Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C1 Gold Shot (1)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C1 Gold Shot (1)
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C1 Gold Shot (1)

"Pui!" Old ghost, how dare you! Let me fight wolves here! Isn't this asking for your father's life? "I am only eight years old in this life, curse the old ghost," Lu Yang cursed loudly in his heart. His eyes, on the other hand, were constantly staring at every corner of the forest that he could see.

This was the outermost area of the Gui Jianxue Mountains, and beside a large tree that was located close to the mountain range, a thin and small figure appeared. He is Lu Yang! The most shocking thing was that he only looked to be seven or eight years old! If it wasn't for that pair of black eyes that emitted a strong sense of vigilance, people would have thought that he was an innocent youth!

Speaking of this Ghost Blaze Forest, it was on Dou Wu Continent. Even if it wasn't known to everyone, but at least to the warrior, it was a place that could pierce the ears like thunder.

It stretched out for tens of thousands of miles in all directions. If a person could stand in the sky, they would be covered in green! It was full of vitality and liveliness!

However, such a beautiful world like this one actually contained a fatal danger within it!

Boundless Demon Forest!

This was a stretch of forest that stood at the southwest edge of Dou Wu Continent, a terrifying forest that spanned for more than three hundred thousand kilometers. The warrior s of the Dou Wu Continent were all terrified! There was a lot of talk about changing colors!

There are seven provinces in Dou Wu Continent! Jinzhou, Jiuzhou, Xuezhou, Ju Prefecture, Jianghu Prefecture, Hulan Prefecture, Huyan Prefecture!

Among the seven great provinces, only the Golden Province was located in the southwest. It was also the place closest to the Boundless Demon Forest! Between the two was only the Falling Sun Plains and the Hairy Mountain!

The reason for this was because the Propelled Hair Mountain Range was a mountain range where not a single blade of grass grew. It was as bare as an ugly beast that did not have a single strand of fur on its body!

However, there were quite a few families living at the foot of the mountain.

Although the Boundless Demon Forest was very terrifying. It was said that there were spirit beasts with unfathomable strength in the Boundless Demon Forest. The strongest spirit creature had the terrifying ability to overturn the world, topple mountains and overturn the seas! It was as if it could destroy the heavens and the earth!

Strangely, there seemed to be some kind of strange restriction in Boundless Demon Forest. Usually, the spirit beasts in Boundless Demon Forest would not run out to harm humans. Only humans who barged into the Boundless Demon Forest would be attacked by spirit beasts.

The mysteries of the world, any dangerous place or region would be a hidden secret or a fortuitous opportunity that would shock the world. Boundless Demon Forest was also the same. Forget about the countless heavenly and earthly treasures that were hidden in the Boundless Demon Forest, even the Spirit Beast's inner core was considered to be a treasure that greatly boosted the cultivation of the warrior. Because of this, there were many warrior in the Dou Wu Continent, who relied on their own strength or luck to enter the Boundless Demon Forest from time to time.

Of course, these warrior s did not dare to go near the depths of the Boundless Demon Forest. Ordinary warrior would only search for what they wanted outside of Boundless Demon Forest.

As a lot of people came, there was a commonly accepted symbiotic name for people at the periphery of Boundless Demon Forest ? "Gui Jiu"!

The reason why they were called Gui Jiu was actually also because the warrior s were a product of their self-reminder. Although the outer circle of Boundless Demon Forest could attack an ordinary spirit beast's inner core, or even obtain some natural born elixirs. However, there were also unpredictable dangers lurking in the periphery. They called it "Gui Jiu" meant the warrior. One must also be extremely careful of one's own safety when approaching them!

The sun was high in the sky and the summer sun was hot. The scorching heat accompanied the red sun in the sky and sprinkled the earth. Through the gaps between the luxuriant leaves, it was not much cooler in Gui Jianxue than it was outside!

The faint sounds of beast roars seemed to indicate that some ferocious beasts could not endure the high temperature of the summer.

The vigilance in Lu Yang's eyes rose to the peak.

However, he knew that even though it was the outermost area of the Boundless Demon Forest, it was still in the forest. Most of the wild beasts that moved around were tigers and leopards. But occasionally, some Spirit Beasts would run out. If he really ran into a Spirit Beast, even the lowest of the first grade Spirit Beasts would be enough for him.

He gripped the long blade in his hand tightly! Lu Yang considered whether or not he should just stay here and watch out for wolves.

At this moment, Lu Yang's appearance was truly strange.

