Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C9 Internal Strength (Upper)
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Reborn of Heavenly Dragon/C9 Internal Strength (Upper)
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C9 Internal Strength (Upper)

Thunder and lightning clashed in the sky like silver snakes devouring each other. It was full of ferocity and irritation. Strong gales brought with them torrential rain, blowing and scattering on the ground.

On the empty ground in front of the wooden house.

Lu Yang's skinny body stood amidst the storm. He still maintained his imposing manner of a dragon and a tiger. Little by little, according to his comprehension of the essence of the beasts, he began to experience the growth of the physical strength brought about by the cultivation of the [Hundred Beast Skill].

In the two years since he had teleported, Lu Yang had encountered this kind of torrential storm who knows how many times. If it was on Earth, Lu Yang would probably be holed up in his house and never leave it.

But now, he was in this different world on the Dou Wu Continent where strength reigned supreme. Lu Yang didn't dare to slack off in the slightest. Whether it was the scorching sun, the biting cold, or the howling winds and torrential rain.

Lu Yang had never once stopped. Every day, he would be immersed in the Hundred Beast Skill. Perhaps, this was also a kind of persistence that Lu Yang had never discovered before, when he was still deeply hidden in the depths of his soul.

It had already been half a month since Lu Yang had eaten the Red Stone Fruit.

It could be said that in this half a month's time, Lu Yang had become even more determined to cultivate the Hundred Beast Skill, and even more determined to not waste any time.

With persistence, he had gained something.

This is an immutable theorem.

For Lu Yang, this was a real increase in his power.

That day, after eating the Red Cliff Fruit, Lu Yang accepted the Tibetan Xuanzhen's reminder and held onto the Red Cliff Fruit, an ideal time for him to do so. At the same time, he could feel the sweet flow of the Red Stone Fruit, stimulating his body's potential. As he started practicing the Hundred Beast Skill on the spot, the results were far beyond Lu Yang's imagination.

On that day, Lu Yang practiced the? Hundred Beast Skill? for a full twenty-four hours!

After twelve hours. The gains were even more astonishing.

Lu Yang did not test it. But the statistics that the Black Dragon Ring had brought to Lu Yang, had undoubtedly made him sincerely satisfied and excited.

"Master, attack power 60!"

On that very same day, Lu Yang's body's strength underwent an unprecedented development. The energy that it had transformed into was even more shocking.

When Lu Yang first comprehended the second layer of the Hundred Beasts' Profound Truths, the number he gained was 42! As for the 24 hours of cultivation, it had turned into 60!

18 increments represented 180 Jin of strength! His entire body's strength increased to 600 jin!

According to this power, in accordance to the < Hundred Beast Skill >, there were some extreme offensive moves. Lu Yang was confident that he would not be at a disadvantage if he fought against thirty wolves by himself. Most importantly, Lu Yang was completely confident that he could send the thirty wolves to hell.

And now, an entire half a month had passed.

In this half month, the essence of the Red Stone Fruit had completely fused into his body. The stream that had turned into a stream had long since become an invisible existence. Lu Yang was no longer able to increase his strength at an extremely fast rate.

However, in this half a month, the effect of Lu Yang's cultivation, was still much better than before.

Almost every day, every time he cultivated the Hundred Beast Skill, he would receive a substantial increase in data.


"The latest scan of the Black Dragon Ring, the data transmitted to Lu Yang. "Master, attack power 80!"

Without a doubt, this was a huge breakthrough.

This meant that Lu Yang could try challenging the second of the seven round stones.


Perhaps it was the development of physical strength. The aura from Lu Yang's body became heavier and fiercer. A profound aura of a hundred beasts faintly emanated from Lu Yang's body.

The angry roar was like that of the Platinum Tiger that had rushed out of the forest. It was the same low-pitched, domineering, sonorous sound.

If it wasn't for the fact that Lu Yang could be seen with the naked eye, that would clearly be a human body. Just from Lu Yang's aura and voice alone, he might have thought that it was not a human at all, but a genuine beast. It was a ferocious beast that could explode at any moment and tear a human into pieces!

Even Lu Yang would never have thought that with his growth rate, he had unknowingly reached a whole new level. Perhaps back on Earth, Lu Yang had thought that the strength that he possessed now was just a joke in the wild.

An enormous amount of physical strength supported Lu Yang as every move on his body became as heavy as a mountain. However, they would occasionally change into light, agile movements, as if they were birds flying across the water surface.

The moment the horse stance was executed, it seemed to be moving in a flash.

