Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C3 Hundred Beast Skill (1)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C3 Hundred Beast Skill (1)
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C3 Hundred Beast Skill (1)

At the bottom of the humpback mountain range. At the Verdant Wood Manor.

A red phantom streaked across the sky, fast to an unbelievable level. No one in the enormous Verdant Wood Manor actually saw this scene.

On the east side of the Verdant Wood Manor, in front of a wooden house. The red-robed elder suddenly appeared with the unconscious Lu Yang in a strange manner. Fortunately, no one here had seen this bizarre scene. Otherwise, they didn't know whether they would have thought it was the descent of a ghost or not.

The red-robed elder walked with ease towards the wooden house. The furnishings inside the wooden house were very simple. Other than some necessary tools, there was a wooden bed, a wooden table, and a few bamboo chairs woven from green bamboo.

The red robed elder placed Lu Yang's body on the wooden bed. As he righted Lu Yang's body, he extended his hand like lightning and lightly tapped on the few acupuncture points on Lu Yang's back. Strands of light red light came out from his fingertips and entered into the acupuncture points on Lu Yang's back. , who was unconscious, regained his breath.

The red-robed old man walked out of the wooden house in satisfaction.

After a long time, the red-robed elder didn't come back in. In the hut, only Lu Yang lied down quietly. A little bit lonely

"Yu Han! Yu Han!"

An extremely soft voice, like that of a whisper, suddenly came out from the unconscious Lu Yang's mouth. It was obvious that Lu Yang did not wake up, but this kind of whispering, seemed to be an instinct!

"Yu Han! Yu Han!"

The red-robed elder was not at the side, if not, he would have definitely seen that following Lu Yang's call, Lu Yang's face had instinctively twisted and turned in pain! An extreme unwillingness to be left alone, wandering in a unique lonely atmosphere

"Ah! Yu Han!"

Suddenly, Lu Yang's entire upper body bounced up. He sat on the headboard of the bed and looked around the wooden house with a perplexed expression. A trace of distortion, a trace of pain, a trace of oppression, and a trace of loneliness appeared in the eyes of the eight year old Lu Yang!

What was going on? A mere eight year old child, how could he have such a complicated look in his eyes!? If this kind of gaze were to appear on an old man that had experienced many vicissitudes of life, it would not be strange for it to appear on a middle-aged man that had experienced many trials and hardships. But Lu Yang? Judging from his appearance, he was clearly a seven or eight year old child!

In fact! In Lu Yang's heart, there was a huge secret that was hidden! It was a secret that even the red-robed old man did not know about!

He is a transcender! A true transcender!

But Lu Yang was not happy about it, nor was he excited about it! Instead, he was at a loss!

Not for anything else, but because of the woman Lu Yang had whispered to himself, 'Yu Han'!

Lu Yang's previous life, was just an ordinary youth on Earth! He was an orphan, brought up in an orphanage! He had lived on Earth for 25 years, and even though he had experienced many hardships, he still had a career and a woman of his own! This woman, on the other hand, had grown up with her in an orphanage. She could be said to be a childhood sweetheart of hers. She is Yu Han!

Lu Yang and Yu Han studied together since young, and even graduated from the same university in the end, and became teachers at the same mountain village primary school. Originally, Lu Yang thought that he would live a peaceful and ordinary life with Yu Han.

God knows what happened!

Suddenly, one day, Lu Yang and Yu Han managed to squeeze out some time. They wanted to learn Romance. Let's go up to the mountain and watch the sunrise. However, it was just this one moment of surging emotions. Then something went wrong

When the sun appeared, they saw a strange meteor shower.

Just as the light in the sky scattered, Yu Han had mysteriously disappeared in front of Lu Yang. Not a trace was left. Even if a block of ice melted, it would leave behind a puddle of water! But when Yu Han disappeared, it was like a cool breeze blowing past, and he disappeared without a trace!

Lu Yang was going crazy! Twenty years of love, watching his beloved woman disappear right in front of him. How could Lu Yang not go crazy? How could he not be crazy?

But Lu Yang was unable to find her, and did not know where to find the woman he loved! Before Lu Yang could calm his heart, the meteor shower engulfed him! The moment before Lu Yang lost consciousness, he felt as if something had entered his body.