The eight year old Lu Yang was only a meter tall! Perhaps, among ordinary children, this was not considered too short. But right now, Lu Yang was holding onto a seventy centimeters long blade. In comparison, it was a bit out of place.

In the world of Lu Yang's previous life, eight-year-old children were still enjoying the games brought about by the various instruments in the kindergarten. Why would he appear with a long blade, and why would he appear in a place that even the powerful warrior s did not dare to easily step into, Gui Xi Sha [1]?

"Sigh!" Go on! Damn it, I hope my luck isn't too bad. "We ran into a pack of wolves!"

In the end, Lu Yang gave up on the idea of keeping watch on the stalks and waiting for the wolves. Although the old geezer only asked him to go to Gui Jianxue to fight wolves, he did not ask Lu Yang to go in deeper. However, this repulsive old fogey had to restrict time. Lu Yang even suspected that the old ghost was confident that he would be able to take care of the stalks and treat them as wolves.

Two hours, if Lu Yang does not defeat a single wolf. The old ghost wanted Lu Yang to carry a sixty catty stone and run three laps along the trail in the Hairy Hairy Mountain.

One had to know that the trail in the Bunny Hair Mountain Range was over five kilometers long! The roads were narrow and rugged. Not to mention carrying a stone weighing sixty Jin, even if his body was empty, running three laps would still cost his life.

Lu Yang thought about how he didn't manage to beat the wolf in time. He couldn't help but shiver inwardly.

Although the guardian wolf, will be the lowest risk factor. But time was being consumed the fastest. Lu Yang had tried once before, that time, he didn't get to see a wolf. In the end, they were really punished by the old ghost to run on the trail in the Hairy Ridge while carrying a stone weighing sixty kilograms. That time, Lu Yang was not able to run three laps, after running one laps, he fainted on the ground. Moreover, he had fallen a few times in the middle of the fall, causing him to be covered with injuries!

That trip, allowed Lu Yang to lie on the bed for an entire seven days. Only then did he recover. Although this allowed his body's strength to increase by a lot, Lu Yang didn't think that he could carry a rock that was sixty kilograms, and run three circles on the small road.

Lu Yang tried his best to move quickly. However, his eyes continued to scan his surroundings.

"Roar! Roar!"

Lu Yang's face changed. "Tiger's Roar!"

That low and deep voice made Lu Yang's heart tremble. Ye Zichen quickly changed directions. He still had some confidence in beating the wolf. But you can overestimate yourself. It was unknown if the tiger in the Dou Wu Continent had eaten aphrodisiac, but that fierce and savage beast was definitely ten times stronger than the tiger that Lu Yang had seen in his previous life!

He had once followed an old ghost to see a Platinum Tiger fighting a battle with 40 wolves in one fell swoop! That cruel feeling of spitting blood still left a lingering fear in Lu Yang's heart to this day.

As Lu Yang turned in a different direction, he was slightly relieved as he did not hear the tiger roar.

But just at that moment, before Lu Yang could even take a breath, he felt goosebumps all over his body, and a cold feeling from within struck at the nerves in Lu Yang's head!


Lu Yang subconsciously threw himself forward, leaned on the ground, and rolled over a few times!

A grey shadow swooped down from a tree, and crossed paths with Lu Yang.


A burning pain came out from Lu Yang's shoulder. Traces of blood seeped through Lu Yang's shoulder. His leather clothes still had three fierce claws marks on them. It was a shocking sight to behold.


He could hear the strange cries of his entire life. Lu Yang ignored the pain on his body, and flipped over to lean on the trunk of a large tree!


"Damn, I knew it was this stupid thing!" Lu Yang was furious, he looked at a thirty centimeters tall monkey with gray fur.

The monkey-turtledove is just a small animal. It wasn't a spirit beast, but it was abnormally nimble and would actively attack humans. Fortunately, the Dove Monkey didn't have much strength. Otherwise, that sneak attack would have been enough to turn Lu Yang's skinny body into flesh and blood.


The pigeon monkey's cry was filled with pride. She was actually dancing and waving her arms around in front of Lu Yang.

"F * ck, you dare to bully this daddy's baby?!" "Cheers!" Lu Yang was furious! Anger was rising in his body as he dashed forward, agilely stepping out of the mysterious pace!

Now, looking at Lu Yang's speed, it actually far exceeded the speed of an adult's running speed. If this scene were to take place in a certain technological world, it would definitely cause everyone to be taken aback. Crying and begging Lu Yang to go and participate in the Olympics.

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