Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C6 Black Dragon Ring (2)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C6 Black Dragon Ring (2)
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C6 Black Dragon Ring (2)

Black Dragon Ring. This was the name Lu Yang had given to the black ring.

It had to be said that it was also a kind of coincidence that Lu Yang had discovered the secrets of the Black Dragon Ring.

It had been more than a year since he had obtained the Black Dragon Ring. Other than training Hundred Beast Skill, Lu Yang would also think about other things regarding the Black Dragon Ring whenever he had time.

Aside from the fact that he had lived on Earth for twenty-five years, Lu Yang could be said to be a complete rookie regarding the matters of the Dou Wu Continent. Although he had more or less obtained some explanation from the Tibetan Xuanzhen. However, the things that truly affected the Dou Wu Continent could be said to be less than a chance.

But no matter how noob Lu Yang was, He was not a brainless person after all. As for a ring, a strange ring, if it could be worn on one's finger, it could never be removed. would never believe it even if he beaten to death if he said that there was nothing miraculous about this ring.

However, after the ring was placed on his finger, it stopped moving. Lu Yang almost cut his finger off. He couldn't figure out what was going on.

Until last month, when Lu Yang accidentally broke his right index finger, which was also the finger with the Black Dragon Ring. After the Black Dragon Ring's eyes were stained with the scarlet blood. Lu Yang then thought of the Black Dragon Ring.

Speaking of which, it was weird, this was not the first time his blood had stained the Black Dragon Ring. Lu Yang had let the blood on his body get stained with the Black Dragon Ring several times, but he didn't see any changes to the Black Dragon Ring. However, the blood on his right index finger had actually changed after getting the Black Dragon Ring.

Regarding this, Lu Yang was also puzzled. Until the future, when Lu Yang completely understood the situation of the Black Dragon Ring, he finally understood.

But whether or not Lu Yang truly understood the Black Dragon Ring s completely, it did not matter. In any case, Lu Yang was not completely helpless now.

This Black Dragon Ring was actually a detector.

No one knew who made this thing, but Lu Yang had a nagging feeling that this Black Dragon Ring was a product of the high-tech world. Lu Yang even suspected that this Black Dragon Ring was the same as him, that it had traveled to the Dou Wu Continent from another world.

The Black Dragon Ring's detection function surprised Lu Yang a little. It could detect the attack power of any living being within a 30-meter radius!

This point, to Lu Yang, was equivalent to a heaven-shaking joy. One had to know that although Lu Yang was still young, he had to step into the Dou Wu Continent, this dangerous world where warrior s flew everywhere one day.

From Tibetan Xuanzhen, he knew. Dou Wu Continent was a world where strength reigned supreme. No matter what, no matter what, only the strong had the right to be in this situation!

Those with great strength were respected wherever they went. For those who were weak, being unable to receive respect was a secondary matter. There was even a great risk of their lives being taken. Of course, Lu Yang could understand it himself.

thought that it would be weak. If his own fate was not in his hands, then it was a life-threatening situation. As long as one held their life in the hands of another, it would always be a kind of swaying ending. Something might happen someday!

He stretched out his right hand!

Lu Yang thought.

Instantly, his mind became clear. The clarity in Lu Yang's mind made him feel an exceptionally mysterious feeling. It was as if a light breeze carried the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, swirling in his mind.

In just an instant, Lu Yang wished that this strange feeling could last longer. But unfortunately, this wasn't something he could grasp himself.

After clearing his head, a string of numbers appeared in his mind.

"Master, attack power, 40!"

Lu Yang's face lit up with happiness.

Last time. He remembered that a month ago, Lu Yang had just found out about the probing ability of the Black Dragon Ring. He had to check himself every day to see if his strength had increased.

It was a pity. In such a short period of time, Lu Yang practically saw his attack power increase every time he looked at it.

Yesterday, his attack power was still 30, but today, it had increased by a total of 10 values. This was the first time Lu Yang saw his attack power increasing by 10.

But very quickly, Lu Yang's expression became dejected once more, and his eyes revealed an expression of surprise and expectation ?

