Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C2 Gold Shot (2)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C2 Gold Shot (2)
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C2 Gold Shot (2)


The pigeon monkey suddenly jumped up. It was actually over three meters high in the air. He welcomed Lu Yang fearlessly!

A tiny monkey claw grabbed towards Lu Yang's long blade. He actually wanted to use his own body to take the hit, the blade in Lu Yang's hand!


In the blink of an eye, the clanging sounds were exceptionally clear.

Unexpectedly, the monkey's claws were as hard as metal. The long saber actually did not cause any damage.

"Piss off!" This damn monkey is too hard to deal with! "

Lu Yang was secretly angry in his heart!

The pigeon monkey's speed was fast and its body was nimble. In the forest that was everywhere, the pigeon monkey even had the advantage. He quickly slashed a dozen times. Either he was dodged by the monkey or he didn't hit the monkey's body. Instead, he chopped at the hardest part of its body ? the monkey's claws!

After a moment of effort, the more Lu Yang fought, the more impatient he became. Since he couldn't do anything about it, he had no choice but to fight. This Dove Monkey was not a good person, if it lost all resistance, it would dare to directly tear Lu Yang's small body apart and eat him.

However, right at this moment. Dove Monkey suddenly gave up on tangling with Lu Yang. With a flash, he rushed to a large tree at the side. With a few steps, he disappeared into the leaves of the tree. He could no longer find any trace of his shadow.

Lu Yang was surprised, just as he was wondering why the Turtle Monkey had suddenly slipped away.

"Awoo, awoo, awoo, awoo!"

Over a dozen wolves suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yang.

"Damn, what bad luck!"

Lu Yang's face changed. He really didn't know where these wolves came from. He arrived right in front of him.

He leaned back against the trunk of a large tree, not daring to give more than ten wolves a chance to encircle him. Although Lu Yang's target was wolves, it was not dozens of them. In Lu Yang's imagination, having three or five of them appear could not be better.

With Lu Yang's current strength, he could easily kill them! However, suddenly having a dozen of them was a bit dangerous. Lu Yang did not want to challenge his limits in this extremely evil forest.

However, the current situation did not allow him to make the decision.

More than a dozen wolves seemed to have starved for days. A pair of eyes, dark green, and looking numb.

With a roar, he pounced towards Lu Yang's skinny body.

"Damn it!"

"Fierce Tiger Slash!"

Lu Yang did not dare to be negligent, he leapt up and slashed across the sky! A tyrannical power that didn't match his appearance was revealed. Wherever the long blade passed, the wind howled. There was a faint domineering aura to it.

The knife cut into the head of a wolf, causing red and white liquid to spurt out. The smell of blood spread far and wide


Using this blade attack, Lu Yang's skinny body rolled on the ground. It stood a few meters away.

At this time, on Lu Yang's face, there was no longer that delicate and innocent child's face. His face was tainted with wolf blood, and there was an unspeakable baleful aura!

"Kill again!" "Rushing Horse Style!"

An angry bellow came out from the bottom of Lu Yang's throat. Lu Yang's four limbs suddenly made a strange movement, the arc drawn on the outside made him look like a thousand li horse galloping at full speed!

With three steps and two steps, Lu Yang charged towards the pack of wolves. It was actually two times faster than before.

Left and right slashes, fierce slashes!

Immediately, the four wolves that were driven mad by their companion's blood fell to the ground.

However, right at this moment, Lu Yang's body suddenly trembled, and slowed down, as though his petite body was no longer as strong as he was! After staggering for two steps, they were pounced on by two of the wolves!

Fortunately, Lu Yang raised his blade and blocked the wolf claws. Otherwise, this strike would have been able to cause a bloody hole to appear in Lu Yang's stomach.

However, the strong power from the wolf claws still pierced through Lu Yang's thin body. He fell on the ground a few times before he bounced back up!



At this time, Lu Yang was already breathing heavily.

After all, he was only eight years old. The organs of the petite body had yet to mature. With his current condition, if it were Earth, he would have already been shocked by the world!

