Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C4 Hundred Beast Skill (Part II)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C4 Hundred Beast Skill (Part II)
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C4 Hundred Beast Skill (Part II)

From the ancient era onwards, the Warrior Weapon was the most basic realm of the warrior. In the early days, Warrior Weapons relied on these huge stones to train their body's strength, tenacity, and flexibility.

It was only until five thousand years ago when a great Ranker Xie Ji appeared out of nowhere that the condition of this ancient existence could be changed. Senior Xie Ji had great wisdom and talent in martial arts from the beginning. He believed that relying on these coarse stones to train his strength was a way to achieve great results.

Because of this, Xie Ji relied on his persistence and wisdom, which far surpassed the average person's willpower. He walked to every corner of Dou Wu Continent. He looked at countless birds of prey flying in the sky. In the end, there were a hundred kinds of birds that were representative of the fierce beasts. From the battles of these fierce beasts and flying birds, he had experienced the essence of the beasts and created the [Hundred Beast Skill]!

? Hundred Beast Skill ? was split into 100%! But from ancient times until now, there had not been more than ten people who had completely mastered and mastered all the parts of the? Hundred Beast Skill?! And these ten people, all of them became peerless powerhouses of the Dou Wu Continent, leaving behind the glory and glory of history!

Among the 100% Hundred Beast Skill, there was a total of 1080 moves! It encompassed all sorts of things. Not only did it have attacks that could take one's life, it also had defensive moves. Without a doubt, however, the most representative aspect was the development of one's body's potential!

Xie Ji! Five thousand years ago, he was a genius, and now he's the strongest! As the founder of the? Hundred Beast Skill?, he had cultivated the complete set of the? Hundred Beast Skill? to the perfect realm. He was developing his physical body to its fullest extent. It was said that before Xie Ji had even broken through to the Warrior Realm, his physical strength had already reached 12800 jin!

This was undoubtedly a terrifying number. It was also a record that no one in the Dou Wu Continent had been able to break for the past five thousand years! Three hundred years ago, a genius appeared in Huoulan Region's Heaven Shaking Castle ? Ge Sang! After stimulating his body's potential, he only gained 6,400 pounds of strength. Even so, he was still lacking by a huge margin!

In front of the wooden house. Lu Yang's petite body, was faintly discernable, and could sense a trace of a solemn Qi that was rippling in the air.

For the past two years, Lu Yang had practically ignored wind and rain, and continuously repeated one thousand and eighty moves of the Hundred Beast Skill! Even so, Lu Yang was only familiar with the moves! When it came to true essence, Lu Yang only felt that he was still too far off. A hundred percent of the Profound Truths, at most, he had only comprehended ten percent. And barely.

No one underestimated the usefulness of the Hundred Beast Skill, but there were also many people who abandoned it! The Tibetan Xuanzhen had said that the Hundred Beast Skill was able to increase the potential of a person's body to the extreme. The amount of strength one could gain in their body was secondary. The most important thing was to develop one's body to its peak and step into a new realm. After that, one would be able to train at a speed that was even faster than ordinary people!

A person's training was like a machine running. The human body became stronger, just like a machine. It was of good quality and advanced. Naturally, their efficiency would far exceed that of half of a machine.


A faint, low, and deep beast roar came out from Lu Yang's throat.

Lu Yang started to change his body from horse stance, and he moved as fast as a dragon or a tiger. A faint aura began to form above his head.

His every step was abnormally steady and swift, and he relied solely on his body's strength to operate. His hand moved like lightning, stirring up ripples in the air like boiling water.

A faint sound of air being blown was emitted one after another in a low tone ?

The blurry figure was already hard for an ordinary person's eyes to distinguish.

Every day, he would be immersed in the cultivation of the Hundred Beast Skill. The same 1080 moves. Lu Yang did not break for even a day. He had a nagging feeling that this Hundred Beast Skill seemed to lead to some kind of profound mystery. It was difficult for him to touch it.

And the more Lu Yang cultivated Hundred Beast Skill, the more he felt that he was lacking. It seemed that every time he practiced the < Hundred Beast Skill >, he would gain some experience.

Sometimes, Lu Yang realized that he was actually enjoying the satisfaction of having his gains every day.

His muscles squirmed inch by inch, like a caterpillar, entering Lu Yang's skin and squirming inch by inch. It was like a warm current of air was flowing under his skin, pressing against the small space beneath his skin.