With a change in the Soaring Tiger Form, Lu Yang's figure leapt up and his palms opened wide, striking towards the violent storm, and actually forcefully cut off the rain that was raining down from the sky. Ripples of water rippled through the rain ?

The Gold Scorpion was still as fast as lightning. In that instant, all of his speed was stimulated, and he seemed to have become a ghost. With both arms raised and in the middle of his attack, his speed instantly increased by three consecutive blows. It was as though three wooden sticks were sweeping everything with incomparable power.

Once again, he completed the entire set of the Hundred Beast Skill and descended to the ground.


A crisp shout filled with full power that sounded like it was made from metal. The hot blood in Lu Yang's body surged like a torrent.

He opened his eyes and composed himself. He walked out of the beautiful world of the Hundred Beasts.

Lu Yang moved his right hand habitually as he started to think.

In that instant, brand-new probing data surfaced in Lu Yang's mind.

"Master, attack power 81!"

Lu Yang laughed. It was just as Tibetan Xuanzhen had said. The Red Stone Fruit was truly a miraculous item in the Dou Wu Continent. Without a doubt, it was a great fortune for a Warrior Weapon to obtain it.

One had to know that a person's lifespan was ultimately limited. Being able to develop one's potential in the shortest amount of time would undoubtedly give one more time to reach a higher realm.

He suddenly had a thought.

At this moment, he should be able to fight against 40 wolves. If it was Earth from his previous life, even the strongest commandos would probably be smashed to the ground by him. Yet now, there was clearly a higher realm above him. For example, the Tibetan Xuanzhen's attack power had reached 58300! What kind of terrifying strength was this?

Could it be that those legendary experts who could topple mountains and overturn the seas, break rivers and rivers between their palms and legs, were all described here? What about above Tibetan Xuanzhen?

What about those Dou Wu Emperor s, Warrior Sage s, and even the strongest War God?

Broken Mountain Range with a single punch? Fragmentation of the earth? Or would he smash a hole in the sky and shatter the void?

Confused? The current Lu Yang was exceptionally puzzled.

In fact, two years. Other than preparing all sorts of benefits for Lu Yang, Tibetan Xuanzhen had also been teaching him the Hundred Beast Skill. He didn't really explain to him what kind of high-level divine ability the realms above were.

He stomped hard on the ground and water splashed in all directions. Muddy water with mud, spraying everywhere.

Lu Yang's body passed through the murky water like an eagle. In a blink of an eye, he was already seven to eight metres away. With two ups and downs, they skipped the wooden hut and arrived at an empty space on the other side.

Here, Lu Yang once again saw seven enormous round stones.

At this moment, Lu Yang had completely ignored the smallest four hundred kilograms. He took a quick glance at the largest one. It was a round stone that weighed twenty-five thousand and six hundred pounds. Both of his eyes were burning with passion.

"I wonder when I will have the strength to lift it?"

Shaking his head, Lu Yang started to laugh at himself.

The creator of < Hundred Beast Skill >, Xie Ji. The five thousand year record that he had left behind ? 12,800 jins of strength. No one could break it. Lu Yang wasn't arrogant enough to think that ever since Earth teleported here, he would have the potential to surpass Xie Ji's body.

Perhaps, by the time he lifted up the 25,600 jin rock, he had already broken through to the Warrior Warrior Level. Relying on the amplification of inner strength, he lifted the huge rock.

He shook his head. Lu Yang didn't think anymore. He walked straight to the side of the 800lb round rock.

Even though, Lu Yang was confident that he could lift it up. But in the end, it was still a hypothesis. Black Dragon Ring's probing value was one to ten times stronger, after all, he had calculated it himself. Without a series of confirmation, he still didn't dare to make a decision.

Suddenly, a red light flashed. The figure of the Tibetan Xuanzhen appeared at the side.

Lu Yang looked at Tibetan Xuanzhen and was still a little surprised. At the same time, he was also filled with envy. In between the Tibetan Xuanzhen's body, a red membrane appeared on the surface of his body. At first glance, it looked like a transparent red eggshell.

In the sky, no matter how violent the winds and rain were, they were unable to cause the red light membrane to vibrate in the slightest, and could not cause the Tibetan Xuanzhen's clothes to flutter in the slightest.

Unlike Lu Yang, who only had the power of his physical body. No matter how powerful Lu Yang's body was, it would not be able to avoid the torrential storm that would wash over his body.

"What, you want to challenge a 800-pound round rock? Are you confident? " The Tibetan Xuanzhen asked with a smile. In fact, he did not know that Lu Yang had already solved a little of the Black Dragon Ring's riddle. He could now probe his own body or any living creature's attack power within a thirty metres radius.

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