Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C16 iron wolf Disappeared (2)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C16 iron wolf Disappeared (2)
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C16 iron wolf Disappeared (2)

What a thick infernal energy!

Lu Yang frowned. He was completely sure that this group of iron wolf had been through countless massacres. Otherwise, there wouldn't be such a dense smell of blood.


The Snow Fox appeared again. In the pale snow, in the midst of the snowflakes, a petite figure rushed out. At his incredible speed, all he could see was a blurry white figure. In the snow-white world, you can ignore

But it was precisely this small white figure that had charged into the edge of the iron wolf group in a flash.


Eight claws that flickered with cold light tore through the air. Like tearing a piece of paper, the iron wolf's flesh was torn apart. Blood rained down from the sky, mixing with the snow and water on the ground. Instantly, it turned into a bright red color ?

Lu Yang saw all of this. He was now even more certain of his conjecture.

This Snow Leopard could kill iron wolf s on its own in the snow.

Only, at this time, the iron wolf was already enraged.

Waves of a crazy aura spread out in all directions. The group revolt, immediately became incomparably cruel ?

The first to be unlucky was that Snow Fox that attacked. Just as it tore apart the fifth iron wolf, it was drowned out by that group of iron wolf. In an instant, the little body of the Snow Fox became countless pieces of flesh.

The iron wolf did not care, as whether this was a battlefield or not. A dozen or so iron wolf s squeezed together and tore the Snow Fox's body apart to eat it. The traces of blood that remained on the snow-white ground were merely pools of blood ?

After eating, the group of iron wolf seemed to have become even more violent.

Horned Aries

Snow squirrel with a tail

And the tame snow fox bear

Under the attacks of a group of iron wolf, each and every one of them turned into a miserable corpse.

Lu Yang held his breath as he watched intently. He suddenly realized that some of the faster animals had taken advantage of the chaos to run away and disappear into the snow.

Furthermore, all the animals that died from being surrounded by the iron wolf were those animals that were either slower in speed or lower in alertness, or were slightly cumbersome ?

In just a short moment, the surface of the snow within a radius of ten meters had turned into a blood-red world. Where could he see any trace of snowflakes?

On the other hand, the iron wolf had also paid a lot of price for this. After a round of killing, the iron wolf group had lost quite a bit. There were at least seventeen or eighteen iron wolf that fell consecutively.

What shocked Lu Yang the most was that these seventeen or eighteen iron wolf could not even preserve their corpses. The living iron wolf will divide them up and eat them all ?



At this time, the iron wolf had already reached the peak of its craziness. However, there weren't many animals left that were being attacked. There were only thirty to forty of them, and all kinds of wild animals ?

iron wolf used the advantage of numbers to surround these thirty-four wild beasts. As a result, these animals had no chance to escape. could not believe that these iron wolf did not have even the slightest bit of intelligence.

This guy was clearly using "military tactics".

The various animals that were surrounded by the iron wolf s were not weak in terms of individual strength. The difference in quantity wasn't too great. However, they were all not living animals like the iron wolf. Furthermore, they came from different races.

This was going to be troublesome.

Compared to the human army, the teamwork of individual iron wolf s was extremely laughable. After all, they lacked wisdom. But for the same uncivilized beast. Their individual coordination was undoubtedly at the pinnacle of a miraculous realm.

Occasionally, a dozen or so would gather to form a barrage of thorns, making the surrounding wild beasts fall into disarray. Occasionally, the light would scatter and attack ferociously, just like an army that was about to break down a city gate.

Pieces of furred flesh began to shatter under the claws of the wolf ?

The life forms all vanished. However, before they died, the power they could unleash was not even a tenth of their own.

Misfortune! But there was nothing he could do.

The mutual elimination of nature, the mutual devouring of biosecurity chains. This was an iron-clad rule that was hard to defy.

Looking at these brutal battles ?

