen, he naturally lost all interest.

"Thank you for your advice today. I saw you studying the ancient coins earlier, I think you would be interested in this. I have an ancient coin here, so I'll give it to you as a thank you gift."

Elder Su stood up and said politely to Ye Chen.

At this moment, no one dared to say anything else. Even the shopkeeper who wanted to explain himself had stopped trembling.

What kind of status did Elder Su have? How could they afford to offend someone he treated so politely?

"This ancient coin …"

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