Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C5 Black Dragon Ring (1)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C5 Black Dragon Ring (1)
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C5 Black Dragon Ring (1)

He walked around the wooden house. Lu Yang came to another clearing.

On the ground, he could see seven huge boulders. The three-dimensional ball gave off a heavy feeling.

The smallest round rock had a radius of half a meter.

Tibetan Xuanzhen had said before, with seven round stones, the smallest would weigh four hundred kilograms. As for the other increases in volume, the weight actually doubled. They were 800 jins, 1600 jins, 3200 jins, 6400 jins, 12800 jins, and 25,600 jins!

At that time, when Lu Yang first heard Tibetan Xuanzhen talk about the weight of these seven round stones, he also sucked in a breath of cold air!

At that time, Lu Yang had even teleported here from Earth at the beginning. With Lu Yang's twenty-five years of experience on Earth, let alone the largest one hundred twenty-five thousand and six hundred kilograms, even the smallest one that could lift one hundred and fifty kilograms, was extremely few.

To be honest, Lu Yang had once challenged a round stone that weighed four hundred kilograms in just two years. But unfortunately, he'd never succeeded. With his small and thin body, even with the Hundred Beast Skill, he was only able to move four hundred kilograms of round stones a little.


In front of him were seven round stones. Lu Yang's eyes flashed with a resolute light. At the same time, he was filled with anticipation. He didn't know if he would succeed this time around!

One had to know that even in the Dou Wu Continent, there were not many that could lift a four hundred kilogram boulder when they were eight years old. If not for this time, and the feeling that his body's strength had made a huge breakthrough, Lu Yang would never have challenged him!

After walking forward two steps, Lu Yang stood in front of the smallest round stone. He spread out his legs and squatted on the ground in horse stance. Instantly, his skinny body became as stable as an old pine tree.

He took a deep breath.

Spreading his hands, Zhang Xuan used both of his hands to support the round rock surface. His five fingers bent like two steel pincers, and his palm was even more so like a suction cup, forcefully sucking in the rolling stone sphere.

"Turtle Absorb Water!" reappearance. The surging flow of air was sucked into Lu Yang's stomach as if swarmed. A powerful voice rolled out from Lu Yang's chest, as he raised his stomach up high.

This time was different from when he was cultivating. He used the water absorbed by the turtle to gather all of the power in his body. They were concentrated on his hands, arms, legs, and waist!


This was a huge challenge! When Lu Yang spewed out the large amount of air that had lifted his stomach forcefully,. A terrifying power surged out from Lu Yang's body. Faint veins actually surfaced on the side of Lu Yang's neck, who was only eight years old! His entire face had turned the color of a pig's liver.


Under the effect of a huge force.

The 400 pound round rock finally moved. Three inches off the ground!

At this moment. The ground under Lu Yang's feet, actually sank an inch!

"A single push, then defeat, and then exhaustion!" Lu Yang understood this logic! With his current strength, it was impossible for him to slowly reach the top of his head.

The only thing he could do was to charge forward without stopping!

Indeed. Lu Yang did not dare to stop. The muscles of his arms were taut. All his strength was gathered in that instant.


As the round rock smashed into the airflow, Lu Yang raised the round rock to his waist and chest, and rushed straight to the top of his head without any hesitation.


He was holding the round rock with a weight of four hundred jin! Lu Yang's face was full of excitement, and that pig's liver-colored face actually slowly faded away.

From the surging roar, Lu Yang could tell that he was exceptionally excited!

In just ten breaths of time, Lu Yang had withstood the weight of four hundred kilograms! Roaring and howling with surging emotions ?


He pushed forward with all his might and threw the 400 kilograms of rock on the ground.

His small body staggered. But Lu Yang who was currently excited, with a leap, arrived at the side. Once again, he raised his hands like a tiger, bent down and used the Hundred Beast Skill like a dragon!

Perhaps it was due to the improvement of his strength, or perhaps it was due to his excited mood.

Lu Yang was intoxicated by the sight, as he was completely immersed in the Hundred Beasts' secrets!

