Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C14 Terrifying Attack with a Value of 400 (2)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C14 Terrifying Attack with a Value of 400 (2)
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C14 Terrifying Attack with a Value of 400 (2)

In the soft snow was the territory of the Snow Fox.

Even if it was in the forest, the speed and agility of the pigeon monkey that Lu Yang met before was far inferior to that of the Snow Fox in the snow. If it was the Lu Yang half a year ago, the Snow Leopard would have launched a sneak attack just now. Not to mention whether or not Lu Yang had discovered it beforehand. Even if the Snow Wolf appeared in front of Lu Yang and attacked him right in front of his eyes, Lu Yang still might not be able to dodge it.

It could be seen that half a year ago, Lu Yang's own strength had increased by a terrifying amount.

One hit miss!

The Snow Fox seemed to be slightly enraged.

His face was shaved, and even his mouth and nose were covered with white fur. However, those two black eyeballs revealed an expression of embarrassment, annoyance and anger. extra humanization

This Snow Fox was truly a cunning beast. It possessed a certain level of intelligence. If it was just a little bit stronger, and was able to draw in heaven and earth origin energy to itself, then it would become a spirit beast.

Spirit beasts were terrifying because they could draw upon the energy of heaven and earth and use it to wash one's body, cut one's hair and cleanse one's marrow, and form a beast's strength that was unique to spirit beasts. This kind of beast power was very condensed and powerful. Not only could it support the spirit beasts in their terrifying physical attacks, it also possessed extremely bizarre long-ranged attacks.

Usually, when human warrior s encounter spirit beasts, it would be an extremely dangerous matter.

One had to know that human experts, upon reaching the Warrior General Realm, could communicate with the world and draw in heaven and earth origin energy to fuse with their own inner strength to form the postharvest qi. However, even the postharvest qi could not withstand a single blow when it met a spirit beast's power.

Unless one reached the Dou Wu Wang Realm, the postharvest qi could evolve and form Xiantian Zhen Qi. Only then would he be able to contend against the lowest tiered spirit beasts. In the vast history of the Boundless Demon Forest, there was a large amount of evidence proving that there was such a terrifying spirit beast.

It was said that there was once a generation of Warrior Sage experts that entered the Boundless Demon Forest alone. Less than a thousand miles away, he retreated in panic. Even after he ran out, his face was still pale. From then on, he didn't dare to take another step forward.

Lu Yang glared at the Snow Fox coldly as a cold glint flashed past his eyes. He tightened his grip on the long blade in his hand and held it horizontally in front of him. alert

ji ji *

The Snow Fox howled at Lu Yang with its sharp beak.

Suddenly, a white light flashed. It was unbelievably fast. White and white blended together, as if a snow fox had blended together with the snow ?

ji ji *

Just as he heard the Snow Fox's shrill cry, he saw that the Snow Fox had already arrived in front of him.

His eight claws were shining with a white light, exuding an aura of sharpness ?

"Humph!" "Damn beast!"

Lu Yang was not stupid, he thought that this white creature that looked like a fox was very cute. He knew that as long as he was slightly slower, he would have been torn into pieces by the Snow Fox's claws earlier.

"Tch!" He raised the long sword in his hand. There was a soft cry, as if it was also howling. It was angry that it hadn't seen its blood for half a year ?

What was a blade?

The knife was not used to cut vegetables or to cut fruits, but was used to kill.

Both of Lu Yang's feet stomped on the ground, causing his entire body to soar into the sky like a fierce horse. A blurry afterimage could be seen where he stood, and he had already reached a height of three meters in the air.

The saber rose up in anger, and the domineering force rumbled out.

The cold light brought about a wave of billowing snowflakes.

This was the equivalent of two thousand jin of strength. It was roaring and roaring ?

And this, was only the power of Lu Yang's body!

That's right! It was precisely the strength of Lu Yang's body!

He started from the practice of the 'Universe Revolutions', taking advantage of the advantages that others couldn't possess. The speed at which the potential of the body was being developed through the use of inner strength. In just three short months, Lu Yang had brought the growth of his body's strength to a peak!

As early as a month ago, Lu Yang had already raised the third round stone. That was a force of 1600 jins. Later, after a month of hard work.

The strength of Lu Yang's body had only reached two thousand kilograms.

On the other hand, the attack power of the Black Dragon Ring in Lu Yang's body was 400! Not 200!

Because, in the process. Lu Yang had finally cultivated the first level of the [Universe Revolving] technique to its peak. This allowed him to have 10% of his inner strength.

If this portion of inner strength was mixed into the body, it would attack. It could explode with an amplification of two times, reaching 4000 jins of strength.

It had to be said that Lu Yang liked Black Dragon Ring to the extreme. If he could detect the greatest amplification of inner strength in his body, then when he truly steps into the warrior world, he would not have to worry about not being able to see the opponent's strength clearly.

"To know oneself and know the enemy; to be invincible in a hundred battles!"

This was the essence of the essences left behind by the sages of China, the famous saying.

You know the strength of others, but others might not know your strength. Who of the two would be more active?

