Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C10 Internal Strength (Lower)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C10 Internal Strength (Lower)
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C10 Internal Strength (Lower)

Violent winds howled, and heavy rain began to fall.

Within the storm, Lu Yang once again pushed himself to his limits.

It had only been half a month, and he was lucky to have obtained the Red Stone Fruit. Lu Yang broke through from four hundred kilograms to eight hundred kilograms! But at this time, Lu Yang was only an eight year old child.

Lu Yang's hands held up the sky as his muscles tensed up, lifting the 800 kilograms of round rock high, braving the violent winds and torrential rain. If this scene were to spread outside, it would definitely cause quite a stir.

It had to be said that Lu Yang's talent in cultivation was not bad. Although it could not be compared with the top geniuses Xie Ji and Ge Sang. However, there was no doubt that the current momentum continued to grow. Lu Yang's prospects were very bright.

The most mysterious thing in the world was time. Wherever they went, they encountered something. Time always follows the law of law, little by little. Nothing in front of us can stop the flow of time

Blinking. Three months.

Since then, Lu Yang's strength has increased to 800 kilograms. He then continued to immerse himself in the cultivation of the Hundred Beast Skill. Day by day, he continued to persevere unceasingly.

This was a pursuit of power. It was also a desire for power.

Perhaps, as his stay in the Dou Wu Continent continued. Subconsciously, Lu Yang also gradually got used to the way the Dou Wu Continent thought. It was as if he was slowly becoming more and more consistent with the rule of being the best in terms of strength.

It was this kind of subconscious thinking that made Lu Yang become increasingly determined to pursue strength.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone down.

Lu Yang's slanted figure was laid on the ground, moving along with the wind.

It was still the familiar Hundred Beast Skill, to this day. Lu Yang had already squeezed out sixty percent of the benefits of the Red Stone Fruit. Because of the sixty percent of the Red Stone Fruit's potential, Lu Yang's strength could be said to have increased yet again.

A cool breeze blew, and Lu Yang's body seemed to become a feather, floating along with the wind as he turned into a lone crane.

It had to be said that Lu Yang's luck was quite good. Borrowing the help of the Red Stone Fruit's potential development, Lu Yang once again immersed himself in the Hundred Beast Meet, and deeply comprehended the Hundred Beast Meet once.

At this time, it was precisely on the third level of the Hundred Beasts' Profound Truths that Lu Yang was able to pursue the path of the light breeze as if he were a crane.

"Every cultivation method comes from heaven and earth." Hundred Beast Skill is nothing more than this! "

These are Tibetan Xuanzhen's words!

At this moment, Lu Yang finally understood the true meaning of these words.

"He Suifeng!"

This was the first time Lu Yang touched upon a point from the moves of the? Hundred Beast Skill?, that it came from the everlasting laws of heaven and earth. But unfortunately, the more he touched it, the more Lu Yang felt that it was a kind of unfathomable mystery that came from the heaven and earth.

The world was like a vast ocean! Then the logic behind the < Hundred Beast Skill >, was like a drop of water in this vast ocean. As for the thirty-three percent of the beast's true essence, it was one of the water particles within this drop of water. While he was floating, he could only feel his own insignificance.

Suddenly. Lu Yang retracted his posture and stood up.

On his innocent face, however, he was frowning. His eyes emitted a dense sense of doubt. This was the first time Lu Yang had stopped in the middle of the process of cultivating the Hundred Beast Skill.

It was very clear that Lu Yang had encountered an extremely puzzling problem.

"How can this be? "My body's potential hasn't been fully developed yet, how could it be ?"

Muttering to himself, Lu Yang started to think.

His mind filled with data.

"Master." "Attack Power 100!"

A thousand pounds of attack power. Although it was still considered strong for the current Lu Yang. However, this was obviously not at the level of a Dou Wu Continent Warrior Weapon that would reach the level of a Warrior Warrior.

Most of the warrior s could produce inner strength from their bodies. When they could break through to the Warrior Warrior Warrior, they would have to fully utilize their body's potential and reach the peak before they could do anything. At this time, most Warrior Weapon's physical strength ranged from 2000 to 3000 Jin. Those who went beyond this range or below it were relatively few.

At this time, Lu Yang's strength of one thousand kilograms was undoubtedly still far from the range. Moreover, Lu Yang's body's potential had yet to be fully developed. Even the medicinal strength of the Red Stone Fruit remained hidden in his flesh and blood.