What Lu Yang saw was pure killing, and pure flesh scattered everywhere. The attacks of the pack of wolves were extremely terrifying. undisguised


"Hundred Beast Skill" suddenly appeared in Lu Yang's mind. 1080 moves, every move was quickly displayed in his mind, like a huge screen, releasing a hundred types of fierce beasts and birds' sharp attacks.

At this time, Lu Yang's body that was buried under the snow, suddenly trembled violently.

Lu Yang's eyes revealed a look of shock.

A relaxed technique in his mind. If he released them all at the same time, wouldn't that be another shocking scene of a hundred beasts slaughtering? How terrifying was it compared to the devouring by these wolves?

Until now, when Lu Yang suddenly realized this.

What the Hundred Beast Skill represented was a massacre that was even more thorough, deeper, more direct, and fiercer than that of a pack of wolves! A hundred percent of the? Hundred Beast Skill?, at its peak, the deepest essence, perhaps what drew the heaven and earth, was a type of dao extremely close to slaughter!

In this Dao, there were no favors, no reasons, no benevolence, no rescue. It was all about the endless, yet simple and direct killing! The purpose of all this was to kill, to take their lives!

"What a good 'Hundred Beast Skill'!"

Lu Yang suddenly gasped in admiration.

He had to admire the creator of the < Hundred Beast Skill >, Xie Ji. He didn't dare be sure that Xie Ji was really like the legends, traveling to every corner of Dou Wu Continent to observe the Hundred Beasts Battlefield. But at least Lu Yang was sure that he had seen this kind of massacre before. Even worse than the one in front of him, it was everywhere.

Without such close-ranged observation, it would have been impossible to observe the immense power brought about by each of the beasts' instinctual attacks from the depths of the earth.

Genius! Xie Ji was truly a genius!

And now, Lu Yang had gained a lot from his sudden enlightenment. Although it was a bit sudden. But Lu Yang had no choice but to rejoice. It was because he had observed the massacre of the wolves with his mind. Yet it had allowed the full meaning of his? Hundred Beast Skill? to jump another ten percent.

At this time, in Lu Yang's mind, the? Hundred Beast Skill? was undoubtedly a new kind of qi image. More than half of his spirit was already gone. After giving Lu Yang sufficient time, he would cultivate again with all his might.


Along with the increase in his understanding of the Hundred Beasts' mysteries by 10%. An excited expression surfaced in Lu Yang's eyes.

His tightly clenched fists could not help but tremble, and even the snowflakes that were covering his body were sent flying, the snowflakes could no longer cover up Lu Yang's body.

"Let's fight!"

In Lu Yang's mind, an idea suddenly popped up, stimulating Lu Yang's excited emotions. This made Lu Yang eager to give it a try.

They saw the group of iron wolf slaughtering the surrounding animals. Furthermore, their losses were quite large, leaving only about fifty iron wolf behind. To Lu Yang, this was undoubtedly a huge challenge.

Although it was dangerous, Lu Yang was still unable to control his fighting spirit, and wanted to test the taste. Maybe it was because the comprehension of the meaning of the < Hundred Beast Skill >, the direct killing intent, had stimulated Lu Yang.

Until the very end, Lu Yang was still unable to control it. His body suddenly shot up into the sky from the falling snow. A single shot sent him flying four meters off the ground. He threw it far down the mountain.


The surging roar actually made Lu Yang's thin body become filled with heroic spirit. An indescribable masculinity was vividly displayed.

It was a boldness that did not fear danger, did not fear life or death!

Lu Yang's roar undoubtedly attracted the attention of a pack of wolves. All of a sudden, the bloody aura emanating from the pack of wolves became even stronger. It spread through the air, causing the icy cold air to become even more turbid ?

His two feet nimbly landed on the snowy ground halfway up the mountain, and deeply sunk in. However, this didn't affect Lu Yang's nimble body in the slightest. He only borrowed the force of the backlash to jump up and down twice in a row to reach the bottom of the mountain ?

Raising his long sword horizontally, he decisively cut off the two iron wolf near by! Instantly, the ground was once again filled with blood ?

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