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Su Lei, who was screaming on the ground, did not have even the slightest bit of power from before?

Because of the waves of pain coming from his legs, his expression had become somewhat twisted. When he stood up from the ground in a sorry state, the boundless rage in his eyes could no longer be put into words.

Whether it was in the family or the army, they were all famous. Yet today, they had fallen on the hands of a swindler of unknown origins. With Su Lei's pride, how could he hold back his pride?

"You … What kind of evil tricks did you use!? They will only use external forces, you shameless bastard! "

Su Lei shouted and scolded loudly.

He really couldn't imagine where that terrifying strength of the youth from earlier had come from.

After hearing what he said, the surrounding people started to echo his words of criticism. Even until now, no one believed that Ye Chen could rely on his own strength to defeat the favored children of heaven who were five years older than him.

Although Su Lei had a bad temper and character, in terms of strength, he was not bad at all.

"I thought that he would have some ability. To think that he would just be a scammer who knows how to cheat!"

"That's right. I knew it. How could such a person be a match for Young Master Su?"

"Hurry up and get someone to kick this guy out!"

Seeing his own family cursing, Su Lei became extremely proud once again.

No matter what ability this brat in front of them had, in front of this enormous being called Su Family, he was nothing more than a tiny ant.

Su Lei signaled the servants to go inform the guards. His face became arrogant and cold. Even when he looked at Ye Chen again with an evil grin on his face, he still maintained a condescending attitude.

"Humph!" Why did he stop talking? "He dared to not fight, and injured me. Su Family, he won't release …"


Before Su Lei's cold snort could fade away, a resounding slap across the face of the audience.

Su Lei, who had barely managed to stabilize himself just a moment ago, staggered and fell onto the ground like a dog eating mud.

Ye Chen, who was originally standing indifferently on the spot, was slowly disappearing. The other Ye Chen had already appeared in front of Su Lei!

"This is …" An afterimage! His Soaring Shadow Steps have actually reached the peak of the realm! "

This time, Su Ziyun could no longer suppress the shock in her heart. She couldn't help but cry out. Since Ye Chen saw her using the Shadow Step just now, it has only been a short while.

Under the guidance of others, it had taken him three months to reach the level of 'Initiation'.

As for the people in the arena, they were completely dumbfounded as they stood rooted to the spot in a daze!

Everyone in Su Family knew about the profoundness and difficulty of this Ling Ying Step, even Master Elder Su had never reached such great mastery.

If they were talking about using external forces before, this time, everyone could see it clearly!

This was true strength!

Many people recalled the youth's stunning punch and felt their hearts pounding. Sounds of people inhaling cold air came one after another.

"Sister, he's so strong. That annoying guy is usually so proud of himself in the family. I never thought that he wouldn't even be able to withstand a single move from Ye Chen!"

The cute Su Xue’er was jumping and jumping.

But her words caused the surrounding Su Family people to be even more shocked!

Many people thought back to how they had treated the youth viciously and even unconsciously took a few steps back.

"What method do I use? Do I need to explain it to you?"

"Hit you? Why would he not dare! So noisy! "

Ye Chen glanced coldly at Su Lei, who had fallen to the ground like a dead dog, and didn't bother to pay any more attention to him.

Originally, he was disdainful of teaching this sort of fly a lesson. However, since the other party did not know what was good for him, then he would not hold back anymore.

When the youth turned around and walked towards Su Xue’er, the entire hall was silent.

At this moment, Ye Chen was no longer as calm as he was before in the eyes of the crowd. Everyone knew that under his calm and tranquil face, he was hiding a terrifying strength!

"What are you doing!?" How dare you attack my Su Family people, how dare you! "

Just as Ye Chen was about to leave with Su Xue’er, an explosive shout came from the door, causing the atmosphere to tense up once again.

A burst of hurried footsteps came out, followed by a sturdy middle-aged man. He led a group of well-prepared Su Family guards and surrounded Ye Chen, who was in the field, without any explanation.

The middle-aged man had sharp eyebrows and a stern expression. His name was Su Zhiyuan, and he was Su Lei's father. Within the family, the realm was enough to rank in the top ten, reaching the third sky of Body Forging Stage, and possessed extremely high prestige.

When he helped Su Lei up from the ground, his eyebrows creased into a frown. A wave of uncontrollable anger instantly erupted!

"This kid used an external force to attack me, and he even beat me into this state. I can't let him go!"

Su Lei coughed violently as he shouted with his last bit of strength.

No matter what, he will definitely make Ye Chen pay for this today.

"It was Su Lei who attacked first, and he even framed …"

Su Xue’er cried out in dissatisfaction. However, her voice had long since been disregarded and interrupted by Su Zhi Yuan, who was in a rage!

Normally, Su Zhiyuan would be extremely protective of his little son and cherish him even more, so how could he listen to Su Xue’er's explanation at this moment?

"Kid, since you're courting death, and you dare to attack my Su Family, then I'll let you have a taste of our Su Family!"

Su Zhiyuan took a big stride. His fist wind was like thunder as it tore through the air.

In his eyes, Ye Chen was already a murderer, so he wouldn't give him any chance to explain himself.

"Haha, since your Su Family is so rude, then don't blame me for being impolite! Courting death? I think you are! "

Ye Chen shouted coldly. Facing the fierce attack, he did not move at all.

At this moment, the [Taiyi Chaos Spell] unknowingly began to revolve faster, the Qi in his body instantly climbed to the peak, and even directly suppressed the Su Family people in front of them!

True energy condensed into a solid substance in front of them as streams of white energy shot out without a trace of politeness towards the crowd.

This time, everyone's expression changed to one of extreme shock! Especially those who rushed in front of Ye Chen, they felt a chill that was close to death!

"Extra inner strength!" You! How to... "That's possible!"

The sinister smile on Su Zhiyuan's face instantly froze. However, it was already too late for him to dodge or admit defeat!

How could an explosion at the level of a grandmaster be something that these people could resist?

"Master Ye, hold on!" "Please show mercy!"

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