But just at this moment, while Lu Yang was in the midst of cultivating, he felt an extremely minute stream of air being generated within the meridians in his body. If he wasn't wrong. This tiny bit of energy flow was the inner strength that Tibetan Xuanzhen had mentioned.

"Impossible! Could it be an illusion?"

Lu Yang didn't dare believe it again.

His body's potential hadn't even reached its peak yet and he already produced inner strength? How was this possible? In the countless years of the warrior's history, when had something so strange happened?

One had to know that inner strength was the essence of the body itself. This bit of essence was not great, but it had a strong effect on the strength of the body.

He needed to convert his flesh and blood essence into inner strength, which would flow through the meridians in his body. There was no other way. Only by fully developing the potential of his body and making it full of energy, could it be possible.

But now ?

What was this?

Lu Yang could not understand no matter how much he thought about it.

He even thought that this was an illusion.

After thinking about it for a moment, Lu Yang started moving again.

With the support of thirty percent of the hundred beasts' essence, Lu Yang began another round of the? Hundred Beast Skill?.

However, in less than ten breaths time.

Lu Yang only changed two forms before he stopped.

Lu Yang, who had stopped frowning, frowned even more.

Lu Yang was finally sure that this was definitely not an illusion. The essence of his flesh and blood was being forced out of his body, forming inner strength in his meridians.

"What the hell is going on?"

This was the first time Lu Yang encountered such a bizarre thing, he did not know whether it was a blessing or a curse.

Lu Yang was worried that his body's potential would stop developing if his Qi appeared earlier. This was definitely not a good thing for him.

One had to know that although inner strength could increase by up to ten times ? However, if one's physical strength was too low, an increase of ten times was not even comparable to the increase of another genius' strength by five times.

The difference was too obvious.

He was worried. Lu Yang's figure danced again as he used the move of < Hundred Beast Skill > once more. This time, Lu Yang did not wholeheartedly throw himself into the [Hundred Beast Skill], but retained a bit of consciousness, and experienced the situation of the growth of the inner strength in his body, as well as the increase of the strength in his body.

For four hours. Lu Yang stopped moving again and again. He had tried it out several times. The complete set of 1080 moves, [Hundred Beast Skill], was completely executed by Lu Yang three times.

Lu Yang was surprised to find that after he stopped moving. He did not cultivate any of the moves of the Hundred Beast Skill, nor did he make any movements. The blood and flesh essence in his body was also slowly transforming into minute amounts of inner strength.

When he used Hundred Beast Skill, the speed at which his flesh and blood essence converted into inner strength increased significantly. And quite a lot. What surprised Lu Yang the most was that the development of his body's potential did not stop because of the production of inner strength.

On the contrary, he strangely discovered that ever since he felt inner strength being produced, it had all been different. The development of his body's potential had actually accelerated.

Back then, after he consumed the Red Stone Fruit, he had used its special ability to quickly develop the potential of his body. However, after the Red Stone Fruit had 60% of its medicinal power developed by Lu Yang, the speed at which its body's potential was being developed started to slow down gradually.

Originally, Lu Yang was still depressed. After the depression, when the remaining 40% of the Red Stone Fruit's medicinal strength had been fully developed, the speed at which his physical strength increased would return to how it was before.

This depressed feeling was akin to a person working with a worn-out machine. The efficiency was slow. All of a sudden, he was given a brand-new machine, which increased his efficiency by several times. Then, when the man had gotten used to the efficiency of the new machine, he suddenly told him that the new machine was going to leave. You must use the inefficient old machine again.

Just how depressed was he?

And at this time, an inner force strangely appeared inside Lu Yang's body. Moreover, the production of inner strength would increase the rate at which one's potential was developed. To Lu Yang, this was tantamount to seeing the first glimmer of dawn in his extreme disappointment.

Only, Lu Yang was starting to have a worry.

The creation of this inner strength was far from the right time, and it was far too bizarre. God knows, it was a sudden change. Or was it a good thing that lasted for a long time?

Lu Yang himself, had only interacted with the Dou Wu Continent's martial arts for more than two years. He was still a rookie in all sorts of situations.

Suddenly, something extremely puzzling happened, and he would have to find the Tibetan Xuanzhen for an answer.

Thinking about it, Lu Yang couldn't care less anymore. Cultivating Hundred Beast Skill, he stepped on the ground and quickly rushed towards the wooden house.

? ?

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