Reborn Medicine King/C1 Regeneration of Medicine King
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Reborn Medicine King/C1 Regeneration of Medicine King
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C1 Regeneration of Medicine King

"Where is this?"

This was Jiang Fann's first reaction when he woke up.

Resisting the pain with all his might, he crawled to the riverside not far away.

Staring at his reflection in the water, he was stunned for a long time.

The shadow on the surface of the water had black hair, black eyes, and sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. His face was as sharp as a knife, handsome and bright.

He was extremely handsome, but there was also a hint of childishness in him. He looked to be fourteen or fifteen years old.


When he came back to his senses, these two words appeared in his mind.

When he was still alive, he was known as the Medicine King. He bitterly trained his entire life and eventually had the strength to defy the heavens.

But the sky was irreversible. He had missed too much and left too many regrets behind.

He looked around, back at the vertical cliff.

"This is Loongze County! This is the place where I was beaten down the cliff by Qiao Qianyu at the age of fourteen! "

"If we really return to that time, then Ling'er would also …"

Jiang Fann's eyes were filled with anticipation as he continued to look in the direction upstream of the river. Not long after, a young lady appeared and looked back from time to time.

Jiang Fann was trembling, indescribably excited. Pointing to the west, he laughed maniacally, "You bastards actually tried to harm me and helped me a lot. Wait until I kill my way back, we'll clear it out slowly! "

Seeing the Jiang Fann who was covered in wounds, the girl immediately ran over. She frowned and looked at Jiang Fann who was still laughing with his wounds.

"Hey, hey!" Are you okay? "

The girl was like a flower made of jade, with teeth shaped like braids, and eyes brimming with spirit energy. She was very beautiful.

Jiang Fann climbed back up with difficulty, looked at the face that appeared in his mind countless of times, and squeezed out a smile: "I'm better than ever!"

The girl frowned and said, "You're going to die soon, so why are you still talking about it?"

Jiang Fann was truly moved, the person who owed the most in his lifetime had appeared before his eyes. She was Gu Ling'er, the youngest daughter of the Myriad Herbs Valley Valley Lord. If it wasn't for her, there wouldn't be a generation of Medicine King!

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he asked, "Can you give me a stalk of Bone Tendon Grass and a Five Leaf Lotus?"

"You actually know pharmacology? But I have some medicine here that is much more effective than those two herbs. "

"The effect of the healing medicine is too slow. Just give me the herbs."

The girl mocked, "You really don't know what's good for you!"

Although she said it the most, with a flip of her hand, two herbs appeared. She did not forget to remind Jiang Fann, "These two herbs are mutually exclusive, you cannot consume them together. It will take at least an hour."

Jiang Fann did not say much. He took two stalks of herbs, then separated them into two portions and put them into his mouth.

Gu Ling'er's beautiful face paled, and she immediately grabbed onto Jiang Fann's arm. "You're crazy! I already said that this is a counter to each other. If you consume it together, you will lose your life! "

Jiang Fann laughed and pushed her hand away.

"As long as you have a good grasp of the amount and proportion of these two herbs, it will become the best healing medicine. You think I'm just looking to die? "

Under Gu Ling'er's nervous gaze, Jiang Fann took the medicinal herb. The effect was obvious.

Gu Ling'er pulled Jiang Fann's wrist, using his Qi to feel Jiang Fann's injuries, she was stunned: "It's really healed! This is different from what my father said! "

Jiang Fann was about to explain, when he suddenly turned around.

Jiang Fann frowned and asked: Someone is chasing after you?

She looked behind her. "They're just a bunch of idiots from the Myriad Poison Sect. Dream on! "

He turned around and looked at Jiang Fann: "You are very interesting! We'll meet again if fate allows it. "

The girl quickly left. Looking at her back, Jiang Fann's heart was filled with gentleness.

