Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C17 Slaughter (1)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C17 Slaughter (1)
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C17 Slaughter (1)


Lin Wen's sudden appearance had taken the lives of two iron wolf. It undoubtedly had a new visual impact on the iron wolf.

Even if it was a group of people, after successfully killing an opponent, they would still go crazy from encountering such a sudden attack from Lu Yang. What's more, these iron wolf only knew how to kill, their entire body only had beasts.

In that moment, the ten iron wolf s who were closest to Lu Yang pounced over.

When he was truly facing the iron wolf, Lu Yang finally had a true personal experience. No matter the savage aura or the speed at which it pounced, this iron wolf was two times faster than an ordinary wolf.

It was so fast that Lu Yang could barely see anything. He definitely could not be underestimated.

Fortunately, the current Lu Yang, when compared to half a year ago, was like heaven and earth.

A "snake tail", its body extremely twisted and full of strange movements, happened to be nimble, ingenious to the point of being peaked when it struck a dozen or so iron wolf, and it pierced through the exposed gap.

The moment he went out, the saber that was already stained with the blood of wolves emitted a sharp cry, and the sharp aura that entered into the soul rippled outwards. Spin out two simple but obvious loops to the left and right

"Hiss hiss."

Two fresh blood flew out, and another two iron wolf died under the long blade.

The splattering blood even landed on the beast skin on Lu Yang's body.

This short exchange of blows further proved the progress of Lu Yang's strength for half a year. When he thought about half a year ago, Lu Yang's strength had not even reached four hundred kilograms, and even the? Hundred Beast Skill? that he had cultivated for two years, did not even have ten percent of its essence.

How could he be like Lu Yang today, who had forty percent of the Hundred Beasts' essence, plus his two thousand kilograms of strength, and had ten percent of his inner strength. All sorts of attack moves originated from the Hundred Beast Skill and were even more easily executed.

On a snowy surface in the distance, it was unknown when. The figure of the Tibetan Xuanzhen appeared. It was still like the miracle hanging in the sky, not leaving a single mark on the snow surface.

However, surprise was written all over his face that was covered by the red fur.

The layman watched the show, while the expert watched the show.

As a high level warrior, Tibetan Xuanzhen was definitely not an amateur.

At this moment, Lu Yang's performance clearly showed that there was another difference between heaven and earth.

In front of the convex hair mountain range, Lu Yang's "Hundred Beast Skill" was clearly in the thirty percent profound realm. But at this time, Lu Yang's actions were extremely efficient and skillful, he clearly knew what to do, what to do, and what to do. He had improved by a large amount.

Without mentioning its power, just looking from afar, the Tibetan Xuanzhen could feel that Lu Yang's actions were much smoother and more nimble. The charm that was revealed was even more plain and simple.

All sorts of phenomena were telling the Tibetan Xuanzhen that Lu Yang's? Hundred Beast Skill? had still reached a higher level, touching upon a realm similar to essence.

He couldn't help but feel gratified.

In the Dou Wu Continent, with so many warrior, there were very few people who could cultivate the most basic < Hundred Beast Skill > to Lu Yang's current realm. It wasn't because other people's aptitude was lacking, nor was it because they weren't diligent enough.

In the eyes of the Tibetan Xuanzhen, there were countless warrior s. Compared to Lu Yang who had a higher aptitude and trained harder, there were a lot of them. But they undoubtedly had a common disease that had been passed down in the Dou Wu Continent.

That was the yearning for power.

The desire for vision was originally a good thing. If a person did not yearn for strength beforehand and did not have the motivation to advance, how could he possess even greater strength?

However, sometimes, if the reason is too late, good things can become bad.

The warrior s, because of their yearning for power. She wanted to be stronger and more powerful. For this reason, she actually did not place the [Hundred Beast Skill] in her eyes.

Even though the Hundred Beast Skill was widely spread, in most people's eyes, it was still the most basic and lowest level of martial arts. There was one thing Tibetan Xuanzhen did not tell Lu Yang.

In the Dou Wu Continent, other than the Divine Grimoire, there were all kinds of books. Hundred Beast Skill was classified as the lowest grade of the Yellow Ranking.

It was precisely because of this that when most of the warrior s tempered their bodies with the Hundred Beast Skill as much as possible, they did not sincerely study and comprehend the < Hundred Beast Skill >, but used the < Hundred Beast Skill > as a tool to develop the body's potential.

Once the warrior produced inner strength. Most of the warrior had abandoned the < Hundred Beast Skill > and turned to look for higher level books, cultivate inner strength, or even higher levels of cultivation ?