At this moment, it was as if everything around him was unimportant. Qingfeng Sunset House Roller Stones Everything is gone

Only those hundred types of beasts and birds appeared in his heart. They were extremely beautiful, and all kinds of attacks were as sharp as swords, and as heavy as the earth!

Gradually, Lu Yang's body seemed to transform into a hundred different kinds of birds.

If Tibetan Xuanzhen were to see this scene, he would definitely be shocked. At this time, Lu Yang was clearly immersed in the essence of the [Hundred Beast Skill], and was experiencing the essence of the [Hundred Beast Skill]. It was not just the essence of the move that remained on the surface.

This kind of level of obsession was something that countless number of Warrior Weapons yearned for, but could not achieve it!

Not knowing how much time had passed, Lu Yang did not even know that from the beginning to the end, he had already cultivated two hundred and eighty moves of the Hundred Beast Skill. Furthermore, he did not know that Tibetan Xuanzhen had already quietly appeared once. He ran out again

The light of the setting sun was slightly less fiery. However, there was an additional dark red color.

Lu Yang came to his senses! He was pleasantly surprised to find that his eyes and ears had become even sharper. With just a thought, one could hear the distinct sound of a mantis jumping from thirty meters away.

The most surprising thing was that with just a thought, he could visualize the moves of the Hundred Beast Skill. This writing style was clearly different from the writing techniques he had practiced in the past. It seemed easier to see now, but it was more real and simple.

Twenty percent!

For no reason at all, a feeling of confidence surfaced in Lu Yang's heart! He had actually comprehended twenty percent of the essence of the "Hundred Beast Skill"!

The strength of his body seemed to have grown stronger! Only, Lu Yang did not attempt to challenge the eight hundred kilogram round stone.

Lu Yang knew that just based on his previous cultivation, he had increased his strength by 400 kilograms in an instant. However, if he followed the twenty percent of the understanding, Lu Yang believed that if he continued to cultivate the Hundred Beast Skill, he would be able to unleash the potential of his body in an even shorter amount of time!

He walked into the wooden house. On the wooden table, he saw more than ten green fruits. Lu Yang laughed.

He was sure that Tibetan Xuanzhen had returned just now.

For the past two years, the Tibetan Xuanzhen had always been a secretive person. Other than teaching Lu Yang the Hundred Beast Skill, he was torturing Lu Yang in cultivation. He didn't mention anything about himself. The current Lu Yang knew nothing about the Tibetan Xuanzhen at all.

But he had to say it. Tibetan Xuanzhen was not bad to Lu Yang. From Lu Yang's perspective, he could tell that the Tibetan Xuanzhen was truly treating him well. At least, after every cultivation. When Tibetan Xuanzhen brought these green fruits over for Lu Yang to eat, he could always feel that they were cooling and moisturizing his body. Even though it didn't look like it, in the past, a strange fruit could increase one's cultivation by hundreds of years, and after succeeding, the martial arts world would be flying everywhere. But at least he allowed Lu Yang to save himself the trouble of finding food to recuperate his body.

He ate a few Green Mango Fruits. An icy cold aura flowed within his body. Lu Yang finally felt comfortable. That feeling was just like drinking a glass of ice water on a hot summer's day. The pores all over his body expanded.

Suddenly. Lu Yang's eyes lit up. He seemed to have thought of something.

Instinctively, he raised his right hand. On Lu Yang's right index finger, there was a black ring.

On the black ring, there was a black dragon head.

This ring came in a strange way. Back then, Lu Yang had also accidentally picked it up from a col. He felt that the appearance was quite wonderful, so he put it on his finger. Who knew that once it was worn on, it could no longer be removed?

Asking Tibetan Xuanzhen, Tibetan Xuanzhen was also unable to explain anything. He only said one sentence, "You might have found some amazing treasures!"

Lu Yang was very gloomy. However, since he was already at his wit's end, there was nothing he could do. It had been more than a year since he had acquired this ring. Lu Yang continuously tried to figure out what exactly this black ring was and what its use was. Unfortunately, he couldn't find a way to understand it.

Until a month ago. There was finally a change. This change came from an accident. But this unexpected gain made Lu Yang a little pleasantly surprised. At the same time, he was also a little unsure whether he should laugh or cry.

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