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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C19 A strange white cat
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C19 A strange white cat

Just as he walked out of the iron wolf Cave, he had just taken a breath of fresh air. Before Lu Yang could look down on him, the stench of the iron wolf Cave entered his ears. In the distant snowflakes, a white light shot out.

This white light was unbelievably fast. It could be said that Lu Yang had never seen anything like this white light before. If Snow Fox was not good, then so was his, Lu Yang's maximum speed.

The difference between the two couldn't be measured from the inside.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the sudden change in Tibetan Xuanzhen's expression. In his heart, he felt that things weren't going well.

The white light appeared in front of him in an instant. Lu Yang suddenly felt that a red light that was as fast as lightning had flashed in front of him.

A fist that had been wrapped in red light appeared in front of Lu Yang.

A wave of oppressive heat waves, as a suffocating and terrifying aura spread out in all directions. The fist hit the white light


Instantly, Lu Yang heard an angry shout from within the white light. In that moment, Lu Yang seemed to have smelt a wave of terrifying anger that did not seem to exist, but came from heaven and earth instead, rising from his own heart.

What was it that was so terrifying? What was that white light?

Lu Yang's face turned pale.


A huge red fist shot out from Tibetan Xuanzhen. In the end, the Tibetan Xuanzhen's speed still increased by a bit. Before the white light could reach Lu Yang's body, he struck the white light first.

A dull sound carried with it a gust of cold, astral wind.

Lu Yang only saw the white light shoot out a distance of about ten meters and smash into the snow. Snowflakes flew in all directions

Lu Yang's pupils seemed to rapidly contract. abnormal shock

What did he see?

The white light was actually a white kitten! At this time, the kitten landed on the snow, its two blue eyes glaring at Tibetan Xuanzhen.

"This ?"

At this time, even the Tibetan Xuanzhen was shocked, let alone Lu Yang.

The little kitten seemed to have suffered no damage from Tibetan Xuanzhen's terrifying punch. One must know that although that punch was not the full power of Tibetan Xuanzhen, it was at least eighty percent, and still carried the force of Innate Qi.

Not to mention hitting someone with this punch. Even if he were to smash into a small mountain, it would shatter the mountain rock into countless pieces. However, this punch did not cause any damage to the kitten. How could this not surprise Tibetan Xuanzhen?

If he hadn't experienced it for himself, he would have known that his punch was powerful. Tibetan Xuanzhen almost thought that he had hit the little white kitten.

However, what the Tibetan Xuanzhen did not know was that ?

Lu Yang stared at the white kitten's blue eyes. Through that furious expression, he actually felt a moment of monstrous anger. This anger was extremely bizarre, as if it came from the heaven and earth, an anger that came from the heaven and earth! However, this anger had once again formlessly appeared in his heart.

Weird! The heaven and earth would be angry? What was this kitten?

"Could it be that this is a spirit beast?" Suddenly, Lu Yang felt suffocated in his heart. Thinking about how terrifying the spirit beasts that the Tibetan Xuanzhen had always emphasized to him were. Once they met, they would run as far as they could.

That's not right! This spiritual beast seemed to have come for him earlier ?

What was attracting it from me?

Red Rock Fruit?

It needs the Red Stone Fruit?

That shouldn't be necessary. This thing would only be useful when fighting a Warrior Weapon or a normal wild beast. 'This spirit beast needs a Red Stone Fruit? '

Just then, Lu Yang's ears twitched. The Tibetan Xuanzhen beside him said this word by word with a heavy heart.

"Spirit beast!"

Indeed. It really was a Spiritual Beast. This little white kitten seemed quite harmless. He didn't expect it to be a spirit beast. With Lu Yang's pitiful knowledge, he really didn't know what kind of spirit beast this white kitten was.

Lu Yang had no choice but to ask the Tibetan Xuanzhen: "Master, what kind of spirit beast is this?"

Tibetan Xuanzhen shook his head, but he continued to stare at the little white kitten without moving.

"I don't know. "I've never heard of it."

"Never heard of it? Even Master doesn't know? " Lu Yang was a little surprised. He didn't know that it made sense since he had transmigrated here. Why didn't even the Tibetan Xuanzhen know?

"Nonsense." Dou Wu Continent was so big. There were countless spirit beasts in Boundless Demon Forest. Who could list the spirit beasts inside? This spirit beast was similar to a kitten, but she didn't know what it was. I think she ran out from Boundless Demon Forest. Stay close to me. "We'll leave immediately after a while."

Lu Yang no longer spoke but his eyes were wide open as he paid close attention to the little white kitten.

This attention did make him realize something.

It had four limbs and three inches of claws. On the kitten's head, one could vaguely make out these three wavy patterns of fur. These three wavy furs seemed to be not pure white, and within the white were extremely fine traces of pale gold. However, because the white color of the kitten's body was too dense, it was submerged in a light golden color.

"It doesn't seem to be a cat?" Lu Yang thought.


Just then, the white kitten also shifted its gaze to Lu Yang. Their gazes met.

Lu Yang suddenly had a strange feeling.