In fact, wasn't this how Tibetan Xuanzhen experienced things? The moment Lu Yang produced inner strength, the Tibetan Xuanzhen passed on the < Universal Revolution > to him, but did not mention anything about the < Hundred Beast Skill >. From this incident, it could be seen that the Tibetan Xuanzhen did not really care much about whether or not he should continue to cultivate the [Hundred Beast Skill].

If it wasn't because Lu Yang's situation was a little special, and not because his body's potential had developed to its peak, only then would he produce inner strength. He was afraid that the Tibetan Xuanzhen would really stop Lu Yang from wasting his time on the Hundred Beast Skill.

The original intention of the Tibetan Xuanzhen was also for Lu Yang to borrow the power of the Hundred Beast Skill to completely unleash his body's potential. However, he never expected that after some time had passed, Lu Yang's comprehension of the essence of the "Hundred Beast Skill" seemed to have reached a level that exceeded ordinary talent. Within half a year, he had made a series of improvements.

Until now, the Tibetan Xuanzhen had already discovered it. Just based on his understanding of the Hundred Beast Skill, he was truly inferior to Lu Yang.

Lu Yang was in the group of iron wolf, so he did not see the figure of the Tibetan Xuanzhen in the distance. Naturally, he would be unable to know the complicated thoughts that were running through the Tibetan Xuanzhen's mind.

At this time, Lu Yang was completely immersed in the secrets of beasts. Inside his mind, he was operating at top speed. A thousand eight hundred moves appeared in his mind in an instant, as if they had been moved by nature.

And in his eyes, what he saw was actually more than forty iron wolf. His face was full of concentration and excitement

The Lu Yang of half a year ago, had really not thought that he would have such a strong ability to face a group of several tens of iron wolf without being afraid.

"Rushing Horse Style!"

He was like a galloping horse, his momentum like a hot knife through butter.

On the snow surface, there were still afterimages of Lu Yang as he changed between the pack of wolves. It struck at the eyes of the pack of wolves.

Sabers and sabers were in the air for their lives. It seemed like they had no rules, but without a doubt, they were the simplest and most lethal of moves. It was the most direct and simplest killing path that had been transformed from the Hundred Beasts' Essence of Fire.

From time to time, blood would spurt into the air! The wolf's head fell to the ground.

But at this time, Lu Yang had not even used his inner strength.

Just by relying on his physical strength, the speed and attack power that he unleashed was the fatal killing intent that the iron wolf was unable to withstand. It was not Lu Yang's arrogance, nor was it Lu Yang's arrogance. It was indeed only after the slaughter that he noticed. He didn't need to increase his inner strength to accomplish something.

Of course, Lu Yang didn't think that relying on his own physical strength would allow him to run amuck. They had completely eliminated the thirty or so remaining iron wolf.

The biggest disadvantage of physical strength was that it could not last long.

With Lu Yang's current abilities, his greatest support was only the time it took to brew a cup of tea. After this time, if Lu Yang did not activate the inner strength within his body, his body would feel waves of numbness. This was the result of him overtaxing his physical strength.

If that happened, he would undoubtedly be dismembered by the pack of wolves as soon as he stumbled.

And Lu Yang, during the process of killing. Without a doubt, he was also looking for a balance in this tea time. He used his physical strength to a maximum without overdrawing his body. Can support the next attack.

This group of iron wolf were completely unlucky. If they had human minds, they would definitely be flustered and exasperated. She had clearly tortured and killed food. As long as she ate these food, he would be able to endure for several days. At this moment, a mantis was killed. Causing a group of iron wolf to suffer such heavy losses.

Actually, if this group of iron wolf had the speed of a snow fox, Lu Yang would definitely not have rushed down. The result was no different from courting death.

One or two Snow Fox, maybe even three or five. Lu Yang was still confident that he could increase his inner strength by 10%. However, if it was a group of forty to fifty people, Lu Yang would definitely be killed by the Snow Fox's speed. There was no room for negotiation.

A third of the time needed to boil a kettle of tea had passed.

Lu Yang increased his speed several times and killed seventeen or eighteen iron wolf. To Lu Yang, this was the first time in his life that he had had such a great battle record.

At this time, Lu Yang kicked another iron wolf away. Seven or eight iron wolf s pounced over from his back. In times of danger, Lu Yang's body suddenly underwent a drastic change as a strange aura instantly spread outwards. Even his figure was extremely strange ?

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