He muttered: "We'll meet again after three months when the Loongze Lake Secret Realm opens! I won't miss it this time! "

"In this life, I will definitely protect you and not let that happen again! Wait for me! "

Not long after, several disciples wearing black robes appeared from the upstream.

Seeing Jiang Fann, one of them walked over with a sinister look in his eyes.

Without waiting for him to speak, Jiang Fann already pointed towards the cliff. Without even raising his head, he said, "The people you guys were chasing, are already climbing up."

The man looked at Jiang Fann in shock, he did not understand why the young man was so calm.

"Letting us know that you're lying will cost you your life!"

Then, they quickly climbed up the cliff.

Looking at their backs, their eyes were filled with killing intent. He said in a low voice, "The next time I see you, I will destroy all of you!"

Jiang Fann was actually not calm, he had truly returned to his childhood. Even though he was still weak at the moment, his aptitude was extremely poor. But who was he? He was the Medicine King of a generation. He swore that he wouldn't have any regrets in this life.

He sat down cross-legged and activated the medicinal properties of the pill as soon as possible. As the Spiritual Sense entered his body, he felt his body tremble.

In the middle of the Qi Sea, floated a piece of paper.

This was his most precious treasure before he was reborn, the Creation Spell of Heaven and Earth — — Remnants of this book, the Chapter of Pill Dao …

It was printed with heavenly herbs and heavenly materials. It was also able to search for nearby herbs, and even the rare treasures in the world could not escape its senses.

Legend has it that the Creation Spell of Heaven and Earth came from the sky and had its Ancient Times stolen by everyone. The last generation of strong warriors went against the heavens and cut it apart, splitting it into nine parts and scattering it all over the sky.

It was also because of this fragment that Jiang Fann was killed. Who would have thought that she would be reborn here with him.

Jiang Fann used the Spiritual Sense to communicate with the remnant scroll. After sensing the surroundings, a few herbs appeared in his mind. However, they were all normal herbs and the area they covered was very small.

"It seems like my current strength can only bring out a little of its power. When my realm increases, I'll be able to unleash even more power!"

This was his biggest regret in his previous life. In his previous life, Ling'er had sent him to a nearby hunter's home to recuperate, so she was unable to see her mother one last time.

But when he recalled the current situation of the Jiang Family, Jiang Fann's face turned cold, everything that happened all those years ago surfaced in his heart.

This was the Leehuo Dynasty, where the strong were respected, and where the Jiang Family governed.

As for his lineage, their bloodlines were thin and they guarded the borders together with a few other branches. Although it was only the territory of a county, it was still considered the local despot, a big family. This was the Loongze County.

Jiang Fann was not a lowly person and was one of the successors to the position of Patriarch.

Although he was the son of the Patriarch, he was only the son of a servant girl. Add to that his poor talent, he suffered greatly from the whites of his eyes since he was young.

But mother looks outstanding and the snow is intelligent, deeply loved by the head of the family. It was also because of this that many people wanted to use him to attack their mother.

After being humiliated by his clan members as a trash bastard, he finally became angry and resisted. He angered his second brother, Jiang Zhengloong, who was also from the same father and mother group, and was forced down the cliff by his cousin Qiao Qianyu's humiliating lesson.

Jiang Fann was furious in his heart, the injuries on his body had already mostly healed.

Some Spiritual Strength s could be used on this remnant scroll.

"I should be able to use the remaining spiritual energy to rebuild my body!"

Fragments floated in the middle of Jiang Fann's Qi Sea, while it suddenly erupted.

A few different kinds of flames appeared and burned him, causing his body to look as if it was being torn to shreds.

He did his best to control the flames as he sat cross-legged on the spot.

The surrounding plants were instantly incinerated into ashes, the temperature shockingly high.

After two hours, the flame had engulfed him for who knows how many times. His body had lost a lot of weight, and all the impurities in his body had been refined and disappeared. A layer of light appeared on his body.

As he continued to refine his body, that layer of light sank into his flesh, returning to its original nature.

