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C18 killing

He was as crafty as a rabbit! Moving like a fox!

This was the best description for Lu Yang's body that instant.

There was a strange swaying, and his speed was extremely fast. They easily escaped from the few iron wolf that were attacking from behind.

He jumped up, almost brushing the snow as he rushed forward. The huge force beneath his feet caused the snow to fly everywhere.


He did not know if it was because the iron wolf felt its anger and shouted crazily, but there was actually an aura of unwillingness.



Lu Yang felt the urge to kill. It was the first time in his life that he had felt power in his hands. It was a feeling of initiative. To Lu Yang, this feeling was undoubtedly fresh and full of excitement.

He could be sure that Lu Yang liked this feeling very much.

He held the situation in his hands and grasped the direction of the situation.


In his excitement, Lu Yang had a deeper understanding of the < Hundred Beast Skill >. His previous comprehension had allowed him to comprehend 40% of the essence of the technique. All that was lacking was practice.

And this battle, for Lu Yang, was undoubtedly a perfect opportunity. Each and every move of the < Hundred Beast Skill > technique was originally simple and sharp, but every single move was filled with the most direct killing intent. Now that it was displayed in Lu Yang's hands, it gave off a carefree feeling that was as natural as flowing water.


Once again, it became horizontal and horizontal, revealing a bloody scene.

Lu Yang simply maintained his speed and agility like a rabbit. They travelled through the gaps between the wolves and took the lives of the iron wolf with their blade and blade.

Time flowed on nonstop. Looking at the time taken to boil a cup of tea, two-thirds of the time had already passed.

Lu Yang slowly restrained himself from looking at her with the excited expression on his face.

There were also twenty iron wolf s.

If you don't work harder, kill them all. Lu Yang's body would not be able to hold on any longer. By that time, even if the inner strength within his body were to explode out, he would still be missing a host body.

After all, inner strength was formed from the essence of his flesh and blood, flowing through his meridians. It was originally one with the body. However, inner strength could only be channeled through the body, serving as a vehicle for the eruption. His body was about to collapse. Sour and tired. Thus, he was no longer able to unleash his inner strength.

A cold light flashed in Lu Yang's eyes as he made his decision. Combined with the 10% increase in inner strength. With the fastest speed possible, he sent the remaining twenty iron wolf to hell. In any case, he had already practiced and comprehended what he needed to comprehend.

There was no value in keeping the rest of the iron wolf.

With a thought, ten percent of the inner strength in his meridians started flowing rapidly. In a few breaths of time, Lu Yang had only managed to dodge a few attacks. Ten percent of the inner strength in his body quickly circulated in his meridians.

Suddenly, an extremely strong aura surged from Lu Yang's body.

The killing intent was threatening, but it was heavy, and it emitted a sharp aura.

However, right at this moment, the twenty iron wolf seemed to be able to smell an extremely dangerous aura coming from Lu Yang's body.



At the same time, wolf howls burst out from the mouths of the twenty iron wolf.

Lu Yang's face suddenly changed.

He had keen ears and was very meticulous. Lu Yang quickly realized that the wolf howls this time were a little different from the crazy anger before.

Indeed, the wolf's howl from before. His howls were filled with extreme rage and even madness. However, the wolf howls from before did not come out of the twenty iron wolf's mouth at the same time. In addition, the wolf's howl from before sounded short.

But what about the wolf howl?

The twenty iron wolf were all standing. She roared angrily towards the sky. The breath, the voice. Lu Yang could even feel that these howls were abnormally condensed and filled with penetrating power. This penetrating power could carry the howls of the wolves as it traveled through the air ?.

Lu Yang suddenly realized.

This was not how the iron wolf vented its anger. It was not that the iron wolf had gone crazy. She was asking for help!

Yes, they were asking for help! The iron wolf itself was a social animal. In the distance was the iron wolf lair. This group of iron wolf must have come from the iron wolf lair. And the remaining twenty iron wolf in front of him, had realized the dangerous situation they were in. And with a roar that was unique to iron wolf s, he pleaded to her companions in the iron wolf Cave for help ?

"Humph!" "Sly guy!"

Lu Yang did not dare to slight him. He did not know how many more iron wolf were in the iron wolf cave. If he dragged the remaining iron wolf to the iron wolf, perhaps he wouldn't be able to escape.

He leaped up like a shadow chasing the wind. There were even afterimages behind him.

This was a 20% increase in inner strength, coupled with the strength of his body. A total of four thousand pounds of absolute strength exploding forth. This exceptionally powerful energy, when used on Lu Yang's body, would undoubtedly produce an incomparably powerful kinetic energy.