When Lu Yang regained consciousness again. He had become a six year old child! A child who was also called Lu Yang! Lu Yang accepted the memories of "Lu Yang" and found out that he had silently gone through a transformation of time and space.

A six year old Lu Yang, was also an orphan. had just been taken in as a disciple by a warrior called Tibetan Xuanzhen. Lu Yang suddenly received the memories without thinking. And a twenty-five year old Lu Yang, could only inherit everything from this "Lu Yang". And this inheritance lasted for two years!

In these two years, Lu Yang was crazily "tortured" by the Tibetan Xuanzhen! All sorts of methods to wear down his physical strength were used on Lu Yang one after another by the Tibetan Xuanzhen! This period of experience, in Lu Yang's opinion, was not any less than hell-like torture.

But Lu Yang was still willing to accept everything! There was no other way! Lu Yang knew that he didn't have a choice! This was because the Dou Wu Continent was a world where strength reigned supreme. It was a completely different story compared to the peaceful Earth of the past. If he did not want to die too early, he had to enhance his own strength! Without a doubt, strength came from cultivation!

Lu Yang let out a lonely sigh, that sorrowful loneliness spreading on his body.

"Yu Han, I wonder if I will ever have the chance to see you again?"

"Sigh ?"

Lu Yang got up and got off the wooden bed.

Lu Yang, on the other hand, had a strange reason for appearing in this wooden hut. This kind of situation had happened who knew how many times. Every single time, it was the Tibetan Xuanzhen that would bring him back.

Today was the same.

Just that, Tibetan Xuanzhen had done something on Lu Yang's body earlier. Once Lu Yang landed, he felt the weakness in his body disappear. Everything seemed to have returned to its previous state of not killing the wolves.

However, the wound on his shoulder and back that was scratched by the monkey-like claws still faintly stung.

Gently shaking his hands and feet, Lu Yang once again hid Yu Han at the bottom of his heart. Everything returned to the expression of an eight year old child. Two years of time was enough for Lu Yang to slowly get used to his current life. It was enough for Lu Yang to learn how to hide his deepest secret.

Walking out of the wooden house. They arrived at the empty space in front of the wooden house.

There was no one around!

This wooden house was the most remote and easternmost area of the Verdant Wood Manor. He didn't know how the Tibetan Xuanzhen managed to coax him, but the people from the Green Wood Sect rarely came to disturb him. In fact, the population of the Cyanwood Villa was less than two thousand. Not only that, they were already used to living in seclusion, and they didn't have any interactions with the cities of the outside world.

In the empty space. Lu Yang spread out his two feet as he took a deep breath, and sank his Qi deep into his dantian. A horse stance punching rack appeared from the body of Mt. Tai! He clenched his fists tightly and kept them at the sides of his waist!

This was the only martial art that Lu Yang had learned from the Tibetan Xuanzhen so far! This initial movement was in fact brewing, and only after the body's breathing and strength had been controlled to a stable state would it be possible to begin the < Hundred Beast Skill > technique!

The Hundred Beast Skill was famous throughout the Dou Wu Continent. On the Dou Wu Continent, there was a saying.

"Martial Arts were born with the origin of heaven and earth." Only the beasts of a hundred places will be able to do so! "

Since when did Dou Wu Continent have a warrior, Lu Yang did not know. However, Lu Yang knew that out of the eighteen billion people in all of Dou Wu Continent, thirty million of them had started cultivating the [Hundred Beast Skill].

As the name implied, warrior. It was an existence similar to the legendary martial artists on earth. It was just that the difference from Earth was that the warrior was public. And the martial arts experts on earth, were only limited to legends.

It was precisely because the warrior s on the Dou Wu Continent were public that they had the rule of supremacy in martial arts. There was a distinction between the strong and the weak! In Dou Wu Continent, no matter where one went, the strong and powerful warrior would always be respected.

warrior was divided into eight levels. Warrior Weapon, Warrior Warrior Warrior, Warrior General, Dou Wu Wang, Dou Wu Huang, Dou Wu Emperor, none of them had a saint or a Martial God!

At this time, Lu Yang, who was eight years old, was in fact warrior. However, he was now in the first rank of warrior ? ? Warrior Weapon!

And every battle weapon cultivated the Hundred Beast Skill!

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