"Damn it!" "I haven't produced any inner strength yet, and I really can't rely on my body's strength to deal with these wolves for a long time!" Lu Yang had already realized that he was in a dangerous situation.

The previous few consecutive moves had already made Lu Yang's body feel numb.

If this were to drag on, Lu Yang dared not imagine the outcome.


There were eight wolves left! Perhaps he had realized that the child in front of him was not that tasty. The eight wolves did not attack immediately. However, their dark green eyes clearly showed that they were not willing to give up.


In Lu Yang's mind, a thought flashed. However, he quickly denied it himself.

It was already too late to retreat. Now, he wanted to use his maximum speed to surpass eight wolves. It was no longer possible. Moreover, if they retreated, they would attract the attention of the eight wolves.

Where was the battle? He didn't seem to have any extra strength left.

A strange stalemate appeared between one man and eight wolves! A strange and solemn atmosphere slowly formed in the air between the two sides. Lu Yang was already having trouble breathing.

After the time it took to brew a cup of tea, both sides did not act rashly.

However, right at this moment, a tsui tsui sound rang out. A grey shadow rushed down from a tree trunk. It was none other than the Turtle Monkey from before!

Dove Monkey waved its pair of grey monkey claws and rushed towards Lu Yang.

His speed was unparalleled.

When it started raining, Lu Yang finally understood why the annoying Turtle Monkey ran away. This beast was actually so crafty that it wanted to hide somewhere to pick up the loot.

For a moment, Lu Yang did not know whether to hate or be angry!

The icy cold aura rippled in his heart.

Lu Yang used all of his strength to throw himself towards the side. The instant he fell to the ground, he felt a burning pain on his back. It was even more painful than the scratch on his shoulder just now.

The scalding liquid mixed with his perspiration, and drenched Lu Yang's back.


A wolf, it was indeed a cruel beast with a slight spiritual nature. He had seized the best opportunity in an instant. When the Dove Monkey appeared and attacked Lu Yang, the eight wolves quickly pounced at Lu Yang.

His speed was as fast as lightning.

Lu Yang didn't even have time to turn around, his eyes only saw that the eight wolves and pigeon monkeys were already a step away. In the next moment, it was enough to tear Lu Yang's petite body into countless pieces.

Immediately, Lu Yang's pupils contracted as a strong sense of hatred and anger mixed together and shot out from his eyes! It was strangely agglomerating!

A furious roar came from the bottom of Lu Yang's throat. Like a crazy beast, he threw out a last ditch struggle! In the blink of an eye, the furious roar had condensed into a sharp screech, as if it was the cry of a hawk flying high in the sky!

Its small and thin body leapt up, reaching a height of three meters! Normally, Lu Yang would not dare to imagine himself possessing such power. But at that moment, Lu Yang could not figure out why this power came so suddenly! Is this the potential of life?

He held the long saber with both of his hands as his body spun around at high speed. The tip of the saber was like the sharp beak of a bird. An invincible aura spread out from it!

"Gold Bee Strike!"

As he shouted, a surge of energy transformed into nine beams of light! The nine slashes were like a golden barrage soaring high up into the sky of Dou Wu Continent. One strike was like a thunderbolt!

All the power, along with the power that seemed to have the potential to live, was split into nine.

Every single sound had penetrated the heads of the eight wolves and the pigeon monkey! The speed of the thunderbolts and the nine beasts were unable to dodge. It instinctively let out a cry!

Blood and flesh filled the air as the red and white liquid fell onto the ground. It was extremely cruel!


Lu Yang dropped to the ground and fainted. In the instant before he fainted, Lu Yang saw the death of the nine beasts! Involuntarily, a satisfied smile rose on Lu Yang's face


An extremely fast red phantom flashed past. A red-robed old man with a head of hair and eyebrows, and a beard that was completely red appeared at Lu Yang's side.

Look at Lu Yang's petite body! The red-robed elder was all smiles.

"Kid, you have potential!"

With a light wave of his hand, Lu Yang's thin and small body was pulled into the air by a force and held onto by the red-robed elder. With a flash, the figure disappeared once more ?

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