Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C13 A terrifying attack with a value of 400! superior)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C13 A terrifying attack with a value of 400! superior)
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C13 A terrifying attack with a value of 400! superior)

The end of winter, the end of the year. There was no verdant vegetation in the Hairy Cover Mountain Range, yet there was a layer of thick snow covering it. Immediately, it looked like a wax figure flying in the air while wearing silver clothes ?

Greenwood Villa, the eastern most area.

That small wooden house was also submerged within the snowflakes, if one did not look carefully. Perhaps the spectators in the distance would directly ignore this existence.

However, on the snowy white ground, a figure was dancing in the snow. A strong aura spread out from the series of afterimages. The snow dancing in the air was ejected out.

Thunderous sounds continuously rang out. Faintly, different beast roars could be heard coming from the shaking figure. Sometimes it was like a tiger, sometimes it was like a dragon, and sometimes it was like a falcon soaring through the sky ?

In a trance. This was not a single person, but rather the reincarnated divine body that the souls of the birds had gathered in one body!


His figure suddenly came to a halt. Extremely dynamic, transformed into a momentary stillness. It seemed extremely natural, without any abrupt change to it. This seems to be in violation of the laws of physics.

It was really a mystery as to where the energy flow from each and every one of the berserk movements of the figure had gone to in the blink of an eye.

Until now, the figure's face was clearly visible. Who else could it be other than Lu Yang?

In a few days, he would be nine years old.

In the recent few months, it had undoubtedly been a major turning point in Lu Yang's cultivation. First, he comprehended twenty percent of the [Hundred Beast Skill] 's essence, then ate the Red Stone Fruit, and unrestrainedly developed his body's potential. He then strangely generated his inner strength ahead of time, and continued to comprehend thirty percent of the beast's essence, and cultivate [Universe Revolving].

The current Lu Yang, compared to half a year ago, was more than a few times stronger.

However, even so. The innocence on Lu Yang's face did not diminish at all. If one were to say that the change in his appearance could be seen, he would be considered tall. Perhaps it was due to the development of his body's potential within half a year, but Lu Yang's height was currently at a very high stage. He was now nearly 1.3 meters tall.

A red light suddenly shot out from the snow-covered wooden house. In this snow-white world, it was especially dazzling.

With a flash of red light, Tibetan Xuanzhen was already standing next to Lu Yang.

Shocked, Tibetan Xuanzhen stood on the snowy ground with his feet, not leaving the slightest mark on the ground. It was as if he was just standing there in the air. It was just that Lu Yang was already used to it.

The longer he lived in the Dou Wu Continent, the more his strength increased. The more things he got from Tibetan Xuanzhen, the larger his mental state became.

"Lu Yang, have you considered it carefully?" Tibetan Xuanzhen said to Lu Yang with a smile.

Lu Yang raised his brows. Without hesitation, he shouted, "Go! Of course I'm going! I haven't been out all this time. Even if one's strength increased, it would still be doing it behind closed doors! Without a real battle, there is no way for us to achieve a breakthrough! "

The current Lu Yang, along with his increase in strength, was also gradually maturing. When he had just teleported to Dou Wu Continent, he was still a little lost. However, the current him had long faced reality and was not afraid of challenges.

He understood a principle, a very simple principle, but extremely difficult to achieve.

"A warrior must have a brave heart that surpasses all difficulties and is not afraid of any challenges!"

"Good!" This is your choice, but I am pleased! " Tibetan Xuanzhen laughed hard and happy.

Counting the time, half a year had passed since Tibetan Xuanzhen had brought back the first Red Stone Fruit. In three days, the other red rock fruit would ripen.

As for the place where the Red Stone Fruit was growing, it was in the iron wolf's cave in the Propelled Hair Mountain Range. If the Tibetan Xuanzhen were to personally make a move, he could definitely take it back. This was because no matter how ferocious the iron wolf was, it was still not a spirit beast. Tibetan Xuanzhen could easily retrieve the Red Stone Fruit as if it was a treasure.

Don't forget what Tibetan Xuanzhen said back then. Tibetan Xuanzhen had said before that he wanted the other Red Stone Fruit. They wanted Lu Yang to take action himself.

With Lu Yang's current strength, defeating a single iron wolf or even a few of them would be an easy task. However, if it was a group? Heh heh, Lu Yang could only run as far away as he could.