Suddenly. Lu Yang's body flew into the air, and then landed on the ground. It stood firmly on the ground like an old tree. Opening his mouth, Lu Yang did not let out a loud roar. It was from the outside but inside. He took in a deep breath of the air.

This flow of air quickly poured into Lu Yang's body, causing Lu Yang's chest and abdomen to swell up. He couldn't help but be worried, whether or not his stomach would explode because of this.

Lu Yang's face had already completely changed. It seemed that because the air current could not penetrate through, he had reached a strong limit.

Breathing means breathing means breathing means inhaling. This was a complete circulatory system. But at this time, Lu Yang seemed to be chasing after some unimaginable limit.

He did not stop breathing in and out.

However, what others didn't know was that ? The current Lu Yang, inside his body. A warm rhythm vibrated. It covered every part of Lu Yang's body with its inscrutable organs! Furthermore, the bones hidden within the body would be able to penetrate deep into the bone marrow.

Traces of faint white light actually surfaced on the surface of Lu Yang's body.

Gradually, ten breaths of time passed. He did not see any exhalation from Lu Yang's mouth and nose, but's puffed up stomach, was slowly disappearing.

What a bizarre and bizarre scene! Unfortunately, no one saw it!

But if Tibetan Xuanzhen was here, he would have definitely seen through it. This was the 895th move that Lu Yang was cultivating in the [Hundred Beast Skill] ? Turtle Absorb Water!

This move was to use the word 'absorb' to stimulate the internal organs' potential through the weak Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth that was contained within the air in the outside world, and to nurture the internal organs' vitality! As well as changing the distribution of bone marrow within the bones. This caused his bones to appear from the inside out as if they were made of steel!

No one could understand how Xie Ji invented this move. Tibetan Xuanzhen could not understand, and even more so, Lu Yang could not understand. The current Lu Yang had only learned this technique! He was still unable to explain the true essence of it.

little by little, little by little ?

When Lu Yang's bloated stomach was completely gone. Lu Yang moved his body again, and like a dragon leaping out of the water, he leapt diagonally into the air. Violent power emerged from the bottom of Lu Yang's feet as he stomped on the ground, causing smoke and dust to suffuse into the air ?


A clear cry rang out, like the cry of an eagle or the cry of a bird.

The blurry figure continuously changed in mid-air.

Nine Hundred Hits

1000 moves

100050th move

Each move looked complicated, but it had a simple and smooth evolution to it from Lu Yang's body. He felt a sense of exhilaration. If one did not see Lu Yang's figure, no one would believe it. This would be a routine that a child of only eight could come up with. It seemed that Lu Yang was not purely lucky to be able to kill eight wolves and a pigeon monkey with a single move at the last moment in the forest.

One could easily guess one or two things just by looking at Lu Yang's usual hard work.

If it were not for the long time he had spent accumulating information, it would have been a fantasy story at such a crucial moment.

Time passed.

Lu Yang had already risen into the sky from the ground. This time, Lu Yang gave off an intense feeling of soaring into the sky, a sharp charm, imbued into the surface of Lu Yang's body.

Along with the floating of the air, Lu Yang actually appeared to be stuck in the air for an instant.

He clasped his hands together and pointed forward.

1080 moves! The Gold Thread Strike once again spread out from Lu Yang's body! This time, Lu Yang used the Gold Sluggish Strike, but it was not filled with the surging sharpness of the Gesun Forest. There was a gap between the two of them, but there was also a gap.

This was completely understandable. In the Demonic Gloomy Forest, Lu Yang had used the Golden Lobbing Strike, which was a power that instinctively relied on his potential after his life had been threatened. Naturally, it was far stronger than an attack that could be easily completed with ordinary cultivation.

But even so, when Lu Yang's Gold Needle struck the ground, a hole of ten centimeters deep and ten centimeters wide was formed. And this was still the case, at the moment, Lu Yang did not have a blade in his hand, nor was he as fast as he would be if he was threatened. Otherwise, the sound coming from the ground would not be so deep and there would be more holes!


After the Golden Thread was hit. Lu Yang's cultivation had also ended. Borrowing the recoil that hit the ground. Lu Yang flipped through the air and landed on the ground.

His face was filled with joy, as if he had gained a lot from this training.

"It's time to check how much my strength has improved," Lu Yang muttered as he walked towards the side of the wooden hut.

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