He remembered. He secretly glanced at the Tibetan Xuanzhen's attack power values.

And that number, had shocked Lu Yang for an entire three days. That was practically the number Lu Yang yearned for the current him, but also the number he looked forward to with incomparable expectations.

"Attack Power, 58300!"

This was the attack power of the Tibetan Xuanzhen! For the first time, when he detected the value of the Tibetan Xuanzhen, Lu Yang was unable to find any suitable words to describe his shock!

What kind of terrifying power was this!

Even if it was Lu Yang today, his attack power would be 40! It could easily kill twenty wolves without getting hurt. What's more, 58300?

The difference between the two was more than just a chasm.

Yearning! Envy! Respect!

If such a terrifying power like Tibetan Xuanzhen appeared on Earth, what would happen? Lu Yang had once imagined that in a country of China where he was born, if there was such a heaven shaking expert! The four-sided wolves that were surrounding them? He was afraid that he wouldn't have been completely annihilated by such a terrifying expert!

The Tibetan Xuanzhen was a goal! was a target that Lu Yang had set!

Lu Yang hoped that through hard work and cultivation, there would come a day where he could chase to an earth-shattering strength!

Thinking about it, Lu Yang once again hardened his heart. He walked out of the log cabin with firm steps!

Cultivate! Cultivate! If he wanted to be strong, he could only do so through continuous cultivation. At least Lu Yang understood one thing, any strength that could shock the heavens was not something that could be obtained without hard work.

At least, like in some martial arts novels back on Earth. Something like a "ginseng fruit" was something that could increase one's cultivation base by a hundred years after eating it. It was unlikely to happen.

Actually, Lu Yang was wrong. He was wrong.

This world was too mysterious, and even the Earth of the past was not as simple as Lu Yang had seen it to be. There were too many things, too many existences. It was ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times more mystical than what Lu Yang had imagined!

These things were only gradually discovered after Lu Yang's strength had increased. Only, after reaching that level, the Lu Yang of that time could not be compared with the Lu Yang of now.

Standing on the empty ground in front of the hut, Lu Yang once again used the Black Dragon Ring to check his own strength.

"Attack Power, 40!"

It was not something that Lu Yang had done many times. But this number could make Lu Yang engrave himself into his mind, and produce a strong motivation to continue fighting to the end.

With the value of 40, he would have 50,60100, or even a value of 58300 like that of the Tibetan Xuanzhen!

On the empty ground in front of the wooden hut, Lu Yang's Dragon Soaring Tiger Leap once again appeared. That mysterious figure's every movement seemed clear and simple.

But if someone who was familiar with Lu Yang were to appear at the side, they would definitely realize it. This time, Lu Yang's cultivation of the Hundred Beast Skill had greatly changed.

The same 1080 moves. When Lu Yang used it, it seemed even simpler, but also seemed to be more profound. The two opposing extremes gave people a contradictory feeling of heaviness.

But Lu Yang was immersed in it, unable to extricate himself.

And, on Lu Yang's face, there was even a hint of a smile ?

A mysterious, ghost-like figure appeared at the side. It was Tibetan Xuanzhen.

At this time, Tibetan Xuanzhen held a crystal clear red fruit in his hand. A few steps away, a faint fragrance could be smelled. Unlike the Green Mango Fruit, it was so easy to get a dozen at once. In addition, the green fruit wasn't as fragrant as the red fruit. Thinking about it, this should be an extraordinary fruit.

But right now, Tibetan Xuanzhen had a stern expression. The eyes under the red brows shot out a surprised light. Obviously, he was shocked by Lu Yang's current state.

The Tibetan Xuanzhen was a powerful warrior. Naturally, he knew about the matters regarding the Hundred Beast Skill. Moreover, he himself had also trained in the Hundred Beast Skill! Only now, with his cultivation level, the < Hundred Beast Skill > had already lost its effect on him. His body's potential had already been exploited to the limit.

"Good boy!" It was not in vain did this old man have his eyes on you! Looks like it is time to bring him on a tour around the iron wolf's cave! "

Looking at Lu Yang's cultivation, the Tibetan Xuanzhen muttered to himself.

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