But of course, Tibetan Xuanzhen did not joke. He then told Lu Yang to go and get the Red Stone Fruit. Lu Yang also agreed.

Was Lu Yang retarded? You are overestimating yourself?


No. The main reason was still because Lu Yang needed to challenge it himself! He needed actual combat!

A moment later. A ray of red light shot out from the side of the wooden hut. Instead, it was the Tibetan Xuanzhen that carried Lu Yang's body, using his incredible speed and strength, they made their way to the Feathered Mountain Range.

The Humpback Mountain Range was not a single mountain. Instead, it was a mountain that was connected from head to toe. The distance between the front and the back was also several hundred miles. This was because the mountain range was barren.

It just so happened that the Hairy Hair Mountain Range and the outer area of the Boundless Demon Forest was just around the corner, and in the warrior, the Hairy Hair Mountain Range was exceptionally famous.

In fact, it wasn't just the Ghost Gaze Forest that had ferocious beasts. There were also quite a few social wild beasts living in the Protuberant Hair Mountain Range. The iron wolf was one of them.

At this moment, it was the end of winter. There were piles of snow and layers of snow on the hump mountain range. From afar, no rocks could be seen. There is only a world of white flowers

The Tibetan Xuanzhen brought Lu Yang and casually landed on a wide plain. Tibetan Xuanzhen still did not leave a trace. But without the support of the Tibetan Xuanzhen, Lu Yang wouldn't be able to do this.

As soon as he landed on the ground, his feet sank into the snow until he was knee-deep.

In his hand was still the seventy centimeters long long long blade. He was wearing a short-sleeved jacket made out of animal skin. The current Lu Yang's body, when compared to an ordinary person's, was extremely strong. He didn't care about the cold winter air.

"Ten kilometers ahead is the iron wolf Cave. The Red Stone Fruit is in the iron wolf Lair. " The Tibetan Xuanzhen laughed.

"Heh heh."

Lu Yang laughed, and did not say much.

Without hesitation, he headed in the direction of the iron wolf. Three breaths of time later, Lu Yang suddenly turned around, but the figure of the Tibetan Xuanzhen had already disappeared. The surroundings were pitch black, with a wide field of vision, he really had no idea where Tibetan Xuanzhen was hiding.

"Heh, this old bastard."

Lu Yang secretly cursed at Tibetan Xuanzhen.

In truth, how could he not understand? The Tibetan Xuanzhen was definitely not truly far away. He hid in a corner, watching him silently. If he really was in danger of losing his life, Tibetan Xuanzhen would definitely appear.

He didn't care. Lu Yang raised his head and took a step, leaving behind a series of deep footprints on the snow. If there was anyone else looking at Lu Yang's face, they would have definitely discovered it. That somewhat innocent face was filled with vigilance and seriousness.

No one would joke around with their life, and Lu Yang was the same.

In this snowy humpy mountain range, there may be a deep danger buried in the snow.

The facts proved that Lu Yang's vigilance was not ineffective. It's not the result of cowardice

Not even two kilometers away from Lu Yang. His body was now ten meters away. On a snowy surface, there was an extremely slight wiggle ?

Lu Yang's eyes were sharp, the moment a sense of danger surfaced in his heart. Lu Yang made a prompt decision and with a leap, he moved like the wind, leaving behind an afterimage in the snow.

"Mantis Jump!"

They could only see Lu Yang's body bend in the air, twisting into a strange arc, as his entire body jumped around like a giant mantis.

Three percent of the essence of the beasts was deeply engraved in Lu Yang's mind. A thousand eight hundred moves were all at hand. Easy and smooth

It neatly landed two meters away, and caught sight of a white shadow, dragging the half meter long fluffy tail of the beast, and pounced straight to where Lu Yang was standing just now. Those eight sharp claws glimmering with cold light were abnormally frightening ?

"Snow Fox!"

Lu Yang recognized the white beast with a single glance.

A snow fox was a cunning animal that resided in the snow. In the four seasons of the year, it only appears when winter falls and the entire mountain is covered in snow. For the rest of the season, it would hide in underground caves, where it would hibernate like a snake.

This sort of Snow Fox was extremely cunning and specialized in sneak attacks. If an ordinary person were to barge into the snow, they would die under the claws of the Snow Fox.

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