Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C11 Heaven and Earth Revolutions (Part 1)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C11 Heaven and Earth Revolutions (Part 1)
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C11 Heaven and Earth Revolutions (Part 1)

Inside the wooden house.

Tibetan Xuanzhen sat cross legged on the wooden bed. A layer of red light wrapped around his body, slightly trembling. It seemed to represent some kind of special rhythm.

Within the radius of a few meters, the air was divided into several transparent streams, which flowed towards the small stream of water that was separated by several forks.

What was strange was that these air currents actually had transparent ripples that could be seen with the naked eye. who had rushed into the hut could not help but stare with wide eyes.

In these two years, Lu Yang was able to witness the Tibetan Xuanzhen's cultivation process, and it was truly not much. For some reason, the Tibetan Xuanzhen was always a little mysterious. Normally, Tibetan Xuanzhen would always dodge to the side, who knew where they could hide and cultivate. Vaguely, Lu Yang felt that the Tibetan Xuanzhen seemed to be on guard against something.

What kind of expert was the Tibetan Xuanzhen? Lu Yang entered the cabin. He knew it, so he opened his eyes. When he looked at Lu Yang, he was a little doubtful. According to his understanding of Lu Yang's habits, he should not have stopped his cultivation at this time.

Slightly sizing up Lu Yang, suddenly, the Tibetan Xuanzhen's expression changed. His body quickly floated and landed by Lu Yang's side. He didn't know how to put on airs with such a bizarre method. And so, he held Lu Yang's wrist in his hand.

"How could that be?"

Tibetan Xuanzhen very quickly let go of Lu Yang's wrist, but asked in surprise.

Lu Yang looked embarrassed. He naturally knew that Tibetan Xuanzhen had accidentally seen through his own body and produced some inner strength.

Spreading his hands, Lu Yang said helplessly: "Master, I don't know what's going on. I wanted to ask you. Why am I activating my inner strength at this time? Didn't you say that you need to develop your body's potential to its peak before you can unleash the essence from your flesh and blood to convert it into inner strength? "

Tibetan Xuanzhen was startled. He was really unable to answer this question. In fact, this was the first time he had encountered such a situation. This bizarre change had never happened before. Most importantly, he was suddenly worried, could it be that Lu Yang's body had developed to its peak state? If that were the case, it would be a bad thing.

"Lu Yang, do you feel that the strength in your body has stagnated?" The Tibetan Xuanzhen asked solemnly.

According to the Tibetan Xuanzhen's idea, the worst case scenario was that when Lu Yang produced his inner strength, his body's strength started to stagnate and grow. That would comply with the rules of the warrior, but it was no doubt that it was extremely terrible for Lu Yang.

Tibetan Xuanzhen also knew that Lu Yang's current physical strength was around one thousand Jin. If this power broke through to the Warrior Warrior, Lu Yang would undoubtedly be at a disadvantage. When this kind of physical strength was brought to the Warrior realm, it would be considered as being at the bottom.

"No!" Master, I've tried. "After the creation of inner strength, not only did my body's strength not stagnate, but instead, the appearance of inner strength seemed to accelerate the development of my body's potential!"

"Something like that happened!"

The Tibetan Xuanzhen was surprised, he then grabbed Lu Yang's wrist again, and a small stream flowed down from Lu Yang's wrist and into Lu Yang's body. Lu Yang did not know how to describe this feeling. His entire body felt like it was floating in the clouds, about to ascend to the Immortal Realm.

Tibetan Xuanzhen shook his head as he muttered, "No solution no solution!"

Even the Tibetan Xuanzhen was unable to give Lu Yang a precise answer.

However, Tibetan Xuanzhen gave Lu Yang another mental cultivation method.

"Universe Revolutions", this was a mental cultivation method specifically targeted at cultivating inner strength! The entire set of heart arts was divided into ten levels. Each level of training represented that the inner strength within the body had increased by ten percent. Until he reached the final ten levels, that meant that his inner strength had reached the one hundred percent of the peak.

Warrior Weapons and Warrior Warriors were without a doubt the most basic realms of warrior. Almost every warrior had a similar experience with these two processes.

Cultivating the body, developing his potential, and stimulating his inner strength. It was the same process. It was also the process of building a foundation.

However, for cultivating one's body to develop its potential, it was the "Hundred Beast Skill" that was common to almost everyone in the Dou Wu Continent! However, there were no other great techniques like the Hundred Beast Skill when he trained inner strength.