A string of afterimages, a stride.

The long sword was raised, blood spurting out one after another ?

The iron wolf was still roaring and shouting.

However, he could not wait for his companions to arrive. The saber of slaughter was still on his way.

Lu Yang, who was shuttling through, slashed one blade after another with his iron wolf s, leaving behind a trail of blood.

The iron wolf was going crazy, but it was still unable to withstand Lu Yang's terrifying speed and four thousand kilograms of strength attack. Even the snowflakes on the ground gave off a spiralling force from the impact of this force. They scattered in all directions and formed a mist in the air ?

Five heads at a time

In a short moment, when it was two miles away in the air, a burst of aura surged, filled with killing intent, the howl of the wolf, matched the roar of the last iron wolf in front of Lu Yang, resonating in the cold air.

Lu Yang's blade had already flashed past the last ray of cold light and brilliant red.

The gigantic head of the iron wolf was cut far away and flew more than ten meters away, drowning in the snow.

Standing in the snow. Lu Yang looked in the direction of the wolves' howls. A look of cruelty crossed his face

He knew. The real iron wolf army had arrived. From two miles away, one could feel a rich infernal energy. Compared to the appearance of the hundreds of iron wolf, it was on a completely different level.

It was completely imaginable just how many iron wolf were galloping about.

He secretly estimated that there were probably more than four hundred iron wolf chasing them.

He looked around in search of a direction to dab his feet with oil. Lu Yang did not arrogantly believe that he could kill the iron wolf army that was chasing after him.

The mountain peak from before was no longer suitable for hiding.

If the iron wolf army was too large in numbers, they would not be able to hide in this area, and the iron wolf would be able to detect them. Since the iron wolf lived in an environment like the Propelled Feather Mountain, it naturally would not let the snow fall all over the place. Instead, it would allow its prey to have a sense of smell.

The growth of a wild beast would be affected by the environment and would be suitable for such an environment. If the ground was covered with drifting snow, it could cover up the aura of their prey. This group of iron wolf would have been extinct long ago.


Tibetan Xuanzhen's figure quickly appeared. Standing beside Lu Yang.

He said, "Let's go." At least four hundred iron wolf came out of the iron wolf cave and chased after them. There were not many iron wolf left in the iron wolf Lair. It just so happens that you can obtain the Red Stone Fruit at this time of the year. "

Lu Yang heard. Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

In fact, the Tibetan Xuanzhen did not really want Lu Yang to create the iron wolf Cave. Tibetan Xuanzhen did not think that Lu Yang would still be alive after entering the iron wolf Cave. The reason why he wanted Lu Yang to take action was to give Lu Yang a chance to fight in actual combat.

And previously, Lu Yang's performance had completely exceeded the Tibetan Xuanzhen's expectations.

Standing alone, with over fifty iron wolf s, he managed to kill them unharmed. This was enough to temper Lu Yang once.

Tibetan Xuanzhen grabbed Lu Yang's arm and pulled forcefully. He quickly disappeared from the spot. No matter what happens to the iron wolf that is chasing after us.

Under the Tibetan Xuanzhen's lead, they easily located the location of the iron wolf.

It was just as Tibetan Xuanzhen said. Inside the iron wolf cave, there were only a few ten remaining iron wolf left to guard.

Ten iron wolf, for Lu Yang. It was undoubtedly a simple matter.

Quick blade slashing through the chaotic situation. With the ten percent of his inner strength, he sent the ten iron wolf into hell.

Lu Yang was pleasantly surprised. He found the Red Stone Fruit that had just matured in the iron wolf cave.

He couldn't help but admire Tibetan Xuanzhen. As for the maturing time of the Red Stone Fruit, he had grasped it too well. When Lu Yang arrived at the iron wolf Lair, the Red Stone Fruit had matured in no less than a few minutes. If he had come earlier, he would have had to undergo a fierce battle. If he was a bit late, the Red Stone Fruit would have definitely become what the iron wolf said, and a new iron wolf King would be born.

Red Cliff Fruit was extremely useful for human Warrior Weapon, and it was an extraordinary treasure for iron wolf. Eating the Red Stone Fruit would have a miraculous effect on the iron wolf, allowing it to produce a strong power and thus establish its position as king within the group.

Unfortunately, the Red Stone Fruit had still fallen into Lu Yang's pocket. It had undoubtedly cut off the hope of one of the iron wolf in the group of iron wolf ?

However, when Lu Yang and the Tibetan Xuanzhen walked out of the iron wolf cave with the Red Stone Fruit. A series of miraculous changes caused Tibetan Xuanzhen's face to change drastically, catching him off guard.

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