This strange feeling did not come out of nowhere. However, from the bottom of his heart, Lu Yang believed that this feeling was real.

"It doesn't seem to have any ill intentions towards me."

For some reason, Lu Yang felt that the little white kitten gave him a strange sense of familiarity. For no reason, when Lu Yang felt this intimacy, he felt different looking at the kitten.

The more he looked at the kitten, the more adorable it seemed to be. Suddenly, a special feeling of familiarity arose within him. It was as if this little white kitten was born with an inexplicable connection to him ?

His eyesight changed, and the expression on Lu Yang's face changed. Tibetan Xuanzhen very quickly noticed the change in Lu Yang.

"Lu Yang, what's going on? "What are you looking at?"

"Teacher, I ?"

"What's wrong?"

"For some reason, I suddenly felt that it did not have any ill intentions towards me. "It seems to be quite cordial," Lu Yang replied in embarrassment.


Tibetan Xuanzhen was a little surprised.

Spirit beasts were born with the ability to communicate with the heaven and earth, and absorb the heaven and earth origin energy. She was a natural born pet. Every spirit beast was brimming with intelligence and arrogance. When had they ever heard of a spirit beast taking the initiative to have a favorable impression of humans? If that was really the case, the warrior would not need to panic upon encountering a spirit beast.

"That's kind!"

The more Lu Yang looked at the little white kitten, the more determined he felt.

Unconsciously, Lu Yang took a step forward towards the white kitten.

Tibetan Xuanzhen's hands moved quickly as he reached out to grab it. He quickly pulled on Lu Yang's arm. Pulling Lu Yang to his side.

"Lu Yang, you brat, you have been possessed. Spirit beasts aren't something you can casually touch. Stay close to me. We have to get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, if it goes crazy, I might not be able to protect you. " The Tibetan Xuanzhen said in a serious tone.

While speaking, Tibetan Xuanzhen's figure suddenly jumped, and quickly dodged to the side. He brought Lu Yang and flew far away.

Who knows. Tibetan Xuanzhen's figure immediately moved.

The little white kitten moved as well. This time, the little white kitten was even faster. He had simply reached an unbelievable level. He really didn't know what was hidden in this tiny body that could actually explode with such speed.

With a strange twist in the air, the white kitten transformed into a white light and appeared in front of Tibetan Xuanzhen, wanting to stop him.

Tibetan Xuanzhen frowned. Swiftly twisting his profound movement technique, charging left and right, it was extremely profound. It was like a fish swimming in water, or a bird flying in the air. This time, Tibetan Xuanzhen really did use his own abilities. He wanted to use this mysterious movement technique to shake off the little white kitten.

Unexpectedly, the Tibetan Xuanzhen's movement technique was mysterious, and the little white kitten was an unknown monster. He couldn't look down on her at all. It didn't have a profound movement skill like the Tibetan Xuanzhen, but it had a natural flexibility and extreme speed. No matter how hard the Tibetan Xuanzhen tried to attack it, the little white kitten would always be able to accurately pinpoint where the Tibetan Xuanzhen was going to land. It would also be in front of the Tibetan Xuanzhen at the right time.


Tibetan Xuanzhen did not expect the little white kitten to have this kind of ability.

Based on Tibetan Xuanzhen's knowledge, even though the white kitten was a spirit beast, it was clearly still a young spirit beast. The strength in his body ought to not be any stronger than himself. He couldn't afford to provoke a spirit beast, so he was confident in getting rid of it.

However, he had not expected the little white kitten to be so agile and fast, even in its infancy. Just how terrifying would this spirit creature be when it reached adulthood?

Spirit beasts were different from human cultivators. Every spirit beast had three stages. Immature period, adult period, adult period. The difference in strength was like heaven and earth at different stages. A spirit creature in its adulthood was an existence that reached the peak of strength, a completely terrifying existence.


Tibetan Xuanzhen was anxious to get rid of the white kitten, so when he saw him push his movement skills to his fastest limit, he couldn't do anything. He couldn't help but be angered.

With a wave of his hand, he threw Lu Yang out. A wave of energy placed Lu Yang on the snow more than ten meters away.

He waved both his hands at the same time. He continuously called out, his ten fingers flicking as he coordinated them together with his two hands. Profound to the extreme! At the same time, Tibetan Xuanzhen's face and aura completely changed. He looked like an old monk in deep meditation.

The profound and illusory movements of his hands seemed to represent the seal of a lotus flower of the Buddha. An astonishing aura was leaking out from the center of Tibetan Xuanzhen's hands and growing rapidly. After a while, a shocking aura covered the sky and started to pour down ?

The little white kitten stood amidst this world-shaking aura.

At this moment, that tiny body was like a small boat drifting in the boundless ocean. It swayed and swayed in the strong wind that gathered its aura ?

When Lu Yang saw it, he instantly became anxious!

He knew that the Tibetan Xuanzhen was angry. Under the explosive attack, even if it was a Spiritual Beast, its tiny body would probably not be able to withstand it!

Nervous, Lu Yang opened his mouth, about to speak and stop Tibetan Xuanzhen.

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