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"You're that Master Ye?"

Su Ziyun stopped her training and stared at Ye Chen in disbelief.

Earlier, she had heard from Xue'er that the so-called master who had been invited by her grandfather to treat her with respect was just a youth.

But at this very moment, he was shocked to see with his own eyes that this person who looked to be even younger than him had the name of a master.

"This person's aura …"

Su Ziyun's red lips moved slightly as she muttered in her heart. In that instant, she suppressed the shock in her heart and looked over with a smile.

"I've heard of it for a long time. Master Ye also just saw a martial skill of my Su Family. Ling Ying Step. Can you give me a pointer?"

Su Ziyun asked Ye Chen as she slightly shifted her steps. Her face was like a peach as she walked towards Ye Chen.

Although she couldn't see through Ye Chen, but for some reason, a woman's intuition told her that this young man in front of her was definitely not simple!

"You still want to offer guidance?" Ling Ying Step is an absolute technique of our Su Family, is he even worthy of giving pointers? "

Before Ye Chen could say anything, a cold and arrogant voice came from the other side of the field.

The newcomer was a black-clothed youth who looked to be no more than twenty-five years old. However, the scar on his face was particularly conspicuous.

"Young Master Su Lei, I didn't expect that he would be back!"

"What a coincidence, we actually managed to meet the second young master today. Didn't he go on a mission in the army?"

"It's said that Young Master Su Lei's realm has long since broken through the first stage of Body Forging Stage and reached the level of Second Level …"

The moment the knife-scarred youth arrived, the crowd burst into an uproar.

It even overshadowed the astonishment of the crowd towards Master Ye.

"As soon as I came back, I heard that the old man invited Master Ye back. I thought it was some master, but now that I've seen him, I know that he's just a wet behind the ears boy!"

"You don't have the slightest bit of inner strength fluctuation nor cultivation level. You might be able to deceive them, but you can't deceive me! For trash like you, stay away from Ziyun! "

Su Lei strode over, his voice thunderous with anger.

Such a simple sentence, yet it was filled with prestige. It immediately caused the atmosphere to be filled with the smell of gunpowder.

At this moment, those who didn't believe in Master Ye started to look at him with mocking eyes.

After all, they had never heard that there was such a young master in this world.

"Su Lei, what are you doing?" How can you be so rude? "

Su Ziyun was a little angry. No matter what, she couldn't be this humiliating to this young man. After all, he was the honored tutor's guest.

"Ziyun, I'm doing this for your own good. If you need any guidance, I'll come. This Master Ye is just a swindler."

In the blink of an eye, Su Lei turned to look at the girl. His eyes were filled with gentleness and affability, but it did not escape Ye Chen's perception.

He originally wanted to help Su Ziyun improve her footwork, but now, he had to deal with the fly in front of him.

He was a dignified Alien World Immortal Emperor. Even if he was not at the peak of his power, how could he allow others to violate his dignity?

It was only a matter of time before he would have to deal with such a small fry.

"Kid, if you have the guts, then go ahead and give it a try. Otherwise, scram!"

Seeing Ziyun protect this outsider, Su Lei's anger increased even more.

He did not believe Master Ye, and he did not allow people of unknown origins to get close to Ziyun.

Not only did he have the confidence to chase Ye Chen away, he also had strength that no one could compare to!

"Su …"

Just then, Ziyun wanted to continue trying to dissuade him, but before she could say anything, she was stopped by someone.

Ye Chen's expression was still as calm as ever. He stepped forward and casually stood there.

"Oh? How do you want to try? "

"Try? You are not worthy to fight me head on, but today, I will reluctantly take action. As long as you can last ten rounds against me, then I will consider you the winner. "

Su Lei replied proudly. He did not hide his arrogant attitude at all.

As for everyone else in the audience, they all held the mindset of watching a good show. They even started to fantasize about what kind of master he was going to be, getting beaten up all over the place and miserably throwing out Su Family.

They had long heard of Su Lei's illustrious reputation.

If Su Ziyun was a genius in the family and was ranked in the top three, then Su Lei, who was standing in front of her, was definitely at the peak of Ascendant.

He had been a martial artist since he was young, and at the age of fifteen, his Body Forging Stage had increased greatly. At sixteen years old, he stabilized at the first stage of the Body Forging Stage. He trained in several sets of Su Family and techniques, his movements and sword techniques were unstoppable.

After entering the army for four years, his achievements were illustrious, and he was even listed as a seeded member of the core forces.

This kind of person, let alone a mere Ye Chen, even if it was some of the older generation martial artists within the Su Family, they would still have to be careful when dealing with him.

"Ye Chen, you must be careful. This person is much stronger than me. Even grandfather personally praised him."

Behind Ye Chen, Su Xue’er's pretty face slightly changed. On the contrary, she was regretting it a little.

Originally, he wanted to show off to Ye Chen about how amazing his sister was, but who knew he would say that.

"His attacks are a bit careless, you …"

Su Ziyun was also a little worried.

Although she felt the boy's extraordinary temperament, she still couldn't be sure that Ye Chen was a match for an elite soldier who was five or six years older than him.

Even if he made a move himself, he wouldn't be able to guarantee that he would be able to last ten rounds against Su Lei.

"It's alright. Since Young Master Su is so interested, let's give it a try."

Ye Chen waved his hand, gesturing for Su Ziyun and her sister to move away with a face full of indifference.

But his appearance, in the eyes of the other people present, was undoubtedly a stubborn act on the part of a dead duck.

To be bragging like this at such a crucial moment, his skin was simply thick-skinned to the point of being shameless.

"You asked for it!"

Su Lei let out a loud shout, bent his legs, and bent his body as he launched the [Storing Power].

In the next moment, his figure flashed like a shadow and he explosively charged towards Ye Chen.

How could that stance of breaking mountains and rivers and the grandeur of his body be an ordinary contest?

Even those who were prepared to watch a good show couldn't help but take a few steps back, afraid that they would be affected.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, was in stark contrast. He stood there unmoved.

"How dare you be so arrogant!"

Su Lei was so despised that his heart was filled with anger. Borrowing the power of his dive, his body twisted in mid-air like a falling meteorite. With a terrifying explosive force, he viciously smashed towards Ye Chen.

"This kick..." "There's going to be a good show …"

"This, this is the Su Family's Whirlwind Leg Art. I never thought that Young Master Su Lei would have practiced it to such an extent!"

"This is probably comparable to some of the elders …" Tsk tsk, that kid is also unlucky! "

Numerous exclamations sounded out, and many people were extremely pleased with themselves.

Because this kick, no matter what tricks Ye Chen had up his sleeve, would never be able to withstand it! Besides, that arrogant guy who didn't care about his life was still as indifferent as if he was scared silly!

"Elder sister!"

Su Xue’er was so anxious that she was on the verge of tears. She never intended to let Ye Chen get hurt.

"Ai, prepare to take him to a doctor …"


A sudden explosion interrupted Su Ziyun's soft sigh.

Immediately after, a series of wails and the sound of friction rang out. Everyone saw that a black shadow had already dragged itself more than 10 meters away from the floor of the martial arts building!

The figure that flew out was not Ye Chen that everyone expected. Instead, it was Su Lei.

Facing that kick, Ye Chen only used a simple punch. He actually ripped apart the opponent's attack without even taking a step back!

"This!" "How is this possible!?"

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