In Dou Wu Continent, there were countless cultivation methods to train inner strength. There were too many cultivation techniques, and they were all destined to be mixed up in good and bad things. If the warrior were to cultivate a good technique, the efficiency would be high. She would get more power and the cultivation speed would be faster. The effect of a poor cultivation method was not satisfactory.

It was also a good machine, with advanced working principles and good operating workers. Its working efficiency was undoubtedly much better than those who didn't have it.

In the Dou Wu Continent, the quality of the various cultivation techniques were divided into several levels.

Heaven, Earth, Mystic, Yellow! Of the four rank cultivation techniques, the Heaven rank cultivation technique was the best, and the Yellow rank cultivation technique was the best. And according to the laws of natural development, the Dou Wu Continent did not violate this theorem. In the Dou Wu Continent, the number of heaven rank public laws was too little. There weren't many people who could possess them. Every single one of them was an expert amongst experts. As for the Yellow rank cultivation technique, it was overflowing.

However, in the Dou Wu Continent, there was another method that surpassed the fourth stage. This kind of cultivation technique could be counted on one hand. They were called divine scriptures!

Even with the Dou Wu Continent, a history of countless of years of battles, developing all of them. There were only four parts that were known as Divine Grimoires.

The Four Great Godly Grimoires are, respectively, the [Heavenly Way Art], the [Bodhisattva Attraction], the [Xuan-Yuan Sword Scripture], and the [Ancient Devil Blood Art]!

Of the Four Great Godly Grimoires, two of them were the sect treasures of the two of the Seven Major Sects of the Dou Wu Continent. Only the "Xuanyuan Sword Scripture" and "Ancient Devil Blood Art" were ownerless objects, and had been circulating in the Dou Wu Continent for ten thousand years. However, no one really saw them appear.

And now, the? Universe Revolutions? that Lu Yang had obtained, the cultivation method for cultivating inner strength, was also not bad. It was an Earth rank cultivation technique. In the Dou Wu Continent, being able to obtain an Earth rank cultivation technique was already considered lucky.

Lu Yang was an ordinary person on Earth in his previous life. He had no knowledge of the mysteries of the body's meridians. However, after transcending over, in a world where the Dou Wu Continent was a martial arts world, the knowledge of the body's meridians was undoubtedly the most basic knowledge before one entered the sect.

In a span of two years, his body's meridians and such things existed. Lu Yang had long since kept this in mind.

Three days.

The Tibetan Xuanzhen had also explained in detail to Lu Yang about the? Universe Revolving?. Regarding martial arts, there were actually a lot of things. For example, it was almost impossible for an ordinary person to cultivate an outstanding martial arts technique just because he had obtained a secret manual by chance.

Assuming that the martial arts manuals contained secret characters, it would be exceedingly obscure and unfathomable. It was not written in vernacular. Usually, those who had no knowledge of martial arts would not even be able to understand the meridians in their bodies. How could they possibly rely on books to cultivate their martial arts? Completely nonsense.

But Master Fu led the way in, learning the art on his own.

This sentence was a classic amongst classics. If he didn't work hard, then no matter how skilled his master was, it would all be useless.

Lu Yang understood this logic very well. When the Tibetan Xuanzhen was explaining the profound mysteries of the? Universe Revolutions? to him, he had used all of his brain, attention, and energy to accept it. During this process, Lu Yang had even given up on understanding the true meaning of the < Hundred Beast Skill >. Concentrate on solving the? Heaven and Earth Revolution?!

It was precisely this kind of focused attitude. Three days later, Lu Yang mastered the first two levels of the [Universe Revolutions].

In the cabin.

Lu Yang sat cross-legged on the wooden bed. Its small body was steady and did not tremble at all. Even breathing, he felt like he was still. It was almost like a small statue.

"Mountain and river, universe, ten cycles." Perfection could connect to the heavens and the earth. "The body is the sky, the body is the earth, and the Qi Paths are the rolling waves. Rivers and lakes, seas!"

Every word seemed to be an obscure text that had nothing to do with martial arts, but every word was deeply imprinted into Lu Yang's mind. An unexplainable infatuation appeared on Lu Yang's face.

A faint smile, like the smile of the reincarnated Buddha.

The ravine in his chest was precisely the description, of the current Lu Yang.

went through the explanation of the Tibetan Xuanzhen. Lu Yang had long understood the essence of the first two levels of the [Universe Revolutions]. It was precisely the essence of these two floors that allowed Lu Yang to feel at ease when he was cultivating the first stage of the [Universe Revolutions].

In Lu Yang's eyes, the cryptic words were like beads. Every word carried an astonishing martial arts principle.

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