But just at that moment, Jiang Fann's body suddenly cracked, and then shattered, the flames burned very well, and very quickly he was reborn from the flames, reconstructing his Spiritual Body.

This world was only just entering the ranks of cultivators, and one needed to train their Qi and enter their body to strengthen their bones and bones.

This was also the first stage of body transformation, which was divided into nine realms: inner Qi, blood qi, bone qi, astral qi, true qi, violent qi, form qi, essence qi, and energy.

If he made another breakthrough, he would enter the second great realm, Innate Stage.

Furthermore, he had just achieved the Bone Essence realm. Being fifteen years old was truly a bit embarrassing.

Amongst the Jiang Family s, the youngest of the Innate Stage experts, was only sixteen years old this year, and his name was Jiang Yueyao.

She could be considered a Loongze County disciple with the highest aptitude in the last hundred years. And she was also sent out of the Loongze County, into the depths of Jiang Family for further study. Her future was limitless. The difference was obvious.

After being refined, his Spiritual Sense grew stronger by quite a bit. He forcefully suppressed the last bit of the Chapter of Pill Dao's Spiritual Strength, letting it slowly nurture it within the Qi Sea. Now that the tempering of the fleshly body had been completed, it was enough.

He stretched his body and climbed up the cliff.

He was about to reach the top when he suddenly received a message from the remnant. There was a spiritual medicine over ten meters to the left.

Jiang Fann looked in that direction and saw a bulge.

He quickly climbed over and saw a golden lingzhi growing in the cracks of the rock above.

"There's actually Gold Sun Ganoderma here!" Finding other supplementary medicines to refine the Myriad Spirit Pill is the best for Body Transformation cultivators. "

"You are not allowed to touch this elixir with your hands!"

He tore off a piece of cloth from his body and wrapped it around his hand. Then, he carefully took it off and wrapped it with a piece of cloth before placing it in his bosom. Then, he continued to climb upwards.


Within four hours, his Loongze County had already appeared in front of Jiang Fann.

Looking at this familiar yet foreign place from afar, Jiang Fann revealed an evil grin: "I'm coming!"

They walked in the direction of the Qin family.

However, the bustling Loongze County in his memory was extremely quiet. The marketplace was also extremely desolate, and white lanterns were hung in front of every merchant's door.

Jiang Fann watched all of this with a cold smile.

Thinking back to when he recovered from his injuries in the hunter's home, only then did he regain his Jiang Family. At that time, his mother was already on the verge of death and his funeral had already been completed.

Because of the funeral, the Jiang Family's gate was closed.

Jiang Fann walked to the door and kicked it open.

A Jiang Family disciple who was always following behind Jiang Zhengloong looked over in shock. The Jiang Family gate had been kicked open;

Without waiting for him to speak, he directly grabbed his neck.

Jiang Fann's expression turned cold as he stared at him.

"Where are Jiang Zhengloong and Qiao Qianyu?"

When the other party tried to struggle free with all his strength, he used a higher realm than Jiang Fann and created a strong aura. However, the moment he raised his hand, Jiang Fann's finger directly touched his shoulder.

His shoulder ached and his eyes widened. His entire arm seemed to have gone numb.

"You …"

Jiang Fann slapped over, and with a pa sound, the disciple immediately spat out two teeth.

"Stop talking nonsense!" Qiao Qianyu, where is Jiang Zhengloong? "

"You …"

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

Another slap. This time, he didn't open his mouth to speak. He only stared at his opponent.

"Qiao Qianyu is with Jiang Feng'er in the southern courtyard. Jiang Zhengloong is at the ancestral hall with the Madam and the Patriarch. "

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

He slapped the disciple again. This time, he used even more force and knocked him out. Like throwing a dead dog, he threw him on the ground and left.

Jiang Fann returned in a strong manner, leaving behind a group of dumbstruck Jiang Family disciples.

"This Jiang Fann seems to be different!"

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