The mad saber roared angrily as it slashed furiously at the Snow Fox, which was mixed with snow.

ji ji *

However, the Snow Fox was indeed worthy of being called Lu Yang, a type of snow creature that even Lu Yang was wary of. His speed was unparalleled. It was as though its sneak attack wasn't at its full speed.

At this moment, the speed of his attacks was clearly faster than the speed of his sneak attacks.

The ferocious long saber had almost brushed past the Snow Fox's fur. The tremendous strength of two thousand jin hit nothing but air, sweeping up a gust of cold, strong wind from the falling snowflakes ?


Seeing that, although Lu Yang was angry, he was not surprised. It landed neatly in the snow. But just at that moment, Lu Yang moved again ?

"Rushing Horse Form!"

With a long and urgent hiss, Lu Yang's figure became like a galloping fierce horse.

The long blade swung out, forming a continuous stream of blade-light. This time, the saber was not focused on strength, but on speed. Lu Yang finally understood that he had to fight with the Snow Fox in the snow. A single word was not enough. The most important thing was speed.

If its speed wasn't as good as that of the Snow Leopard, no matter how strong it was, it wouldn't be able to hit the Snow Fox. If he couldn't hit the Snow Fox, then he could only turn all his attacks into useless work. As a direct result, he was exhausted, and was instead in danger of being attacked by the Snow Fox.

He wanted to kill this Snow Fox. Not only by strength, but also by speed

Sure enough, Lu Yang changed his offense. The Snow Fox was in a somewhat sorry state. Under Lu Yang's continuous barrage of blade light, it started to become somewhat clumsy. It was no longer as nimble as before, and still had the ability to counterattack to the side of Lu Yang's body.

Heh, in that case.

It just so happened to take advantage of Lu Yang's intentions.

In one go, Lu Yang practically used the two thousand kilograms of strength on his body to explode his speed. The sabre chased for a while, the more they fought, the faster they moved.

The Snow Fox was getting more and more bedraggled ?

ji ji *

Seeing that the Snow Leopard was in danger, and was about to lose its life under Lu Yang's blade.

An icy chill suddenly assaulted his heart. All the hairs on his body stood up as an extremely dangerous feeling emerged. Lu Yang could not be bothered, he attacked the Snow Fox, borrowing the snow to leap, he arrived at the side.


A slight sound of a sharp scar echoed in the air and fell into Lu Yang's ears.

Lu Yang clearly caught sight of another streak of white light from the corner of his eye, and he appeared next to the Snow Fox with unparalleled speed. At a glance, it was actually another Snow Leopard that had grown a size larger ?

"Damn this beast, it just can't change its habit of sneakily attacking." Lu Yang was a little apprehensive. This Snow Leopard that appeared later on was obviously stronger than the previous one.

"It's a bit hard to deal with now." Lu Yang thought.

Indeed. One big and one small Snow Fox attacked Lu Yang from the front and back as if they were crazy. This cunning thing seemed to have eaten Lu Yang for sure. In their eyes, this child who was obviously still a child was their food.

With just the strength of his body, Lu Yang was truly unable to make ends meet. Relying on the Hundred Beast Skill, he could guarantee that he wouldn't be harmed by the Snow Fox.

But speaking of killing, these two Snow Fox's words. Not likely.

He felt hatred in his heart. He gritted his teeth.

Ten percent of his inner strength was attracted by his will. The aura on Lu Yang's body abruptly exploded outwards. An enormous pressure was pressing down, causing the snowflakes in the air to sway and sway.

Roar Gold Bee! Kill! "

An even sharper and metallic voice, that sounded like the cry of an eagle, came out from Lu Yang's throat.

Lu Yang moved at a speed that had never been seen before, as though he had turned into wind. He leapt into the air, balanced his body, and suddenly froze. He clasped his hands together and grasped the longblade.

In an instant, two white, solid shadows of the blade appeared in the air. They each surrounded two Snow Fox, one big and one small.

This was the misconception that Lu Yang had pushed his speed to the limit. In reality, Lu Yang had swung out two blades from different directions in an instant. Because the speed was too fast and the time was too short, there was a visual error.

However, if there was anyone who had seen Lu Yang using the Gold Sluggish Strike at Gui Jianxue half a year ago and saw the Gold Slug Strike again, they would have definitely discovered it. The Lu Yang this time, was far from that time, and far less so, than that time when there was an additional strand of absolute killing intent in front of him! Especially that killing aura, it was even more shocking!

As he looked at the two Snow Fox's, he seemed to feel an extreme sense of danger. He was running all over the place while his mouth kept making "ji ji ji" sounds. However, he couldn't get rid of that substantial shadow of the blade at all ?


The shadow of the blade streaked across the sky without any suspense, with absolute speed and absolute strength. He had killed two Snow Fox. The blood that splattered down from the sky added a touch of bright red to the vast expanse of white snow.

Wherever the blood light passed, Lu Yang's body fell to the ground. The huge impact had yet to completely dissipate, and the snow within a three meter radius even exploded, creating a deep crater and revealing its original face as a mountain rock!

This was an absolute slaughter with an attack strength of 400! This was also the first time in Lu Yang's life that he could stand on the ground with ease after killing an opponent with his own strength!

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